Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3087

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Yaksha King was cold and severe and eerie. He followed behind King Rakshasa with a sneered smile. When he saw Lin Fan, he joked: “You are too anxious, even my emperor gave the king 3 days. “

Lin Fan slightly smiled: “Please go to the banquet first.”

Yaksha King taunted: “What moth do you want?”

Lin Fan contemptuously said: “At this step, what else do you deserve?”

Yaksha King’s complexion suddenly fell.

Anxiety appeared even in the eyes of King Rakshasa.

I don’t know what Lin Lin is.

You know, she went to invite this Yaksha King, but it really took a lot of work, so to speak, anyway, this is the only way to invite him here.

As a result, Mu Yi didn’t give Yaksha King half of his face, is this to be in alliance with others?

Look at this, I am afraid that there may be a bloody conflict here in minutes.

But what King Rakshasa didn’t think of was that after Lin Fan’s sentence, Yaksha King first started, and then laughed at himself, striding forward: “This King will see what you are going to do.”

Wine table.

Lin Fan arrived at a glass of wine and said, “This is the drunk Divine Immortal brewed by Chaos Realm, the sea owner, and Brother Yaksha can try it.”

Yaksha King raised his eyebrows slightly: “Sea mad, that is a real character, even if this king has not intersected him, but he has to say a persuasive word to him.”

Lin Fan smiled and said: “It is indeed a personal thing, grateful and seeking to repay the kindness, has his own persistence, the bottom line, is a man.”

Yaksha King sneered: “How could you be so sure of him and carry his wine with you? How could you fall down with the Hai family? In the final analysis, your Muyi is just a villain that’s all.”

Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King and drank a glass of wine without opening.

There were actually only 3 people at this banquet.

Lin Fan, Yaksha King, and Rakshasa King.

apart from this, no one else.

Halfway through the wine, Lin Fan and Yaksha King didn’t even have a half-sentence exchange, but it was as if you were drinking a glass of mys, as if you were going to stand out on this wine table.

The last drop of wine was drunk by Yaksha King, and then he smiled: “It’s a pleasure! It’s worthy of being drunk Divine Immortal. This king is actually a little bit boring. This taste is too new. I’m afraid it hasn’t been tasted in 1000 years.”

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “This wine, of course, is a hard-to-find for everyone else, but for me…”

He shook the head and said, “As long as you want to drink, you can always have it.”

Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Can’t drink, you and I are friends and foes.”

“Is the enemy not the friend?” Lin Fan’s eyes looked strange: “King Rakshasa has hatred against you?”

There was a trace of struggle in Yaksha King’s eyes: “No.”

“That deity has hatred against you?” Lin Fan spoke again, looking at Yaksha King’s murderous eyes, he quickly remedied, said: “Of course, I mean before today.”

The murderous intention in Yaksha King’s eyes slowly dissipated, shaking his head and saying, “No.”

Lin Fan laughed, actually throwing the mother gold ball directly to Yaksha King.

Yaksha King did not expect this scene to happen at all, but subconsciously took the mother gold ball in his hands.

Lin Fan said: “Now? You and I still have hatred?”

Yaksha King eyes shrank.

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “And take this thing back to Asura King and claim the half of the territory.”

Struggling in the eyes of Yaksha King, after a while, he said: “What the hell do you want?”

Lin Fan ignored his words, but said: “Who do you think is more trustworthy between King Rakshasa and Asura King 2? Who is more suitable to be an ally?”

Yaksha King sighed and said, “Of course it is Rakshasa.”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Why do you go all the way with Asura King?”

“He is too strong. If I don’t cooperate with him, I can’t keep the third place.” Yaksha King smiled bitterly, said: “And with him, he promised that as long as King Rakshasa was pulled down to the first throne, then he 3. My 2nd.”

“Idiot.” Lin Fan cursed: “Do you think that Asura King just wants the head of 4 kings?”

In the eyes of Yaksha King, the murderous intention flashed, Lin Fan said: “First, in the name of the alliance, you are invited to put on a suit, and then you are using means to make you hard against Rakshasa and Qingmu. In the end, how much strength can you have left? “

Yaksha King sneered: “Are you provoking?”

“Provoked with the deity?” Lin Fan sneered, pointing to the mother gold ball: “If he really alliances with you, would he go to half of your territory with this thing?”

Yaksha King complexion is gloomy, taunting: “Where are you going? Ben King Shi was eaten up by two of you, ridiculously speaking, the dignified king is nowhere to be.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “Send the golden ball first, ruining the gamble, can you show your sincerity?”

“What?” Yaksha King stared at Lin Fan incredulously. “You have to be clear that although this king is only ranked third, but half of the territory, there are 3 billion people, which is a huge wealth.”

“Wealth?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and faint smile said: “Do you think…this seat will care? Or will my woman care?”

Yaksha King smirked.

Indeed, not to mention the other, just the brand of World’s First Divine Master, can easily make Lin Fan accumulate wealth.

King Rakshasa, who is a woman of Lin Fan, is afraid that she will not look at the so-called wealth.

But he didn’t see that when Lin Fan called King Rakshasa my woman, the little joy in her panic was in her eyes.

“So… what do you want?” Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed and he looked at Lin Fan like this.

Lin Fan sneered, saying: “Asura dare to fight against this Majesty’s woman, this seat will naturally teach him a lesson.”

“So…” Yaksha King asked again.

“Alliance.” Lin Fan looked towards Yaksha King, said: “You help me repel the 2 kings, then Rakshasa will still be the first, and the second is yours.”

“Hehe…Is this King sure, you are another Asura King?” Yaksha King sneered, and then said: “And, this time the war is very different, I don’t know how many people will come to pick the Battle King.”

“Hehe…” Lin Fan chuckled and clapped gently, killing Cangtian suddenly and slowly.

“Kill the sky!” Yaksha Royal Capital was horrified, staring at the rebellious sky standing behind Lin Fan like a servant.

Lin Fan looked towards the other side, Rakshasa left envoy also appeared slowly, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Brother Yaksha, want to come with your king’s power, can you see his cultivation base?”

“Lin Shen 6 Realm!”

Yaksha King was shocked and stared at Lin Fan incredulously: “Your side’s strength is so strong? Ridiculously, Asura King, arrogant and conceited, in the end, I was afraid that the bamboo basket would draw water.”

“So… the deity just gives you a choice, the left hand is a flower, and the right hand is a sword, let you choose.” Lin Fan sneered.

Yaksha King laughed, said: “These hidden methods are displayed in front of the king. If the king does not give a definite attitude today, I am afraid it is…”

Lin Fan slowly went back to the banquet and proudly said: “Actually… you have no choice, no mother gold ball, half of your territory is missing, not in alliance with the deity, the other half of the territory, you don’t have the ability to take away from the deity Go, the dignified king can only be reduced to a laughing stock, with the world as the home. I really want to know how many loyal subordinates you will continue to follow your wind and rain… the king.”

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