Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3090

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It wasn’t clear yet, Lin Fan had slanted on the eaves, he was watching the rising sun slowly climbing, sniffing deeply, suddenly a ray of Purple Qi was drawn by him.


Lin Fan shook his head in disappointment. This was Innate Qi. He took the first brilliance of the rising sun. In the past, if he swallowed a bite, he felt hot all over, but now he is unaware.

“Realm is shackled here, I am afraid that no matter what method is used, it is not enough to make my battle strength stronger.” He whispered.

This feels too uncomfortable.

I clearly felt where the barriers of realm were, and I knew how to get through it.

“It’s because my obsession is too deep, so the demon can’t be suppressed?”

Lin Fan spoke quietly.

“This realm is heavenly and impatient.” King Rakshasa appeared.

Last night, she showed the woman’s tenderness and tenderness.

Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa King, laughed, said: “I don’t know your name yet.”

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan and said, “The name of this king, I have long forgotten, you call me Rakshasa.”

Lin Fan glanced, and Rakshasa Wang hehe smiled: “You shouldn’t be called Mu Yi? Just as I don’t ask you your real name, don’t ask me.”

Lin Fan was silent, King Rakshasa said: “This level, you can’t hurry, the more you can’t break the mirror, the more hurried you can go, the ancestor level is not so strange, how can you deserve to be called the ancestor. “

Lin Fan lay down again and ordered nodded.

“Are you going today?” King Rakshasa got up and floated towards the courtyard.

“Go.” Lin Fan sighed.

It’s better to go to watch people go to battle if you can’t get over this demon.

“In this battle, the messengers sat down by the 4 kings can only respond passively.”

Anxiety appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes.

Lin Fan frowned and said, “Is this one of the new rules of the king’s war set by Sovereign?”

King Rakshasa ordered nodded: “The strongest ten and six people were selected, and then 6 2 in a decisive battle. Among the strongest four people selected, the new king was temporarily provisional, while the remaining eight were still dead Column 2 Ambassadors.”

Lin Fan pats Rakshasa’s shoulder, said: “It’s okay, just take the opportunity to act, don’t forget, we also have a few cards.”


Double Imperial Palace, again vast crowd.

The two emperors are still aloof and remote, and the remaining three kings have already arrived. When King Rakshasa and Lin Fan arrived, the two emperors slowly got up and generously spoke.

But Lin Fan didn’t want to listen for half a sentence.

That kind of generosity, in the final analysis, is only to divide the power of 4 kings.

In this 40% of the world, with this new time rule, when 8 points, the power of the king is weakened to the extreme, and the imperial power is further consolidated and strengthened, which is indeed a good means.

Is this the right to release a glass of wine?

“8 Dequeue.” Youhuang said.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, got up and cup one fist in the other hand, apologized: “Sovereign reporting to Supreme.”

Youhuang’s eyes flashed: “Are you doing something?”

Lin Fan said: “Rakshasa has 2 enemies in Lien Chan. He hasn’t recovered completely so far. I’m afraid I can’t participate in this battle.”

Youhuang brows frowned: “It turns out that even you can’t let it recover completely within 3 days?”

“Hey… even if you are a priest, but also not God, you need to be adjusted slowly.” Lin Fan sighed.

The Emperor waved his hand and said, “Okay, then leave her aside first, and leave the remaining 7 to be listed.”

Lin Fan sat back.

“This is bullying. If it is found out…” King Rakshasa was worried.

“Relax, I am the first priest, even if the two Sovereign saw Xiaoyou himself, they also found any anomalies.” Lin Fan smiled.

Then, he looked towards Rakshasa who left, sound transmission: “Remember to hide the cultivation base.”

Rakshasa, who had already stepped out, left a slight pause, and then was nodded.

“8 Assist 4 King Wang governs the world and works hard.” Emperor Sen spoke, and first praised the 8 ambassadors, but he did not give any benefits rewards, which made Lin Fan sneer repeatedly.

It was Sen Emperor’s sentence at the end that made Lin Fan raise his eyebrows slightly.

This sentence is-“So, to the challenger of 8 envoys, 10000 is harmless to the life of 8 envoys.


After thinking about this, cold light flashed in Lin Fan’s eyes.

“What do you mean?” King Rakshasa frowned.

“Hmph! It can’t be killed, but it can destroy its Dao Foundation, it can ruin its battle body, as long as you leave a breath, why don’t you act according to your orders?” Lin Fan sneered: “I dare to pack the ticket; of the challengers afterwards, it must be There are these 2 Supreme Powerhouses supported by Sovereign. Even, this new regulation is afraid to pave the way for the true confidant of Shuanghuang.”

King Rakshasa’s pupils contracted sharply.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and she looked towards Qingmu Wang with a smile, and said: “Brother Wang Qingmu doesn’t seem to be surprised at all?”

The blue eyes king started.

But my heart has long been cold!

This Mu Yi has been targeting him all the time.

Could it be that what I noticed?

But how is it possible?

Of course, on the surface, he still slavishly bowed his knees: “All the decisions made by Supreme’s Sovereign are naturally correct. How dare you be surprised by trifling?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, laughed, not talking.

At this moment, a rude man jumped into the thousand zhang ring.

This person uses a huge wolf fang club, which looks too scary. The uneven cold wolf teeth are breathtaking and frightening.

“Where is this brave man?” You Huang narrowed his eyes.

The rude man laughed and said, “The hero doesn’t ask for the source. When the villain wins this game, he will report to Sovereign.”

You Huang laughed: “It really is Qilin of Tian Ye Zang, has a personality, I like it.”

This brave man holds wolf fang club 4 Gu, his eyes are terrifying, shouted: “Who dares to fight a certain war with Wu?”

Lin Fan hehe chuckled: “Fortunately, these 2 Sovereigns didn’t really cast aside all considerations for face, but also left some face for you 4 kings.”

“How to say?” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “If these 2 emperors speak directly, anyone can fight against the 8 envoys, what is the result?”

King Rakshasa’s pupils contracted sharply.

If it is such an order, no matter how strong it is, it will eventually be eliminated.

“This seat is here to fight you.”

At this moment, a roar came from under the Asura King of Zhengbei.

Lin Fan saw clearly that there was severe expression flashed in Asura King’s eyes.

Lin Fan frowned, and he dared to conclude that the person who appeared to be in battle must have had 1000 10000 ties with Asura King.


There was a beam of sword light that lit up from under Asura King, and then crossed the land of several zhang to take the man named Wu Mang on the platform of three zhang.

A sword in his head, a sword like a dragon, killing intent Ling Tian.

“Lin Shen 4 Realm!”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and then looked towards King Rakshasa, saying: “Could it be that you have no expert to support?”

King Rakshasa said: “strictly speaking, my Rakshasa palace has the weakest manpower, only 300, this king is reluctant to let them die in this meaningless battle.”

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