Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3076

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“That’s just the puppet that my emperor used to confuse the world. At this time, the time is ripe. Just with the order of my emperor, under his command, he will cut him into a thousand thousand.”

The eyes of murderous intention and angry look flashed in the eyes of Qingmu Wang.

It’s really disgusting, even having that kind of hobby, even daring to hit him with that kind of disgusting and dirty attention.

But he still shook his head and refused, saying with a malicious smile: “After the war, any wind and grass at this time will be afraid of beating the grass to scare the snake, you know, this world is never short of smart people.”


Lin Fan came to imperial city for the first time.

I have to say that this place is really good for Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth. It is not much different from the most prosperous heavy cities in the outside world. It has everything it needs. Even, Lin Fan sees many hanging Chaos Realm in this imperial city The shop of the firm was opened on the bustling street.

“This World, is black and white really distinct?”

King Rakshasa and Lin Fan shared 9 dragons. At this time, she smiled lightly and ridiculed her tone: “Tian Human Race has always hated us a lot, and has shown its attitude more than once. It is necessary to kill my world to the last one, but in fact, In these two realms of business, Heaven and Man Realm occupies a big head. If the wealth taken away from Sen Luo Realm every year is revealed, it will definitely scare people.”

“World, of course, not only black and white, but also the gray area where black and white cross, and even more than 3 colors.” Lin Fan said.

He has seen more, and the second person is human, and has lived for another 2 years. How can he not know these things.

King Rakshasa laughed.

Lin Fan smiled and asked, “If you are in charge of this world… what should you do?”

Rakshasa Wang looked back suddenly, light flashed in his eyes, but after a while, his face suddenly changed: “What are you talking about nonsense?”

She was harsh in her eyes.

Only because of this disrespectful remark, what is the difference between deep investigation and rebellion? If Sovereign is really pursued, by this, all the ten tribes can be punished.

Lin Fan twitched his lips and said, “I just said it casually.”

In this luxurious chariot, it suddenly became quiet. After a while, Sen Luo Han blade appeared, and a cold light curtain enveloped the entire chariot.

Just listen to King Rakshasa leisurely said: “If this king is in charge of this world, when he establishes a unique kingdom, he will have some support for the old, and when he leads his people into Chaos Realm, he will survive in the hidden land of peace and prosperity. …”

Lin Fan looked quietly at King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa suddenly lowered his head and smiled: “Do you want to joke me? Then laugh.”

“Laugh, what did you do?” Lin Fan looked at King Rakshasa strangely, and then said: “Of course, you want to go to this step is very difficult. At least, with your IQ now, it is definitely not enough to support your ambitions. With dreams.”

“Get lost!”

Just a moment of silence, was suddenly broken.

Lin Fan laughed and was kicked out of the 9 Dragon Chariot.

Asura King was frost-faced, and laughed a moment later: “This little waste angers Ben Wang 7 or 8 times a day, and he feels unhappy.”

Lin Fan walked alone on the bustling street. He changed his face and changed his breath.

He looked at the badge of Treasure Pavilion, and then walked in.

In fact, over the years, this Treasure Pavilion has been inextricably linked with Haijia, and with the help of Lin Fan and Haijia, this Treasure Pavilion has developed rapidly.

After a while, Lin Fan came out strangely…

“Gushe clan looking for me in the whole world?”

It was this news that made Lin Fan difficult to understand.

The only reason is that, according to accurate information, this group seeks themselves, but it is not to fight for life or death, but it seems to have something to ask for.

This is strange. It should be noted that the first ancestor of this family died in his hands, and it was his one hand that caused the wind and rain of this family to shake.

Apart from this, it seems that there is still a mysterious force, exploring his roots, even turned over the restricted areas.

The first message made Lin Fan suspicious, but the second message made Lin Fan’s face change.

Being able to traverse the restricted areas, and these forbidden areas, even dared not resist, then naturally only the patrol or the clan, could these two races already doubt his origin?

If this is the case, it is a thunderbolt.

He also wanted to make a bigger storm in Chaos Realm, but he just wiped out several races and disabled several races, far from reaching his goal.

But soon, he was sure that he had thought more about it, whether it was the Celestial Clan or the patrolling, at most doubted, even Lin Fan speculated that the reason for exploring his roots and origins in this way was afraid of more It is because of the identity he is carrying, the drug god.


“Where did you go?”

King Rakshasa’s complexion is a bit ugly.

“Just stroll around.” Lin Fan sat down with the golden sword.

Rakshasa Wang coldly said: “Sovereign invites you, you are not here, which is very rude.”

Lin Fan’s eyes also froze, saying: “You know, he is just your Sovereign, what does it have to do with me?”

“You!” King Rakshasa was anxious, her silver teeth clenched, and she couldn’t say anything against him for a while.

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said, “Chick, you have to figure out, my lord, I am here to help you, not stay here, so 10000000 don’t think that the so-called Sovereign can suppress me. “

King Rakshasa was speechless.

2 Everyone was angry, staring at each other. Between the 4 eyes, there was a cold-electric ka-cha jump. After a while, Lin Fan broke the deadlock.

“In such a prosperous world, no one in Senro Realm has come to deal with it?” Lin Fan is very strange and wondering.

“What trade?”

“Gamble.” Lin Fan as it should be by rights: “If this kind of event is not made, it will really be condemned.”

Rakshasa Wang contemptuously glanced at Lin Fan and said, “With such a grand event, how could no one trade?”

After stopping, Rakshasa said: “The killer… there is no tomorrow, so the bets that people hate the world are particularly keen. They are all high-ranking, but there are no big bets, almost all are small stalls.”

“Little girl, are you interested in making a fortune with your lord?” Lin Fan chuckled, like a bully: “My lord, I will take you to eat well.”

King Rakshasa gave him an angry look.

Lin Fan took it seriously, and said: “The gambling game is established under the reputation of Rakshasa Palace. I think it should be more convincing than those private stalls?”

Rakshasa Wang Ao said: “Of course, who doesn’t know this king one word worth nine sacred tripods in the world? Moreover, the major event of absconding with money has long occurred in private stalls.”

“That’s good.” Lin Fan waved his hand: “Don’t join in this matter, I will let Xiaoyou operate, and you will just count the money to get the cramp.”

Soon, in the imperial city, the biggest shop was smashed down by Spirit Stone with the small right, and then the entire Senrow world, the largest casino, also opened.

Lin Fan lay leisurely on the rocking chair: “Young Master does not scrape your Sen Luojie out of 3 layers of bone oil, and I will not call Zhou Paipi.”

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