Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3080

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“This person is really deeply hidden, you have to be careful and careful.” Lin Fan gently pats Rakshasa King’s fragrant shoulder, and then said: “Of course, I will also try to see if I can kill him by means, If this is the case, it will be once and for all.”

“It’s easy to want him to die. When the king battles, he is named by name.” Rakshasa Wang sneered: “He is not an opponent, but he can be criticized within dozens of moves.”

Lin Fan’s brains are sore.

It seems that the prejudice of King Rakshasa against King Qingmu has been deeply ingrained. I am afraid that there will be no major changes, no thrilling major events, and impossible changes.

Lin Fan was helpless, but he didn’t talk much, nor persuade, there was no need for that.

On the second day, there was a sensation in the entire world of Senrow, and people from the extremely remote and most remote places came to see this grand event.

The imperial city has been in a frenzy for a long time.

In this normally room, the forbidden land that no one dared to approach—the double imperial city, also opened the door to let people in the Sen Luo world come in and out.

Dozens of huge ring towers stand, all of them are 1000 zhang high, ten thousand zhang wide, like mountains rising from the ground.

This is the messenger ring, with the double Sovereign Dao blessings, supplemented by the most cherished materials, to ensure that it can support the messenger-level battle without destruction.

Surrounding these platforms is a grand stand circling one layer after another, at least enough to accommodate several millions of people at the same time.

When Lin Fan and Rakshasa Wang took the dragon by the time of 9, it was naturally a sensation. Several millions of people all got up and said hello to King Rakshasa, mountain cry out and sea howl.

I have to say that this kind of feeling is really good, sitting at 9 dragons high, and several millions of people below say hello like a pilgrimage.

In order of throne, King Rakshasa is in the east direction, Rakshasa is on the left and right, and has been waiting here long ago.

“Will you hide strength?”

After Lin Lin got out of the bus, the first sentence was just like that, he looked towards Rakshasa right envoy.

Rakshasa stunned the right: “Why should I hide? This waste is just a matter of axe.”

Lin Fan frowned. I really felt that it was King Rakshasa’s right and left arm. It was indeed stupid and stupid enough to explain patiently: “You have to hide the cultivation base, because your goal is not just Yaksha’s right envoy.”

Rakshasa’s right ambassador still frowned, apparently not understanding.

Lin Fan really hurt his head and said: “If you show all your strengths undoubtedly, the next time you fight, they will not be fooled, and will send at least an opponent comparable to you to fight you.”

“Yuxia fearless.” Rakshasa raised his eyebrow at the right, and sawe expression flashed in his eyes: “He died after my king, and he is willing.”

“Nonsense.” Lin Fan was angry and then looked towards King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa said: “Xiaoyou, you all listen to him. In this king’s war, he has the full power to decide.”

Rakshasa did not speak to her right, Lin Fan said angrily: “I want you to fight with the waste in your mouth, at least 50 moves to defeat him, but must keep him alive.”

Rakshasa’s right-eyed murderous-looking: “This waste, has been hitting me with a bad idea. I was waiting for the arrival of this day early. How can I keep him alive?”

“You… want to kill?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and then said: “Trust me, he will die in your hands in the end, but this is the first battle, it must be so.”

Rakshasa reluctantly made 100 10000 right, but in the end, he still bite his teeth and nodded.

Lin Fan was relieved.

Soon, the remaining 3 kings also arrived.

Only Yaksha’s Right Envoy flew, his eyes teased and ridiculedly swept Lin Fan and the others, and then looked towards Rakshasa Right Envoy, saying, “Small Right, for so many years, is the intention of the ambassador what you don’t know yet? You promised to be the principal, and the principal will admit defeat, how?”

Lin Fan and King Rakshasa, expressions all steep.

Yaksha laughed at the right, ignoring the cold eyes of everyone, and said, “Why don’t King Rakshasa retreat directly, willing to admit defeat? I am afraid that it will be a defeat in the end of the war.”

“Good dog gall.” King Rakshasa raised it with one hand, just want to take a picture with it, but at this moment, a bunch of cold electric shocks came, so that King Rakshasa had to close.

“Dignified Wang Zhe and Ben Wang’s care, don’t you think it’s a share?”

This is Yaksha King, and he has cold light in his eyes across several zhangs, and said with a smile: “The gentle and gentle lady is so good, this king’s fancy sees you the right ambassador of King Rakshasa, it’s her blessing, it’s not as good as From this, it’s better than vanished fragrance and crumbled jade.”

“Yaksha King laughed, and the outcome was still unknown. Lin Fan said afterwards, with a smile: “At this time, Yaksha King asserts that he will win. If he loses afterwards, would he not beat his face? ?”

“Ben Wang speaks, are you qualified to interject? You… what is it?”

Yaksha King sneered, and slowly said leisurely: “Can you think that you have become Rakshasa’s face, this king will look at you differently?”

In Lin Fan’s mind, the murderous aura was abrupt, but he could bear it. Laughed, Yaksha King sneered: “What are you laughing for?”

Lin Fan continued to laugh, and then said: “Since Yaksha King is so confident in his life, why not…”

“Are you going to gamble?” Yaksha King said lightly: “This king is not happy, but since you are speaking, this king will play with you.”

Then, his eyes suddenly teased: “It’s just that because of Asura’s face, this time, the king only bet with you, can you dare?”

“Asura’s face?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Hahaha…” Yaksha King laughed wildly and said, “Asura told me not to participate in the gambling game, because, after all, all kinds of Rakshasa will become its dowry, and they will be put together into the Asura King palace.”


All the people in the Rakshasa palace are gloomy.

“How do you want to gamble with Yaksha King?” Lin Fan smiled, but his eyes were cold: “Unlike Yaksha King, there is no gambling in every event underneath.”

“You confess…you can afford Ben Wang’s bet?” Yaksha King quipped: “There is no place to stand in Chaos Realm’s stray dog, so I have to go to my realm to hide my life… Talking to Ben Wang about gambling?”

Lin Fan’s eyes were even darker.

But waiting for him to say more, Yaksha King smiled humorously: “Come here… 200000000 Holy Spirit fine stone, rat… you dare to take it?”

200000000 Holy Spirit!

Even if it is a king, the heart is suddenly tight!

This is simply a gamble.

壕 Inhumanity!

Even if it is the Divine Race of the outside world, 200000000 Holy Spirit fine stone, I am afraid that it is easily taken out by impossible.

Lin Fan’s inner cold and severe.

These executioners are really rich and imposing.

It’s just the king of Ranked 3rd, so he can easily use such great wealth!

200000000 Holy Spirit fine stone, enough to arm a Legion with at least hundred of thousands of people, even if it flows into a Deity Clan, it can make the hardware facilities of this Divine Race even higher.

The whole scene is silent!

The giant Plaza of 1000000 people turned out to be stunned. They were all shocked and frightened.

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