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"Well, since Brother Yaksha King would rather give up everything, and also have to contribute to this round, it can be known that Yaksha King is also a member of the same path, and the deity will bet with you."

Just as Yaksha King was desperate, and a burst of black gas escaped from him, Lin Fan sighed and agreed to the game.

"Dare to ask Supreme's Sovereign to testify about this bet."

Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand; looked towards Shuanghuang.

Both emperors' faces are extremely unsightly.

After all, Lin Fan is just an outsider.

Even if Lin Fan had that relationship with King Rakshasa, he was still an outsider after all.

But an outsider, in front of them, stirs up the wind and rain.

"Hmph!" You Huang heavily coldly snorted.

King Rakshasa also got up at this time and bowed, saying, "Dare to ask Sovereign to testify for this game."

Youhuang complexion sank, glanced at King Rakshasa, said: "Okay, this gambling game, the emperor is the master, who dare to play, the emperor will not be merciless."

Lin Fan's eyes narrowed slightly.

On the ring, the fight was fierce.

Rakshasa's right envoy was covered with blood, and countless blood mouths appeared on his body.

But in contrast, Asura's right envoy is Serene. It seems that this battle does not at all affect him.

Because of this, I don’t know how many people are blaming Lin Fan for being stupid.

I have put a piece of mother money into my pocket, and as a result, I have to spit it out myself.

This is not stupid?

The king of the blue eyes is on the stage.

"Go... and buy 8 million Holy Spirit fine stones." The Blue Eyed King opened his eyes and glanced behind him.

"But buy Asura and win right?"

Ask the person under your command.

Cold eyes flashed in the eyes of King Qingmu: "Rakshasa right envoy."

The man suddenly looked up, his eyes were incredible.

But he didn't dare to say more. Lin Fan's gambling received a big bet very quickly. Lin Fan who knew the news just raised his eyebrows, then glanced at Qingmu Wang, and he didn't speak.


Want to grab meat from his hands, is it really that simple?

"You have to be ready, just after the war, you have to invite Yaksha King to come and talk." Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa King.

King Rakshasa frowned and smiled: "You have driven him to the dead end, this time he must have lost, when the time comes, he has nothing, only the dynasty's class, I invited him, wouldn't it be immediately Life and death?"

Lin Fan slowly leisurely said: "If you were not forced to come to the end of the road, how can I bring you allies? How can he be willing to be your foil?"

Rakshasa Wang's eyebrows were slightly selected, and then faint smile, said: "So... your operation is for this king?"

There was a trace of unnaturalness in Lin Fan's eyes.

I did so much, of course for the stupid woman King Rakshasa.

At least in Lin Fan's opinion, this woman is really stupid, silly, and naive.

If you don’t really have a cultivation base, you don’t know how to die.

However, he would not admit it.

With a raised eyebrow, he proudly said: "Don't be affectionate, this seat is just used to stirring the wind and rain, turning over the king and destroying the king, this is called the game world. The deity just likes this feeling."

"Hehe..." Wang Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan lightly, saying: "The king warned you again, 10000000 Don't be obsessed with the king...otherwise..."

"You think too much, and you are as stupid as a donkey; if you are with you, you will have to die alive."

Lin Fan waved his hand.

Obviously, King Rakshasa did not believe his words.

After glancing at the ring, Lin Fan whispered: "Okay, it's time. I can't perform it even if I look at Xiaoyou. I don't have any interest in staying here. I'll go back first.

King Rakshasa is slightly frowned, but didn't think much about it.

Except for King Qingmu, no one noticed that Lin Fan's footsteps were slightly chaotic at the moment when the cloud head was set up, and the colors of struggle and distortion appeared in his eyes...

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

A repressed roar shook and shook.

If not all the Sonic Wave is isolated by a golden barrier, I am afraid that the entire imperial city will be destroyed by this horrible sound wave.

Lin Fan was roaring, repressing the foot and making him crazy.

Too terrifying, Lin Fan doesn't know if others are like this when crossing this tribulation, but it is really hard to resist.

Inside the Double Imperial Palace.

Everyone is stupid.

This Rakshasa right ambassador... actually won again?

She cleaved Asura's right envoy.


Yaksha King spurted out with a bite of blood, and then planted backwards like pushing the golden mountain down the jade pillar. If he was loyal, he quickly helped him and fell from the throne of this thousand zhang, even if he was not dead. , But inevitably covered in dirt.

Asura King got up suddenly, and the dark, dark glow glowed in his eyes, which almost caused Rakshasa to blow up!

Too aggressive, he called the ultimate power of Asura Blade, but actually wanted to cut Rakshasa right alive.

"Asura, do you not exist as a king?"

Rakshasa Wang Lizao took one step to the ring and raised his hand to cut off Asura King’s horrible murderous intention.


The Emperor Mori angered, cold and severe, staring at Asura King, saying: "But are you dissatisfied with me and the Emperor?"

Asura King's face changed suddenly, and he didn't dare to say it.

"Don't dare? The emperor looks at you with great courage. In front of us, you are actually trying to kill someone." Youhuang was also angry.

Asura King quickly charged.

"King Rakshasa is well-positioned, and Rakshasa, who was in the end, is a right-handed losing streak and rewards Rakshasa Palace."

The eyes of Mori Emperor cold and severe swept the audience, and then from his fingertips, a bunch of azure light went away, hitting Yaksha King's eyebrows, letting him woke up.

"You have lost this gambling game. Since the emperor judged this gambling game, you will be limited to 3 days to hand over all matters with the Rakshasa palace."

Mori King cold and severe glanced at Yaksha King.

Yaksha King smirked. He stood up and knelt down on his knees: "Keep my emperor's orders."


When King Rakshasa and others rushed back to the Rakshasa palace station, Lin Fan had already wandered on the rocking chair.

"Is it going well?" Lin Fan looked up towards King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa is nodded.

After being lifted up, the unconscious Rakshasa envoy suddenly became a "corpse", with a bitter face: "Da Zun, can you not act without me next time? It's really bitter than a big battle."

Lin Fan laughed, and said: "Relax, next, there will be nothing about you."

Rakshasa’s right envoy turned out to be such as the amnesty, which made Lin Fan laugh.

"By the way, you go to Yaksha King's place and invite him to come and meet." Lin Fan solemnly looked towards King Rakshasa and said, "I don't worry about other people, I'm afraid I can't get rid of some sight."

"Does this require top secret?" King Rakshasa said.

Lin Fan is heavily nodded: "Knowledge is known."

"Okay, this king will come when he goes."

King Rakshasa left without any mud or water.

Lin Fan stretched his waist and said, "Go to prepare good wine and good food to greet the guests, and the outside is loose and the inside is tight. After the arrival of Yaksha King, I want this area within 1000 meters without any ears."

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