Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3088

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“Are you threatening this king?”

Yaksha King’s eyes were cold and secluded, and a ray of cold glow burst into his squinted eyes, which was terrifying.


Lin Fan’s face sank, his hands were resting on the table, but his upper body was slowly pressed to Yaksha King, sneering: “This seat is just explaining a fact.”

Yaksha King looked ugly.

With Lin Fan’s oppression, he turned down slowly.

This is subconsciously behavior. Obviously, in front of this cultivation base, which is far from his own “a nobody”, he has subconsciously recognized everything about the other party.

“In the final analysis; this king is reduced to this step, it is you who dominate.”

Yaksha King’s words were cold, and he looked at Lin Fan like a knife, saying: “Asura King is just pushing the boat at most. By comparison, you are the culprit, why is this king…”

“Why not unite with Asura King, step me and Rakshasa off the dust, why not continue your alliance, hoping that Asura King will reward you with some leftovers after stepping us off the dust?” Lin Fan mocked.

In the end haha ​​laughed even more.

“Mu Yi!”

Yaksha King binged.

He was so angry.

Since coming to the Rakshasa palace station, he turned out to be repeatedly ironed and scorching satire, and was hit more than once.

I am the king of dignified, why have I been so humiliated and ashamed?

“Old Guy, this seat tells you; there is only one chance, and there will be no more if you miss it.” Lin Fan’s eyes are fierce, said with a malicious smile: “What if you and Asura’s brainless alliance? Really fear this deity Alright? Open your eyes and look at the deity’s strength at this time. I really think that your alliance, which is not as good as clay chickens and pottery dogs, can be defeated?”

“Mu Yi…”

Even Rakshasa Royal Capital felt that Lin Fan was a bit overdone.

Repeatedly cutting the face of a king with a blood knife is too risky.

Moreover, she couldn’t understand it, she didn’t understand it, it was clear that Muyi was going to alliance with this Yaksha King, but at this time, why was she so infamous.

“Shut up!” Lin Fan turned back suddenly, cold light in his eyes: “The man speaks, the woman flashes away.”

Even Yaksha King, who was in rage at this time, was frightened by Lin Fan’s actions and predictions.

Because, this Rakshasa King Keshi is famous for violent and very ruthless.

Even if it is 2 Supreme Sovereign, I dare not blame her like this.

But soon, his eyes widened–

Only because King Rakshasa was coldly snorted, he kicked the chair underneath and kicked it away, and went out, even if there was no counterattack at all!

This is too strange.

Afterwards, he admired Lin Fan even more in his heart, repeating the sentence repeatedly-‘Mu Yi, Guo Fei can’t reach me……’

“Okay, hair is long, short-sighted stuff is gone, you and I can talk about it.”

Lin Fan lay leisurely on the chair, put one foot on the table, and swept gently, all the precious wine and other wine, all turned into nothingness, he just stared at Yaksha King with a sudden expression like this: “I Patience is not very good. I’m giving you 3 minutes. If you haven’t agreed to this deity, the deity can go to alliance with Qingmu.”

Yaksha King’s eyebrows are slightly picky.

Lin Fan suddenly laughed, lowered her body, lowered her voice, and said, “Guess, if the deity went to this Aomen League, and promised to smash the two kings you bullied him the most…he would… “

“You are very difficult to deal with.”

Yaksha King sighed and smiled bitterly: “In front of you, I am completely inferior to you. All emotions, thoughts, etc., without any chance of resistance, can only follow you.”

“Oh?” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows: “In the future you will get used to it. Compared to you who use strength to crush people, the deity prefers to use wisdom.”

Lin Fan turned his hands around his temple 2, and then slowed his tone, saying: “Asura King is arrogant and arrogant, the blue eyes king is too gloomy, the gully in the chest can fill the mountain, and the deity is not happy.”

Yaksha King listened quietly.

After a while, said solemnly: “If the alliance, what do I need to pay? What can I get?”

Lin Fan lay back on his chair again and said, “Something is too far away. I can’t say it. I haven’t seen it yet, but in the recent term, the benefit you can get is that all your territory will return to your hands .”

Yaksha King’s eyes flashed brightly.

This alone is enough for him to betray that alliance.

He narrowed his eyes suddenly, a trace of dangerous rays of light bloomed: “You are not afraid…”

“Not afraid.” Lin Fan faint smiled at Yaksha King and said, “You are a smart person and know how to choose.”

“Are you boasting or degrading?” Yaksha King smiled wryly. “Ma De, just reprimanded by your son for training, all kinds of words and deeds, etc., are all nailing me to a stupid post of shame, and now you are complimenting me again. smart people.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled: “The people who work with this deity are smart people.”

He stopped, the pitch dropped a lot, and there was a cold wind blowing, and said: “Because, the one who opposed me… is dead.”

Yaksha King looked at Lin Fan for a long time before he was heavily nodded: “I believe! At least Divine Race, which was destroyed by the outside world, proves this.”

“So…” Lin Fan looked towards Yaksha King with a smile.

“Alliance.” Yaksha King took the initiative to say: “I don’t want to say anything brave, but as you said, although I’m not smart, but I’m not stupid, at least when I have 100% assurance that I can eradicate you, I will strictly abide by it. The responsibilities of an ally.”

“Send Yaksha King.”

Lin Fan smiled lightly.

Silent appearance of killing the sky, emptied his hand.

Yaksha King frowned.

Lin Fan said: “Just need the reputation of an alliance, as for what to do…I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Yaksha King laughed, saying: “You too terrifying, maybe the 2 Sovereign’s biggest mistake in this life is to let you enter this world.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows and said, “The emperor is not humiliating, and he will not rob me.”

“Is it?” Yaksha King smiled lightly: “Actually, I feel that your goal is not the so-called Wang Zhan. At a higher level, are you going to send a woman to you? Or… King, have you come here and become emperor?”

“You should go.” Lin Fan turned his back.

Yaksha King laughed wildly: “This king has only 2 gambles in this life. The first gamble wins the throne and wins the throne and sits in the world for 10000 years. The second gamble has nothing to do with all the territory. This is the third gamble. Mu Yi, bet on my net worth.”

“You talk too much.” Lin Fan sighed softly.

Yaksha King is gone.

Lin Fan slowly turned around and said, “This is a wise man. At least among your 4 kings, it is inferior to Qingmu.”

“Hmph! Men’s business, our woman’s hair is long, short-sightedness, where can I qualify for interpolation?”

Lin Fan suddenly felt numb.

“Mu Yi! Was this king giving you a face recently?”

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