Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3081

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This bet is too scary.

200000000 Holy Spirit fine stone, this is an astronomical figure, even if it is a Heaven Grade killer, it may take over 10,000 years to accumulate such terrible wealth.

Worthy of being king, so serene, like these 200000000 million Holy Spirit fine stones, just drizzle, not worth mentioning.

Then everyone’s eyes glanced at Lin Fan.

Does he… dare to take it?

What to pick?

It should be noted that before this bet, Yaksha King broke all its backwards. At this time, even Rakshasa King, impossible will come forward to support, otherwise Mu Yike will really become a big joke.

“Hahaha…” Asura King laughed suddenly and screamed 4 wildly: “Yaksha, you are so hard to force Mu Yi, I’m afraid it will anger the beauty.”

Yaksha King shrugged: “This king just wants to let him know what he is, even if he climbs a tall branch, but in front of you and me, it is still as small as a ant.”

The continuous opening of this, Yaksha Royal Capital has no mercy, and in various ways, almost reduced Lin Fan to the dust.

In particular, if Lin Fan cannot accept his bet this time, then…

He really didn’t have a face in the Senrow world.

Yaksha King’s eyes scornfully and sneered, and then waved his hand: “Say sorry, admit that you can’t tell good from bad, this king will let you go.”

Even worse!

Said to put Lin Fan a horse.

But in fact, this is further persecution.

“Tsk tsk.” Lin Fan smiled, no one understood.

How could he still laugh at such a time.

Excited and suppressed too hard?


Under the focal point of ten thousands, Lin Fan sighed: “Originally thought that the dignified king bet, there will be a different kind of surprise, at least not such a cliché, but it is… hey, that’s all that’s all, no interest , I don’t want to gamble.”

Everyone was cheering!

This wooden easy, rigid irony and scorching satire.

But all is nonsense, and only the last sentence of “no gambling” is the topic!

Too shameless.

It is clear that he dare not gamble and is unable to gamble, but is to count this fault on Yaksha King.

“Hehe.” Yaksha King chuckled and sneered.

Now that he has decided that Lin Fan will be banished, at least he will be kept faceless in this Senrow Realm.

How is it possible to give up?

Moreover, this wooden Yi is so frigid irony and scorching satire…if he doesn’t chase after the victory, isn’t it boring?

He smiled strangely and looked towards Lin Fan lightly, saying: “I don’t know what bet Muyi brother needs to be interesting, only to be surprised?”

“Want to gamble?” Lin Fan looked surprised.

This is even more accurate, because he can’t get the 200000000 million Holy Spirit fine stones, so he will deliberately do so.

“Of course.” Yaksha King smiled: “The best character of this king is the beauty of an adult. Since Mu Yi brother is interested, how can this king be unaccompanied?”

Then, he waved his hand: “If you can’t keep up with your bet, the king will lose, and the king will be lower than you.”

Lin Fan shrugged and laughed.

“Okay…Since Yaksha King is so love-loving and not accompanied by it, wouldn’t it fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness?” Lin Fan said, and then with a smile, he slowly took the ring from the knuckles and let it Floating in the air, then a ray of fine mango shot.

Suddenly, a very thin black hole appeared…

“My Heavens!”

“Heavens! So many Holy Spirit fine stones…”

“Is this Muyi digging dozens of Holy Spirit fine stone mines? Then the Holy Spirit fine stone is raining, and it is full of thehundred zhang open space in front of King Rakshasa!”

Everyone is thrilled!

This kind of stimulation was terrifying. From the black hole, one piece after another of the Holy Spirit fine stones emitting 7 colorful lights fell like raindrops. Soon, a Holy Spirit fine stone mountain was built!

More than 200000000?

I’m afraid it’s in the range of 1 billion.

“You see, there are too many of this kind of deities, and they are already numb.” Lin Fan looked at Yaksha King of the complex ashen leisurely, and then sighed: “Because there are too many, so for taking this kind of thing as a bet People think that it is waste material and waste, which is low-level fun.”

Then he suddenly covered his mouth: “Of course, I am not talking about Brother Yaksha King.”

“Roar… Mu Yi humiliates me!” Yaksha King growled.

“You don’t have silver here for 10000000, I am not really talking about you.” Lin Fan was wronged, and then said: “Okay, okay, you and I will talk about the topic.”

Cold light flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes.

This little bastard, repeatedly wanted to step him into the dust, repeatedly shaming him and humiliating him, how could he not fight back?

With a wave of his hand, those Holy Spirit fine stones suddenly rolled back, and in a flash, the Holy Spirit fine stone mountain was all recovered. At least hundred of greedy eyes were fiercely nailed to Lin Fan, but Lin Fan Why did you care?

“The deity and people are gambling with Heaven and Earth rare treasure. Can Yaksha King dare to come?” Lin Fan proved his financial strength, and now the host and guest are shifting, he is inviting to fight!

“Jié jié … This king has already said, if this king can not accompany your game, count me down, you count, I will lose!” Yaksha King was really angry, he could not rush to the king, he must kill this waste Sparse.

“Okay.” Lin Fan smiled. He flicked his fingertips and suddenly a strange stone appeared.

At first, there was only a small point, but soon, it was ten feet square. Chaos Aura permeated: “This is a first bet.”

Yaksha King’s face was heavy, and his heart was heavy!

This is Primal Chaos Stone!

It’s just this thing, it’s the only thing in the world!

But, listening to the opposite meaning, this is nothing at all?

Indeed, this Primal Chaos Stone is too limited.


Another strange stone was ejected by Lin Fan!

“Heavens! This is… Black and Yellow Origin Gold!”

Some people screamed and hugged their heads, and some were wiping their eyes violently.

This kind of mother gold, which only appeared in legend, appeared in front of your own eyes?

If it is not, the one showing this thing is on the king’s platform, and someone will definitely fight for it.

“Star Mother Gold…”

Gradually, there was less exclamation.

The reason is that 4 or 5 kinds of mother funds appear in succession, and they seem to be shocked and numb.

“Well… I think it’s almost enough. Of course, if Yaksha King is interested, the deity still has some storage here. You can take it out and have fun with you.” Lin Fan stared at Yaksha King playfully.

Yaksha King looked pale.

It must be taken out.

Only these kinds of mother funds are enough to crush him!

Even if he evacuates the Yaksha King Palace, it is not enough to find out that he can come with the same amount of gambling funds of these types of mother funds.

Rakshasa Wang Jing looked at Lin Fan quietly, she said nothing at all.

I don’t understand why Lin Fan is so arrogant and impudent this time.

Wealth is not innocent, this truth, could it be that he did not understand?

But if it is not understood, how could it be?

Is it just to humiliate Yaksha King?

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