Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3078

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4 The king’s face changed slightly, and then he bowed and apologized repeatedly, and then he entered the imperial city in an orderly manner.

Far away, Lin Fan saw the appearance of 2 emperors.

Which one is standing on the left, wearing a black dragon robe, with a bloated body and a big belly, and which one on the right has a smile on his face that makes people feel like a spring breeze, but the gleam from those eyes from time to time is Not to be underestimated, he wore a golden dragon robe.

King Rakshasa whispered: “On the left is Emperor Mori, on the right is Emperor Luo. Both of them are on the top of the 2th Realm of God, and they can be a peerless expert at any time.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink.

In fact, after coming to Chaos Realm, he has seen the strongest cultivator of realm, but it is the sea madness of God 7 Realm.

As for the Tianhun encountered in the Tian clan, it should be similar, but with his vision at that time, he could not see through it. Even if it was seen through at that time, Lin Fan could not believe it.

The apart from this is the 2 Sovereign.

The Proximity 7 realm, which can enter the 8th Realm at any time, is indeed peerless.

But then, Lin Fan frowned again.

If the 2nd emperor really has such a cultivation base, then why should the young king…

Could he really just want to be the head of 4 kings?

If so, is it worth planning for 1000 years?

Lin Fan was a little suspicious, and inadvertently glanced at the final king of the 4th King.

At this time, both of his hands hang in front of him, whether it is posture or expression, it is impeccably respectful and humble.

“This is Mu Yi, right?”

The Emperor Mori spoke, and he was reserved.

Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand, said: “I have seen 2 Sovereigns, and it is Muyi underneath.”

“Sure enough, he is a talented person and a talented person. It is no wonder that he can take off the only delicate flower in my world.” Luo Huang smiled slightly and looked towards King Rakshasa. It’s your number one.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrunk, saying: “The emperor has won the prize. At the end of the cultivation base, how dare you accept Sovereign’s praise? Only in the battle of the king, don’t lose your face is a serious major event.”

Luo Huanghehe smiled, but he was not entangled in this issue, but looked towards Sen Huang, said: “Now that they have arrived, then this banquet will begin.”

“Okay.” Sen Huang ordered nodded and turned away directly.

Banquet place.

It’s very quiet here, there’s no ears and no ears, except for the necessary maid, there is no idle person waiting.

What makes Lin Fan even stranger is that these maids are mostly disabled people, and Lin Fan dares to guarantee that these maids do not have half of the cultivation base.

“Are you curious?” Sen Huang glanced at Lin Fan and said, “I need a deaf blind, so they become deaf blind.”

Lin Fan suddenly felt cold in his heart.


It was just because of this demand that these women with such ability were disabled.

The Emperor raised the glass, and everyone raised the glass at the same time. You Sovereign Dao: “The desire of the mouth and belly is not too cumbersome for us. The so-called hypocrisy, the so-called politeness, don’t say much.”

Royal Capital listened quietly.

You Sovereign Dao: “I know that some of you will be puzzled or even angry about my decision with Sen Huang, but in fact, I have to.”

He sighed, waved his hand, and said, “Forget it, it doesn’t matter if there are certain things. As long as you know, everything I did with the Sen Emperor, only for Wu Sen Luo Jie 10000 spirits can return to the sun.”

“Seniors dare not say anything.”

4 The king spoke at the same time.

Lin Fan listened quietly and watched.

The Emperor Mori suddenly coldly snorted and said, “They are all subjects, so why should I explain to them?”

His pupil light was very cold, and said: “Finally an order was announced.”

The kings’ eyes narrowed.

Mori Sovereign Dao: “40% of the world, this is a drawback. I negotiated with You Huang and decided that the world should be 8 points, but there are 8 kings, and there are 6 1 messengers. Therefore, the rules of the war are changed.”

Lin Fan’s heart suddenly tightened!

This is to separate powers.

Are these 2 Sovereign, feel 4 king begin to stir?

Or is it aware of one of them?

So came up with this move.

4 The great king also changes color.

This pattern has been countless years, and it is actually going to lead to a change in the present?

“Of course, in order to take care of the kings, therefore, if you want to be a new king, you need to have a challenger, at least better than one of you.” Youhuang smiled: “I and Sen Huang, not at all mandatory, not There must be 8 points in the world, but if someone can beat Er and so on, I want to come, with your personality, I am afraid that Sorry will stay more on this throne.”

Next, 2 Sovereign said a lot.

But Lin Fan did not listen.

But thinking, what are these two Sovereigns doing?

If you really want to decentralize, with the cultivation base of his 2 people, the strength currently controlled by Sen Luojie, I am afraid that under a paper order, 4 Royal Capital can only follow.

But why not?

Rather, it is determined by the battle of kings?

This is too puzzling.


“What exactly does Sovereign mean?” King Rakshasa looked at Lin Fan with a worried expression in his eyes.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I have been here for a short time in the Senrow Realm. A lot of things are floating on the surface and I can’t see through it. How dare I make a conclusion?

“So what should we do?” King Rakshasa panicked in his eyes.

Unconsciously, she already relies on Lin Fan.

“Go step by step.” Lin Fan sighed. “At the very least, we first defeated the messenger war according to our plan. We are talking about others.”

In fact, it’s not just Rakshasa’s emergency summon who is guessing the true intentions of the two Sovereigns. All the kings are like this.

But in the end, who can figure it out?

The so-called Tianwei is unpredictable, not a lie.

The two Sovereigns are in high positions, where the cultivation base and identity strength are placed, and every move is enough for the four kings to break their heads to guess, but even if the final head is broken, they may not be able to guess.

In the end, all the kings have the same decision. First, the messenger who is in front of him will win and talk about others.

In this atmosphere, the entire imperial city suddenly became overcast.

The great kings have sent the most effective manpower to the imperial city to record each expert who may threaten the throne.

That is from tonight.

The so-called injunctions have all become a joke.

Experts considered threatening by the kings died one after another.

“Have you started?” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold.

“No.” Wang Rakshasa shook his head: “But I am preparing to discuss this with you.”

“10000000 Don’t do it, you must not do it. At this sensitive time, whoever does it will be stupid.” Lin Fan was relieved.

“But…” King Rakshasa frowned.

“Nothing. But, you can take a closer look, Qing Qing Wang can move?” Lin Fan sneered.

King Rakshasa eyes shrank: “The king of blue eyes… did not make a shot. All his men were strictly ordered to stay in his residence and wait for the messenger to fight.”

“Look, that’s the expert, the last opponent you should be nervous about, and the others are not worth it.” Lin Fan sneered.

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