Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3077

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This gambling file is not enough to describe its popularity with 10000 gold per day!

On the first day of its opening, it received gambling value of at least 10000000 Spiritual Consciousness!

It should be noted that the war of Wang has not yet begun, and some people have already bet on it, betting on the messenger they identified.

This is too crazy, and even the odds have not been announced yet. As a result, each and everyone scrambled to get Rakshasa to shoot a few hundred people, which barely maintained the situation.

However, whether it is King Rakshasa or Lin Fan, we all know that this is just the beginning. As the time of the war is approaching, it will only become more and more popular.

“I can’t think of the Senro world, there are so many rich people.”

Lin Fan was all tongue-tied. He looked at a gamble, which turned out to be a full 30000 Holy Spirit.

“This should be from the Heaven Grade killer.” Wang Rakshasa glanced and said: “You don’t understand, the killer’s business, money is just a foreign object for them, and most of those who embark on this path You are alone, do you understand?”

Lin Fan nodded: “Of course I understand.”

Killers, killing people for a living, getting money is too easy, but because they set foot in this business, they don’t know what will happen tomorrow, they will die at any time, so most don’t want to be tired of their families.

At this time, money and money are not as good as they think, so most of the killers like to gamble and beg for joy.

“So… don’t take it too hard.” King Rakshasa smiled bitterly in his eyes: “At least some coffins should be left for them.”

Lin Fan didn’t speak for a long time, and after a long time, he said: “I firmly believe that if you are emperor, it must be the blessing of 10000 spirits in Sen Luojie.”

There was a fear in King Rakshasa’s eyes: “Such words are not mentioned again, otherwise, don’t complain about me ruthless.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Those 2 Sovereign, what exactly is heavenly divine ability.

Was King Rakshasa so fearless?

In the following days, the remaining three kings also entered the imperial city.

4 The royal court is divided into 4 parties, and they are far away from each other, but they all live together in harmony, and they are very constrained by their own people, and no disputes are allowed.

On the second day and night of the 4 royal courts gathered in the imperial city, the emperor’s order was announced, inviting the 2 kings and Dao Companion to the Imperial Palace for a feast.

“This is a convention. Don’t think about it. Every time before the war, there will be a banquet, but this time there is more Dao Companion than the king.” Rakshasa Wang Rousheng comforted.

Lin Fan curl one’s lip, said: “Just go to the Imperial Palace, even if the deity has been to the base camp of the Celestial Clan, would you think more?”

The Imperial Palace is divided into two blocks, one is Sen Imperial Palace, east of the city, and the other is Imperial Palace in the Western District, but fortunately, two Sovereigns do not embarrass the four kings. The location of the banquet is in the Double Imperial Palace.

This pair of Imperial Palace is the palace of the two emperors and the palace for receiving 4 kings.

“It’s very luxurious.” Lin Fan said: “I have to admire the tastes of the two emperors, and there are upstarts everywhere.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes seemed to eat humans, which made Lin Fan smile awkwardly.

He understood that King Rakshasa was really worried about these two Imperial Palaces.

“Yo…this is Mu Yi?”

Suddenly, laughter came from behind.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, looked back, and then smiled: “Yeah… this is Asura King?”

Asura King’s eyes were cold.

He is very tall and strong, full of an oppressive force: “Fine skin and tender meat, Rakshasa, so you like this kind of stuff?”

In the eyes of King Rakshasa, cold glow bloomed, and on the side of this Asura King, there was an extremely voluptuous woman who walked like no bones, helped the wind and swayed the willow, and was charmingly dripping.

But this is just an appearance. In fact, she walked silently with equal footprints, as if she had been measured, and, each step, her feet did not touch the ground.

This is a Peak killer. I am afraid that it is not weaker than the Rakshasa left envoy before the breakthrough. Even, Lin Fan feels that this woman is also a hidden expert. His real strength is estimated to be above his assessment.

“King Rakshasa…”

The woman was shy, she covered her mouth and said, “It seems that your man doesn’t look enough, small arms and legs…”

“Chees.” There was contempt in King Rakshasa’s eyes.

The woman had a flash of murderous aura in her eyes, and then shyly said: “I’m cheap…but, I’m only cheap in front of my man.”

Lin Fan’s eyes widened on the spot and said, “Big sister, should I build a chastity arch for you?”

“Haha…… You 2 are really rivals, you can fight at any time.”

Yaksha King is here.

This is a handsome man, with hair strands arbitrarily tied behind his head, but 2 strands of slightly curved hair strands in front of his forehead fluttering with the wind, and it seems elegant and chic.

Beside him, also followed a woman, dressed in a long skirt, reserved, but really beautiful.

“Yaksha.” King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Are you actually alliance with him? Very good, really good.”

Yaksha King smiled awkwardly and said: “The emperor’s life is so, I hope to see our 4 kings have a closer relationship, and there is no way to disobey.”

“How can King dignified Rakshasa even fear our alliance?” The woman beside Asura King spoke again, then smiled coyly: “It’s actually very simple, as long as you kick the pretty boy next to you, and then serve with me Asura King, naturally all problems are solved.”

“Chick, you look like a man, but in fact, from my professional point of view, you are very unhappy. The so-called ruddy complexion is an illusion, which is very bad. It should be noted that women are not happy in a certain way. , Will increase your aging.”

Lin Fan is serious and serious.

At first, no one understood what he said.

But when all was understood, Asura King growled and almost drew his sword to kill.

“Brother Asura, don’t be excited, there are few people with illnesses. This is really nothing. It should be noted that such things as human beings and small things happen for a long time. It is not as good as you cut half of the king’s court to give the deity. The deity will start treating you.” Lin Fan Pat the chest, and then said: “You know, the name of the first priest is not bragging.”

“Hahaha … Brother Mu Yi has been admiring for a long time.”

At this moment, King Qingmu came.

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly tightened.

He squinted, the blue-eyed king was short and small, but there were 2 vertical eyes between his eyebrows.

Lin Fan’s heart sank on the spot!

This look is similar to the Heavenly Eye clan in Chaos Realm, could it be…

But he quickly checked with the eyes of rune before he felt relieved.


“I have long heard that Brother Yi’s wisdom is incomparable, but I never thought that the same words were sharp, and it was 3 words and 2 words, which forced Brother Asura to 7 tips and smoke, and was extremely angry.” Qingmu Wang laughed.

“Waste, are you qualified to speak here?”

Asura King’s eyes were cold, and he cut the blue eyes like a knife.

Lin Fan clearly saw that the anger and murderous intention in the eyes of the blue eyes king were like Ghost Fire, but it was quickly covered up very well, and he said like a smile: “In the next gag, I just don’t want you to be in Imperial. Hands on in front of Palace, fearing that it will anger Sovereign.”

“Noisy just in front of the Imperial Palace, what kind of system is it? Not soon?”

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