Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3079

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“Why are you so concerned about the King Qingmu? He is really weak, this is the 3 King consensus.”

King Rakshasa smiled bitterly.

It is difficult to admit that a ants who have been despised by themselves for thousands of years, the true identity, turned out to be an Azure Dragon.

Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, saying: “He hides deeply, and the fear is that it can scare people to death.”

“However, his cultivation base is only one step.” King Rakshasa sighed and said, “Until now, the heavenly eyes in his hands are still not as good as his arms.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed and said, “Is it possible that you, the ultimate greats of the four great kings, are all given by Sovereign? Your titles seem to be related to the ultimate.”

“It is true.” King Rakshasa nodded, but then sneered, “However, how could Sovereign be so kind? In fact, thousands of years ago, we kings did not have the ultimate device.”

“Oh?” Lin Fan was curious.

King Rakshasa said: “It was an inadvertent, Rakshasa cold blade chose the master, selected me.”

Lin Fan took a long breath and said, “So, do you stand out among the 4 kings?”

King Rakshasa shook his head and said, “At that time, I was not the king. In fact, it was Sen Luo Hanblade that flew out of the Imperial Palace and then selected me.”

Lin Fan frowned.

King Rakshasa said: “I don’t want to mention more about the past, but Youhuang… I have graciousness, I have the ability, half of it is taught by him, and the other half is for my life, and therefore, I learned the horror of Sovereign .”

Lin Fan did not speak for a while.

But in fact, he guessed a lot of things.

The reason why the four great kings each hold an ultimate weapon is that the main reason is to find opponents for King Rakshasa and support some equal enemies.

Otherwise, King Rakshasa has the ultimate weapon, at least in that era, it can be called the invincible kings, and it can easily win a king city, when the time comes ……

“You are very grateful to You Huang?” Lin Fan squinted.

Cold light appeared in the eyes of King Rakshasa: “Why! That’s a man with a sweet-mouthed sword. On the surface, it is majestic and noble, but secretly it is a male thief and a female prostitute. If there is an ultimate device… I am afraid that I will be its plaything.”

Lin Fan pats Rakshasa Wang shoulders, said: “The past has passed.”

“How can I pass?” King Rakshasa sneered.

Lin Fan shrugged and said: “Before you have the ability to do what you want to do, don’t say anything, any rhetoric, otherwise you will cause yourself a big disaster, or make yourself laughed at by the world, so Smiles generously.”

It’s rare that two of them are talking. When they are together, there is no fighting, no confrontation, no quarreling.

But the outside world is already boiling!

Just because tomorrow will start, the messenger war will officially start.

But to everyone’s surprise, as the targeted Rakshasa palace, he dared to take the lead.

That’s Rakshasa’s right ambassador, across 30,000 feet, nailing the Yaksha King’s court with a sharp dagger.

This dagger is the book of war!

The reason is that this dagger nail brought a bloody battle word, and underneath it was written’Yaksha Right Envoy, sending you back to the west. ‘

In just 8 characters, the atmosphere was climaxed.

The world rushed to tell each other, all boiling, each and everyone gamblers, flocked to the stall opened by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan turned out to be a good follower, not optimistic about Rakshasa’s right envoy, and turned her odds to the lowest.

I didn’t even think that this was my own camp, and she gave her momentum and made money a priority.

Just because Rakshasa was right, it was really too low-key, and all the elegance was hidden by her.

Thanks to this, Lin Fan can take advantage of it. If it weren’t for this obsessive little right, hiding his own strength, he would definitely not make a big profit.

What’s more, Lin Fan is really venomous. Regarding this bet, he only gave 2 gamblers two ways to bet.

If Rakshasa wins right, he loses 150 times. This is first.

Second, if Yaksha wins to the right, he only loses one point 5 times, this is second!

There are too few options for this kind of stall, and this odds is too much a joke, the difference is too big.

More than a few gamblers are cursing Rakshasa’s stingy palace.

But, in the end, the gamblers just sighed aloud, and actually understood and sympathized with this act of Rakshasa Palace.

The reason is that Rakshasa will lose the right, and there is no comparability between the two.

Moreover, as the only female among the 8 ambassadors, she is at a disadvantage. In the past few years, the Rakshasa right ambassador is only hanging at the end, which is only the waste of Qingmu right ambassador. Just a little bit stronger.

Yaksha King Palace.

“This crazy lady!” Yaksha King complexion is gloomy, he looked towards Yaksha and said: “This is the first battle of the messenger, I want you to win beautiful and simple!”

Yaksha’s right emperor smiled: “My king is assured that if he loses this battle, he will come to see him.”

Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed: “Go, isn’t his Rakshasa palace a gambling game? Have fun with them.”

Yaksha smiled on the left, saying, “Is 1000000 Saint Spirit Crystal enough?”

Yaksha King glanced at Yaksha’s left envoy, laughed: “You turned out to be more blackhearted than Royal Capital. I heard that women are all cheapskate, and I don’t know how to lose such a share of St. Spirit Crystal at one time. No crying nose.”

The whole palace was filled with laughter that was ridiculed and ridiculed.

“Hmph! Go, bet 10000000, and push Yaksha’s side.” Asura King said coldly: “Since it is an ally, it is natural to support him. There is no way, this king is so kind and generous.”

“Leadership.” Asura’s right eye narrowed.

The Qingmu Wangting is different.

Qingmu Wang Yinsensen smiled: “Ming Xiu plank road? It doesn’t work in front of this king.”

He beckoned, and immediately came under his command, and he whispered in his ear. His eyes were unbelievable, and he was amazed: “My king, then Rakshasa’s right envoy is undoubtedly defeated.”

Qing Mu Wang’s eyes sank and said, “You must know, just follow the instructions.”

This complexion greatly changed, and hurried away.

Rakshasa Palace.

Lin Fan looked quietly at the huge three-foot bet placed in front of him, and then looked towards King Rakshasa and said, “This is only 3 raw Spirit Crystal stones. I dare to bet that it must be from King Qingmu.”

King Rakshasa narrowed his eyes and said, “Could it be that he also knew that Xiaoyou had hidden strength?”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Big sister, can you always look at this blue eyed king with that scornful eye? If you keep going like this, you will really die in his hands.”

King Rakshasa was silent.

I still don’t want to believe that the waste like King Qingmu will actually be the Azure Dragon hiding in the deepest part.

If this is the case, then the entire Senrow Realm, in front of this young king, is really a joke.

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