Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3089

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Lin Fan looked back and saw the frosted King Rakshasa, shy with a smile: “Isn’t that to deter Yaksha King?”

King Rakshasa sneered: “Shocked? So, to deceive this king?”

“It’s really not intentional, just do it smoothly.” Lin Fan said, and explained.

“If Ben Wang believed you, wouldn’t it be an idiot in your mouth?” She pushed forward.

Lin Fan frowned: “I have explained and apologized, what else do you want?”

“What about this king?”

King Rakshasa sneered.

What does she want?

Where does she know?

However, when Lin Fan scolded that sentence, there was something very strange, but it made her feel very irony, like a wanderer who has been drifting for 10000 years has finally got a harbor.

It turned out to make her happy!

But that’s why; a fear rises.


Suddenly, Rakshasa Wang Zhenzhang photographed Lin Fan’s top of the head. Lin Fan screamed and retreated backward: “Crazy woman, what are you crazy?”

“You are called Ben Wang’s crazy woman. If you are not crazy, is it not true?”

King Rakshasa was not willing to spare, and attacked forward.



Kill Cangtian’s eyebrows, and the murderous intention flashed in his eyes.

“What are you going to do?” Rakshasa looked towards the right to kill the sky.

“Hmph!” Coldly snorted to kill the sky, and a puppet of Heaven Grade appeared. He wanted to go in and help Lin Fan. How could he let him stand alone against a strong enemy?

“Don’t be stupid.” Rakshasa left her leaning on the dragon pillar with a low tone: “You have to get used to this kind of thing. If you don’t come here every 3 to 5 days, it’s a big problem.”

Kill Cangtian surprisedly said: “Can it be… Is this an alternative mode of getting along with King Rakshasa? Or is it…”

Rakshasa glanced coldly at the left, and disappeared in one step.

Kill Cangtian touched his head: “I don’t understand, I still don’t understand…”

Then he and Rakshasa right envoy also left.

Inside the palace.

“Crazy woman, really afraid that you won’t succeed?”

Lin Fan roared, he was very embarrassed, after all, he was not the opponent of King Rakshasa.

“Hmph! Don’t be afraid of this king, so don’t so close, yet worlds apart, and fight this king head-on!”

King Rakshasa sneered.

She gritted her silver teeth.

This Muyi is actually proficient in Dao of Space-Time, so close, yet worlds apart and Taiya is too close to the skin. If she does not use the extreme weapon Rakshasa, she will not catch the lore, simply cannot be caught.

“There is a kind of battle between you and the deity.” Lin Fan sneered: “Always rely on the power of high realm to compete with the deity.”

“Get over here and use the same realm to live you down.”

Lin Fan came, raised his hand and punched his fist, and blasted King Rakshasa’s chest.

“Rogue! Rat! Roar!”

King Rakshasa was furious, and the two men played a decisive battle.


“This is very bad.”

Lin Fan sighed. He pulled the quilt up a little and put it on his shoulder, only showing his head.

King Rakshasa was just across the bed, his face ruddy, but his eyes were cold.

“It’s really bad. The deity has always doubted that you are using the battle to lighten the deity. You are a woman.” Lin Fan seemed to have been aggrieved for several lifetimes, and the words were full of grudges.

“Lecher, who comes first…”

King Rakshasa was angry, but sorry began to raise his jade hand and flicked it to Lin Fan’s cheek. The wind was bursting and the cold wind was cold. Don’t doubt it. If this palm is real, half of Lin Fan’s face will be flesh and blood. go with.

“Mad woman! Here again!”

Lin Fan groaned and lifted the quilt at once, fiercely shrouded King Rakshasa.


“Why do you need it?” Lin Fan sighed: “In some ways, women are always vulnerable.”

King Rakshasa lay on the head of the bed, his hair wet with sweat.

She was thinking, what happened?

This is the first time this month?

Why every time you want to quell this little waste, the final result is probably the frank meeting?

Where is the problem?

“You will stay away from this king in the future.” King Rakshasa said softly.

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa next to him and said nothing.

King Rakshasa turned over and threw the quilt under him, his hands under his cheeks.

Lin Fan had a complicated mind and sighed softly, retracting the quilt, and slowly, tentatively hugging Rakshasa behind him.

King Rakshasa was slightly stiff, and then struggled, but only for an instant, and the struggle turned into a coldly snorted, and then he let it go.

Very quiet, can hear each other breathing.

“Yaksha King’s words, are they true?”

King Rakshasa whispered, her jade hand drawn a circle on that arm.

Lin Fan was silent for a moment: “Not necessarily true.”

Rakshasa Wang Weizheng, and then suddenly turned sideways, facing Lin Fan, Lin Fan tightened his arms and hugged them more tightly.

“Don’t make trouble, tell you the truth.” Rakshasa King fiercely glared at Lin Fan, withdrew his body backwards, separated by a distance, this way said: “Shuanghuang aloof and remote, not just cultivation base, but For the control of this World, and the ultimate device in the hands of our 4 kings.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed and said, “The Shuanghuang is in control of this world? What on earth does it mean? Could it be that the Shuanghuang’s ancestors, is the power of heaven?”

Rakshasa Wang Bai looked at Lin Fan and said, “Where can the Shuanghuang have that kind of blessing? How could he be the heir to the gods? But the Shuanghuang can close the star road at will, and our 4 kings always thought that they should I know the secret of the world of Senro.”

Shen Fan flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes and said, “I am understood.”

“So… you 10000000 don’t mess up, don’t think about it, also 10000000…”

Speaking of this, King Rakshasa looked up at Lin Fan’s profile and said: “Don’t think that you owe this king, so-called Jiangshan, why has this king ever been rare?”

“Chick, don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Fan teased: “I said that at the time, not necessarily true.”

The tenderness that King Rakshasa finally had was broken up by Lin Fan in one sentence, and his eyes like a knife squinted.

“In the final analysis, I have no feelings for this world, just want to see what Qing Qing Wang is going to do.” Lin Fan sighed and said, “If so, what do you do when he is in the throne?”

“Naturally is on the emperor’s side.” King Rakshasa said directly without thinking.

Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, saying, “Have you never thought of yourself as emperor?”

King Rakshasa smiled bitterly: “As a king, how can you not have that dream?”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Let’s go step by step, if it’s the king of blue eyes… then it’s not unavailable.”

King Rakshasa suddenly lightly shouted and said, “You pressed my hair.”

Lin Fan apologized: “sorry.”

He moved forward, and Rakshasa Wang Boran said angrily: “You lecher, stay away from me.”

“Just today, let’s not quarrel.” Lin Fan sighed. He sniffed King Rakshasa’s scent and said, “I’m going to break the mirror… but the devil is hard to go.”

Rakshasa Wang Jing came down, then looked towards Lin Fan slightly smiled, but the whole person was indented in the quilt.

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