Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3083

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Is this sex discrimination?

Let the faces of many female killers cold down.

Even King Rakshasa is coldly snorted.

Rakshasa’s right envoy was expressionless, and said lightly: “Your mother is said to have been an amazing killer, and she should be the first woman to become a Heaven Grade killer.”

Yaksha turned his face right.

Rakshasa sneered at the right, “So why didn’t your father force your mother to have children at home?”

“Hurt woman courting death!” Yaksha’s right anger whispered.

“Wait, it’s not over yet.” Rakshasa sneered at the right: “It is said that your father is not a good device, and it should be no different from you. It is said that he is addicted to gambling. When your mother is pregnant with 6 armor, Need to carry out the mission with a sword in exchange for what your family needs, right?”


Yaksha’s right envoy screamed, and the murderous aura was so rich that it scared the dead, and he cut it off with a sword.

With the sound of Keng, the sword intent ten zhang was long, as Heavenly Sword suddenly killed.

But Rakshasa’s right envoy suddenly exploded and turned into several thick smoke and dispersed.

Afterwards, she reorganized in the distance, and smiled 100 Mei Sheng with a light smile: “Don’t be anxious, the instinct is just rumors.”


Yaksha envoy continued to kill.

“That is, when I was carrying 6 Jia, I still went to perform the task. Therefore, your mother has been missing since then. There are rumors that you were imprisoned by the Tian family, right?”

Rakshasa continued to speak to the right.


Yaksha was furious, and he became more horrified.

Those murderous intentions actually materialized, turning into barbs all over his body. These barbs are full of texture and look like an alternative battle armour made of rare iron.

“Hehe… I’m understood, this is not a false statement, it’s true, otherwise how could you be so excited and angry?” Asura’s envoy laughed, very pleasant, but when he heard it in Yaksha, it was the most harsh.

On the stage.

Lin Fan sighed: “Smart.”

Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan, Lin Fan explained: “Little Right should not be good at hiding his cultivation base. Therefore, he deliberately angered Yaksha Right Envoy, only to make excuses for the defeated enemies later.”

“Understood.” King Rakshasa nodded: “This is the failure of Yaksha’s envoy, blaming him for losing his normal heart.”

“That’s right.” Lin Fan smiled.

Rakshasa left, saying, “Where am I? Should I also hide my strength?”

Lin Fan frowned: “Until now, I don’t know what opponent should be arranged for you, so… wait and see.”

Rakshasa ordered nodded from the left: “It’s all up to you.”

Lin Fan raised her eyebrows and gave Rakshasa a strange look.

Since that day, this Rakshasa left person really seems to be a person, calm and low-key, even the broad knife that he often drags around.

But Lin Fan knows that Rakshasa in this state is even more terrifying and fierce.

At this time, he was holding back a murderous intention, just like the lava before the eruption. If he found a vent, he would certainly teach the world.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, looked towards King Qingmu, and raised his fist in tribute, saying, “Why does the king seem indifferent?”

Qingmu Wang was taken aback for a while, and then said with a bitter smile: “It is not that this king does not care about this battle. In fact, this king has been used to the bottom, and no matter how he cares, he cannot change this ending.”

“Oh?” Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly picky: “The king of blue eyes is so desperate? Don’t want to go against the current, willing to follow the natural fate, continue to the bottom fate?”

Qingmu Wang smiled bitterly: “What if you don’t want to? 3 Wang Qiang is powerful, and his army is a lot of powerful soldiers, and the crushing and surpassing are far below… Moreover, this battle is not as good as before, and you can only expect and continue in the next. Keep this throne, otherwise, you will live up to the trust of your people.”

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “I don’t know what the king thinks about this battle?”

The eyes of King Qingmu narrowed slightly, and then said: “If you want to come to the prince, you should be confident, otherwise how can you take such a big treasure to gamble?”

“You mean, Yaksha’s right envoy will lose?” Lin Fan said.

Qingmu Wang smiled gently: “How dare you speak? Just think that even if you are a World’s First priest, it is also so generous, if there is no certainty in your heart, it is also luxurious enough to gamble with the mother money. “

“Waste, you shut up Ben Ben! Can you put your beak in the war under Ben Wang’s command?”

Yaksha King’s eyes were cold, and the sharp eyes like a sword were fiercely scraped towards the blue eyes king, and he sneered: “It really is the same as the waste. You are just like the wood, but the woman’s opinion. Trifling Rakshasa, the right envoy, could it be better than the elders carefully selected? Idiots say dreams.”

Lin Fan did not speak, but stared at Qing Qing Wang carefully and seriously.

Yaksha King These words are extremely humiliating for a king.

It is also a blood feud.

The non-dead are impossible to stop.

But soon, Lin Fan sighed, not to blame King Rakshasa, etc., all of whom were hidden in the drum.

His expression was impeccable, and he turned out to be just the right promise.

Lin Fan clearly saw that even the 2 Sovereigns of aloof and remote showed a trace of contempt and disdain to this King of Blue Eyes.

“Mu Yi, and the star mother gold is ready, that is the king’s.”

At this moment, Asura King was laughed, and then he looked towards Yaksha King and said, “When the time comes, this king will have a big reward for Brother Yaksha.”

Yaksha King coldly smiled, no reason.

Lin Fan’s goal was achieved.

He sat back next to King Rakshasa.

“Deeply hidden, deeply hidden…I deliberately did so, just to see him react, but whenever he reveals a weak spot, it can make me certain certain guesses in my heart… Unfortunately; not one drop of water can leak out.”

Lin Fan sighed: “The most terrifying thing is that even 2 Sovereigns seem to be hidden in the drum by him.”

Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan and said, “I don’t want to understand these things, and it is difficult to understand the thoughts of people like you. In my opinion, my heart is uncomfortable and uncomfortable, just kill it. The whole world is nothing but this king. Where is the trouble with a sword in his hand?”

Lin Fan rolled the eyes.

Dao: “Little girl, you believe or not, if the master I want you to die, I don’t even need a sword.”

Rakshasa King coldly snorted: “All the tricks, etc., under the absolute strength of rolling, are all jokes.”

Lin Fan suddenly said nothing.


At this moment, there was blood splashing on the ring, and a bloody broken arm flew high, and then hit Yaksha King.


Everyone saw that Rakshasa’s right face was pale, relying on the horrible big axe to support himself from falling to the ground.

In front of him, Yaksha’s right envoy, one arm was cut, two thighs were crushed into powder, and the whole person act recklessly paralyzed.

Yaksha King suddenly got up and roared loudly, “How is it possible!”

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