Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3091

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Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa.

I really don’t know that she is stupid, or perhaps praise her kindness.

2 respect Sovereign, has indicated that it wants to decentralize.

At this time, the correct and only way to deal with it should be to choose the most loyal and powerful subordinates under your command and come to challenge!

With a bitter smile, Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa and said, “You haven’t thought about it, if someone under you becomes a new king, on the surface your strength is indeed declining, but the body is stronger.”

King Rakshasa said: “Of course this king knows, but if he wants that new throne, how many people are going to die? All 300 children of this king will come to fill this hole, is it enough?”

Lin Fan was silent and didn’t say much.

The stubborn man won!

With the wolf fang club suppress and kill in hand, he shattered the killing sword of the powerhouse that was going to the ring from Asura King. Afterwards, the wolf fang club shook the sword-killer on the spot.

Youhuang laughed loudly and said, “You are very good, the emperor is optimistic about you.”

“Many thanks my emperor praised.”

This surname Wu is one-knee kneels.

You Sovereign Dao: “You have won this game, can you tell me your name?”

This is a prior agreement.

But the Wu surname Mangfu laughed and said: “This is just out of try one’s luck, but I learned after playing, it turns out that the world is just this.”

“This sentence is a little crazy.” You Huang laughed.

Wu surnamed Mang said: “Sovereign wait a moment, wait for my win 10 fights in a row, after sweeping the lords, I will definitely tell Supreme Sovereign below.”

The emperor laughed and said, “Okay, then the emperor is looking forward to your victory in ten battles.”

“How arrogant, is there really no one in this world? Treat me to kill you!”

Another person was screaming and killed from under Asura King, very strong, at least a half chip stronger than the killer who was hammered before.

“wu wu !”

Sobbing in the sky, the killer was holding a jade Xiao.

Xiao Sheng whimpered, and the whole world was desolate, even trying to bring people into his emotions.

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “This Asura King has really trained a lot of great men, but this is a lot stronger than you.”

King Rakshasa coldly snorted and said: “His men are all waste, and who has been loyal to him? It was just his majesty, but he clamped down his family, and if it was really one-on-one fighting, he The 8,000 Asura soldiers are not opponents under this king’s command.”

Lin Fan glanced at her.

“His… who is this person? Why is it so powerful? Even two people were cut, and they were only within three moves.”

King Rakshasa was startled.

Lin Fan suddenly looked at it.

Sure enough, the man named Wu Wu yelled, tearing the man who had blowjob into two and a half, he bathed in blood and looked like a blood man.

“Not even you?” Lin Fan frowned.

As a king, naturally there is a horrible intelligence network, and you should know all Peak experts in this world.

Rakshasa Wang shook his head: “This is always the responsibility of Xiaoyou. She is careful and serious, and there will be no omissions.”

After that, King Rakshasa’s brow furrowed tightly.

“Not strange.” Lin Fan sighed: “How many people do you think can hide your eyes and ears in this world?”

King Rakshasa frowned, saying: “The two emperors needn’t say much, except 3 kings.”

Lin Fan shrugged: “Then this shrew can exclude Asura King, the remaining 2 kings…”

Lin Fan thought about it for a while, said with a sneer: “No need to think about it any more, this man of the surname Wu, at that time, the emperor’s heart.”

Rakshasa Wang’s pupils shrunk, Lin Fan said with a sneer: “Yuhuang is too anxious, too eager to build momentum for this Wu surname, so he is exposed, a good means! Do you want to respect the world alone? It’s just that…Sen Huang had no backhand?”

Lin Fan’s guess is true.

Because it is too obvious, whenever the surname Wu surpasses a game, the Emperor will personally come out to praise him. Of course, the effect is immediate, but it is only 5 games in a row. Since Sovereign came forward, everyone regarded it as one of the most powerful contenders of the messenger.

“Who else dares to fight!”

This Wu surnamed Manghou shouted, and then laughed heartily, pointing to the highest place, sitting at the messenger opposite the 8 seats: “If no one is daring to fight, that position, the deity first set one.”


A word cry like a dragon suddenly sounded, and a sword came to the west!

Wu surnamed Wu screamed violently, and wolf fang club smashed down in his hand. Many horror spikes on it flew out together, such as the rainstorm pear blossoms, and shot toward the west.

In the West, a man came from the sky, and he kept making one-handed strokes in the void. Then the sword-killing sword he struck in one step suddenly marked Taoist mysterious marks.

Void flowers and fire clusters, if Fire Tree Silver Flower, beautiful and beautiful, but in fact, every spark is enough to suppress and kill a powerhouse in the presence of 2 3 1 gods.

Lin Fan looked at You Huang’s expression, and from his face, she saw the gloomy, but Sen Huang, who had been silent for a while, appeared a sneer.

“Is this right?” Lin Fan narrowed his eyes, then looked towards King Qingmu.

He turned out to be indifferent, like a matter of no concern to oneself.

He, when should I wait?

Throughout the day, at least a few 100 sufficient powerhouses of 4 Royal Capital’s solemn emerged, and these powerhouses have a common feature.

That is, no one knows their roots, no one can call their name.

Even Lin Fan can only be guessed, and finally occupied three camps out of the ten six seats.

I have to say that the 2 emperors are really good at their wrists, and they are terrified.

Of the 3 people, 2 are from Sovereign, and the other, if Lin Fan is not bad, should be a free person and not belong to any party.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“Don’t worry, wait and see what happens.”

Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, saying: “Asura King paid dozens of lives today, but what did he get?”

King Rakshasa complexion is gloomy, said: “This king is not anxious, but feels, as a Sovereign, how can this be? Because of their own selfishness, countless heroes of the Sen Luo world will die, worthless, this king is heartbroken. “

“You’re not Sovereign, so-called to seek government in its place, you are just a king, chick.”

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa’s face was even colder, and said: “Let my world countless good sons die in selfishness, this king can’t bear it.”

Lin Fan twitched his lips: “Crazy woman, if you want to change, you must have that strength, if you don’t have that strength…”

“Help me.” King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold.

“Go step by step.” Lin Fan smiled, brilliantly.

This is not a use, but he does hope that King Rakshasa can become a Sovereign and have sole control over this world.

Whether it is his unclear entanglement with King Rakshasa.

Or is it that after the revenge against the Celestials, this King Rakshasa needs to become Sovereign.

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