Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3085

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Rakshasa is really domineering on the right, she is slender, at most Lin Fan’s shoulder height, but dragging a big Xuanhua axe that is half her head taller, approaching the ring in this way.

Behind her, the horrible big axe cut a dark crack into the void.

“Tsk tsk…you will die.”

Asura smiled with his right hand, he raised his hand, and pointed it to the eyebrow of Rakshasa’s right hand, and then the finger did not stop, slowly swiping, and pointed to Rakshasa’s left hand, nodded, his hand slightly curved, on his neck Take a fiercely stroke.

This is a gesture of extreme contempt.

It is also a declaration of death.

It must be said that this Asura right envoy is indeed an emotionally stimulating expert, just a simple one-finger gesture, and even Asura King sits down and encourages the strong, all dancing with swordsmen and roars, and the Rakshasa king, everyone. Both are murderous-looking!

2 The king did not move, expressions all did not confront, but sat down, all the strongmen were murderous-looking, look like this, if there are 2 kings sitting in town, I am afraid that they will rush together at any time.

“Bang peng ~ peng ~!”

A series of booming explosions exploded!

Sobbing in the sky, one huge black hole after another appeared.

That’s because Rakshasa shot with his right hand, and the little man twisted his waist. The big Xuanhua axe behind him was suddenly rounded and smashed forward.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows.

This Rakshasa right envoy was too arrogant, and an axe was cut out, and the mountain came out from the one after another in the sky, and she followed her axe blade suppress and kill down.


Asura made a roar on the right, the huge demon soul was showing, covering the sky and covering the sun, but the magic mouth was like a pit, and the 2 blood pupils were even more terrifying, like 2 big suns.

“Qingmu Brother Wang, what’s your opinion on this battle?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Of course, this is not aimless. In every battle, he will ask this king of blue eyes, just to wake everyone up, 10000000 don’t underestimate him.

This king, who has been silent, may be the one that deserves the most attention.

The eyes of the blue-eyed king narrowed, laughed, and said, “Why did Brother Mu Yi suffer 3 embarrassment? Just looking at these 2 ambassadors fighting, I am afraid that they are not much weaker than this king. What qualification does this king have for this battle? “

Why did Lin Fan let go?

After laughed, he said: “Brother Wang Qingyou can’t be humble. Only the elder brother predicted success in the last battle.”

A little cold light finally appeared in the eyes of Qingmu Wang.

He laughed and said, “Well, since Brother Mu Yi is struggling hard, then he has no choice but to stick to the words of the family.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Only listen to the king of Qingmu: “If Brother Mu Yi does not enter the Senrow Realm, then this Rakshasa right will be defeated.”

Lin Fan’s eyes picked up, and King Qingmu continued: “But since Brother Mu Yi is sitting in the Rakshasa palace, what is the outcome?”

“Oh?” Asura King glanced lightly at the blue eyes king, said: “This king sees you as being terrified by the name of this wooden Yi, is it that you think this king is under his command, is it comparable to other clay chickens and pottery dogs?”

Qingmu Wang smiled awkwardly and said, “It’s just a family’s words, a family’s words, and it’s hard to go to the elegant hall. Asura King should never blame.”

“Humph.” Asura King coldly snorted: “Since it’s just a family word, you can shut up.”

Qingmu Wang laughed again.

Lin Fan admired this king of blue eyes in his heart, and turned out to be this step.

Of course, the more forgiving he is, the more solemn Lin Fan will be.

In the end, what is the purpose of conspiracy to make the dignified king so careful?

“Mu Yi, you won the king’s mother’s money.”

At this time, Asura King approached Lin Fan, eyes cold.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, said with a sneer: “Asura King laughed, the deity is a starry gold won from the hands of Yaksha King, but it has nothing to do with you, but Yaksha King uses half of the territory to exchange with you Come, why do you do it?”

Asura King sneered, he raised his hand and pointed at Lin Fan, saying: “tentatively no matter what else, but this king can also be extremely good bet… so… dare to take a bet?”

“Betting?” Lin Fan’s eyes lit up: “The deity likes it most; I just don’t know what Asura King wants to use as a bet.”

Asura King glanced at Lin Fan and pointed to the golden starry sky star he held in his hand: “The king wants him.”

Lin Fan laughed: “Asura King is really good, left hand down right hand, first from the Yaksha King to get half of the site with the mother gold ball, and now I want to win back the mother gold ball, equivalent to Bai earned a large territory.”

Asura King’s eyes were cold.

This is his mind.

But it was so embarrassing and embarrassing to be exposed in person.

“This king also wants to bet.” Yaksha King grinned.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly: “What do you… gamble?”

Yaksha King suddenly muzzled.


What is he betting on?

It is known that Lin Fan is indeed a high-roller, and she always pays attention to her mother gold.

Then, feelings of shame, anger, anger, etc. rise in the mind.

Dignified Sovereign, was actually forced to this step, was actually reduced to, not even qualified to participate in gambling?

Lin Fan sighed: “Even more how, the 2 kings are betting against each other, even if they admit that they are high-rollers, they dare not.”

He narrowed his eyes: “Want to bet, yes, only one bet next.”

Maybe other people didn’t hear Lin Fan’s ulterior motives and malicious thoughts.

But the 2 Sovereign and King of Blue Eyes are both heart trembled at the same time.

The alliance of these 2 Kings is completely abolished.

Just a simple conspiracy, let this be enough to manipulate the end of the alliance to part ways.

Whether it is 2 Sovereign, or the biggest conspirator in the world of Sen Luo, you must say a word to Lin Fan.

“Brother Asura …… This bet, this king is participating.”

In the eyes of Yaksha King, the murderous intention was line after line, and he stared straight at Asura King in such a way that he didn’t hide it at all.

Asura King’s eyes were cold, said with a sneer: “This king lets you bet anyway…but the most important thing is, do you have gambling money?”

Then, joking and ridicule said: “Could it be that you want to use the remaining half of your king land?”

“Yes! It’s the other half of the remaining king.” Yaksha King grinned: “There is no bet to lose.”

Asura King’s eyes moved slightly: “Are you sure?”

“Ji jié … all of you are forced to a dead end, can this king choose?” Yaksha King grinned.

Asura King’s eyes were completely chilled: “Then…it’s all right.”

Lin Fan’s heart was completely relaxed.

At this step, he is 100% sure that he will only passively approach the Yaksha King in the desperate situation under his cloth, and pull him to his side.

With this Yaksha King joining his side, no matter what moth will eventually emerge from this young king, he will be able to increase the chance of breaking the game.

“Mu Yi, half of the territory, bet on the gold ball in your hand, and the piece of gold you took out, you… dare!”

Yaksha King is really out, and his eyes are full of twisted madness.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if laughed, and said: “2 pieces of gold are enough to make the ultimate device, and half of your territory is gambling, how do you think, the deity is losing…”

Yaksha King Roar, roar!

That was already his last family property.

Isn’t it enough to support the next game?

Not even qualified to fight a handful?

Can only watch the great rivers and mountains, snatched by the insidious debris of Asura King?

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