Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3082

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King Rakshasa did not understand.

But at this time, Yaksha King’s face was too ugly.

Black to the pot.

His mouth was trembling with anger.

He… just how overbearing, how high-spirited and vigorous?

What a joke in my heart when humiliating this wooden Yi Shi.

But in an instant, it was all empty and ironic.

The most important thing is that he satirized Lin Fan with Holy Spirit fine stone. As a result, the opponent doubled and smashed it out, regaining all the faces he stepped on the ground.

But now, when the other party brought out various rare treasures to humiliate him, he could not take it out, only to watch his face thrown on the ground by the other party, and fiercely stepped on one foot after another.

Lin Fan slapped his head and smiled bitterly: “Yes, I’m so deceiving.”

Yaksha King almost burst into tears.

Did you know that you bully people?

Mother, what is that?

Even if it is a Celestial Clan, even if it is acquired by the 2 Sovereigns of the Supreme World of Sen Luo, they will be treasured and treasured.

Who will take a bet?

“Well, just take this starry gold as a bet.”

Lin Fan sighed, a little unhappy in his eyes, as if regretting that he couldn’t have fun at this game.

The rest of the mother gold floating in the sky and scorching it was taken back by Lin Fan, leaving only the star-shaped mother gold like palm-size blooming blue and shiny.

“Brother Yaksha King, take out the equivalent quickly, but don’t delay the time of this messenger’s first battle because of you and me, otherwise Sovereign blame, you and I can’t afford it.” Lin Fan eyes Brilliant light: “With mother funds as gambling money, no matter whether you win or lose, it will be a happy event.”

Yaksha King’s heart twitched.

If he could take it out, he would definitely take it out early, and then fiercely smashed Lin Fan’s face, the handle growled:”

Isn’t that just a gamble? Lao Tzu accompanies! “

But the main problem is that he really can’t do it.

Suddenly, Yaksha King’s eyes shimmer!

He suddenly looked towards Asura King, saying: “Brother Asura, temporarily use the star mother gold for the purpose.”

Lin Fan saw severe expression flashed!

He is waiting for this moment!

If it had been known for a while that Asura King had a treasure that he regarded as a treasure, and he played with it every day, how could he lure it again and again; to make this game a success?

Asura King’s face was indifferent. He glanced coldly at Lin Fan, and then looked towards Yaksha King, saying: “Brother Yaksha…this is not good, this is your game with Muyi, if this king intervenes…”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “It’s okay, as long as Yaksha King can borrow it, this gambling game is also counted, but… it’s a bit embarrassing, the dignified king, even need to borrow money from others.”

This sentence also pushed Yaksha King and Asura King to a dead end!

2 The king’s face was so gloomy that it scared people to death.

“Brother Asura!!”

Yaksha King yelled heavily, and then roared: “Is it possible that you can’t win over that woman under your command?”

Asura King looks ugly and gloomy!

This starry mother-of-pearl is played every day, not as a plaything. The reason is that it is hoped that the starry mother-of-pearl will be contaminated with his aura and have a sense of closeness to him.

As long as the mother gold is covered with his vitality and has a sense of intimacy with him, he can use this mother gold to sacrifice an ultimate device. Only in this way can Sovereign fully trust him. Clamp.

but now……

He was forced to a dead end.

If he does not lend, then this so-called alliance is naturally a joke.

Yaksha King is bound to be impossible to listen to his arrangement and banish King Rakshasa.

But if you lend…

Won naturally excellent.

What if you lose?

It looks like a steady victory, but who knows?

What if Yaksha made the waste material diarrhea right?

Or is it a sudden cultivation deviation during battle?

“Brother Asura! Could you just watch this king suffer this humiliation?” Yaksha King roared, his voice too suffocated and angry.

“Hu ……” Asura King took a long breath, then sneered: “It’s okay to borrow you, but if you win, the starry sky gold in Muyi’s hands, the deity wants it.”

“Good!!” Yaksha King said a good word for a long time.

“Slow!” Asura King glanced at Yaksha King: “The deity took a risk and won, but if it loses…”

Asura King’s eyes narrowed: “If you lose, the deity wants you half of the territory of Yaksha.”

“Jié jié ……haha ……Good! Very good! Worthy of being the alliance of the king, worthy of being a comrade of the king, the king should be.”

From this sentence, it means that this alliance is regarded as a dissolution.

The star-shaped golden ball floated from Asura King’s hand, and then was held by Yaksha King in his hand: “This king will bet with you!”

King Qingmu kept silent.

It was not until the dust settled that he cursed the waste wickedly and coldly.

Originally, I still thought, first sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, watching the alliance of these two great kings, forced King Rakshasa to a dead end, and let him lose most of the battle of the king, but now…

“Yaksha… You have let the emperor down.”

At this time, Emperor Mori and Youhuang appeared at the same time, everyone got up and knelt down, of course except Lin Fan. ,

Sen Huang glanced indifferently at Yaksha King, and then ridiculed: “You are stupid enough to compare financial resources with a priest.”

Yaksha King’s complexion changed dramatically.

Youhuang also said indifferently: “Especially, this Muyi also bears the name of World’s First Master. How idiot do you dare to compete with this character? Even the emperor…”

“Two Sovereign don’t make fun of trifling.” Lin Fan hurriedly stopped.

Both the Emperor Mori and the Emperor smiled coldly, and then Sovereign Dao: “This messenger battle begins.”

Sen Huang also glanced at Lin Fan and said, “This messenger battle has no rules. Unless you admit defeat, you cannot stop fighting unless you lose the battle strength completely to the other side.”

With the emergence of 2 Sovereign.

This war of kings is just the beginning.

“Small right, you have to remember, hide your strength, you know? I want to play a big one with them.” Lin Fan said.

“As you bid.” Rakshasa right cup one fist in the other hand.

“Go, Ben believes you.” King Rakshasa also smiled and comforted.

Rakshasa’s right envoy did not say anything, dragged the Xuanhua axe, and flew towards the ring.

“This king wants you to cut this mother-in-law with three swords.”

Yaksha King’s eyes are full of eyes: “I want you to win fast and ruthless, to win beautiful and simple.”

“Although my king is at ease! Mu Yi’s hatred, my king will recover for my king one after another.”

Yaksha smiled to the right: “This mother-in-law… under her command will kill her a flying ash annihilation.”

“Okay, go, don’t let this king down.”

Yaksha King’s eyes are full of evil and cold.

Yaksha’s right envoy went up, facing away from Rakshasa’s right envoy.

“A woman should have children at home. This battlefield should not belong to you.”

Yaksha’s right ambassador carried the killing sword and pointed diagonally to Rakshasa’s right ambassador.

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