Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3084

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In fact, it’s not just Yaksha King who is horrified by this final outcome.

Everyone in the audience was unbelievable and could not believe the scene in front of him; Yaksha was defeated by his right envoy?

Only Qingmu Wang, with a slight pick in the corner of his eyes, then showed a smile, but soon, his expression was almost the same as that of others, turning into incredible.

“Aiya… a lucky victory.”

Lin Fan opened his mouth and smiled. He looked towards Yaksha King, but his eyes were fixed on the right hand of Yaksha King. To be precise, this line of sight was on that star mother gold ball.

At this time, Yaksha King felt like the sky was falling!

How could this be?

Why is it defeated?

He still did not wake up from this shock, and then roared: “How could it be defeated!”

“Yaksha King, hurry and bring that thing, now it is not yours anymore.” Lin Fan said, further persecution and oppression.

Yaksha King looked back suddenly, said with a malicious smile: “How could he fail? Only because your side is insidious and deceitful, using a poison scheme, stabbed this king’s mind under chaos, so he failed.”

Lin Fan’s eyes cooled.

Just listen to Yaksha King jié jié chuckling and yawning: “… Want this thing? Dream.”

“So… are you going to be ridiculous?” Lin Fan’s eyes were even colder. In fact, he was so eager to wait, just waiting for this Yaksha King to be ridiculous.

Asura King is gloomy!

If this star mother gold ball really changes ownership, even if he gets half of the territory of Yaksha King, it seems to him that it is blood loss.

“Tsk tsk… ridiculous? Who dare to say that the king is ridiculous? Are you?”

The eyes of Yaksha King suddenly turned, and gradually, a cosmic vortex appeared in his eye sockets, which was breathtaking, as if to drag the Divine Soul into the vortex.

Rakshasa Wang was heavily coldly snorted, and Sen Luohan whispered softly, a layer of gloom shrouded the entire Wangtai, so that the breathtaking Qi machine could not flow into the Wangtai.

Lin Fan laughed: “Isn’t it just a trifling piece of gold? I have so many princes, but this is too much to let the princes underestimate me, the dignified king, oversee a area, and I can’t afford to lose Goods…that’s all that’s all…”

He intentionally said so loudly, just for…


Emperor Mori angered: “Yaksha, this emperor’s face was completely lost by you.”

“My queen.”

Yaksha King complexion greatly changed, quickly one-knee kneels on the ground.

Youhuang cold and severe said: “If you lose, you lose. Just complain that you are incompetent. What do you do with others? If you don’t pay the gambling money sooner, when will you wait?”

“My queen …”

Yaksha King wailed.

With his cry, the whole person seemed to be suddenly thousand years old.

But, how dare he not listen to Sovereign’s life?

His face was miserable, with a sad smile, as if he was mad and not at all King Attitude.

“Many thanks 2 Supreme Sovereign.”

Lin Fan’s eyes brightened, pretending to be a surprise.

“Mu Yi is indeed as wise as a demon, but could you think that people in this world are idiots?”

You Huang said slowly, making Lin Fan’s eyes narrow, but he didn’t say much, but hehe smiled, almost arrogantly taking the starry mother gold ball from the hands of Yaksha King. .

“Why?” King Rakshasa said, worried.

From the words of You Huang, you can hear that Sovereign has complained about this Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shrugged and said nothing more.

In fact, after the king’s war, if he expected it well, I’m afraid that the Senrow Realm will cause a terrible change. When the time comes, even if these 2 Sovereigns resent him, I’m afraid I can’t spare them. Come and shoot him.

Even more how, in the respect of Sovereign, I’m afraid I won’t shoot him for these small things.

“In the first game, Rakshasa won.” Sen Huang announced his first game indifferently.


“Yaksha, right, can I greet your mother?”

“Yaksha right…waste…garbage, and I lost your coffin to your father.”


Countless curses and countless screams suddenly exploded on the spot.

This curse, etc., made Yaksha, who was sober from syncope, make a snorting sound on the right, and he even spilled blood from the corner of his mouth, and then fell to the ground again. This time I don’t know when to wake up.

“Rakshasa, right, you have won this game, and you have the right to continue to challenge.” Youhuang said: “Do you want to continue?”

Everyone looked towards Rakshasa right envoy.

No one would think that she would continue to challenge.

Because, at this time, she seemed afraid that she would not even have the strength to stand still. If you throw away the big Xuanhua axe in her hands, she might fall on the ring on the spot.

However, after the words of You Huang finished speaking, he saw that Rakshasa’s right envoy slowly raised his head, and then his eyes straightened up on the Asura King’s stage. The jade finger was raised and pointed to Asura right envoy, saying: ” Emperor, I want to fight him.”

I want to fight him.

Just a simple 4 words.

But it was a huge wave!

The reason is that the target of Rakshasa’s envoy is to challenge Asura.

It should be noted that this Asura right, but Yaksha right makes that kind of waste comparable.

Even among the 8 ambassadors, they are all arranged in the middle, and can easily crush the Rakshasa right ambassador at the end of the ranking, even more how now, this Rakshasa right ambassador is exhausted after a long battle.

She… is courting death?

“Tsk tsk.” Asura King smiled. He looked towards Asura. Right envoy: “Someone wants to challenge you.”

“I will carry her head.”

Asura grinned at the right, he took a step forward, and a powerful breath suddenly spewed out like a volcano, and a huge demon appeared suddenly, grinning at Rakshasa’s right elbow, spitting a fiery flame.

“Rakshasa ambassador, do you confirm that the challenge is Asura ambassador?”

Even Youhuang frowned.

“Yu Sovereign, it’s him.”

Rakshasa’s right envoy is very respectful.

“Okay, in view of your hard fight, give you one hour of rest. After one hour, the battle continues.”

You Huang said something, and with a big sleeve, she walked back to the throne.

one hour!

This is the kindness of Sovereign.

But Asura King’s eyes were cold.

Everyone knows that King Rakshasa’s companion is the world’s first priest.

With this one hour, with the help of World’s First priest, it is enough for this Rakshasa right to restore its full strength.

sneered, a flickering glance at Lin Fan who is rapidly feeding medicine pill to Rakshasa’s right envoy: “Unless you have the power to return, otherwise…”

Actually, without one hour, Rakshasa’s envoy has stood up.

But she always remembered Lin Fan’s words firmly in her heart.

In the battle with the right envoy of Asura, the right envoy of Asura will die, but she must also pretend to be a big hit, preferably to give people the illusion that it will take at least several years to heal.

This is really a test for her, because, why has she encountered such a weird battle?

Clearly we can crush dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, but we must pretend to be bitter.

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