Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3092

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Of course, Lin Fan will not implement it specifically for this purpose, which is too cruel.

Regardless of success or failure, the Senro Realm will be transformed into a human purgatory. I don’t know how many heroes will die. This is not what he wants to see.

Lin Fan never considers himself a so-called hero, but Lin Fan believes that he can’t do it because of his own self and the scourge of 10000 spirits.

At this moment, Wang Rakshasa, who was arranged by Lin Fan to sit on the gambling stall, came down and grumbled.

Lin Fan looked, this man one-knee kneels, said: “Dad respected, the situation is not good…”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows.

This humanity: “We have not judged the strengths and weaknesses of the warring parties at all, so we can only judge the strengths and weaknesses of the warring parties based on the first impression, and then according to this point, to discuss the odds.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and the man mourned with tears: “But this is too dangerous. I almost lost the capital given by Da Zun.”

“Oh?” Lin Fan’s eyes widened: “How much is left in the stakes now?”

“Finally, there are less than 1000000 Holy Crystal Spirit Crystals.”

“Is this enough?” Lin Fan stopped doing it.

It should be noted that during the Battle of the Envoy 2, he had a great harvest. The harvest was enough to make Sovereign greedy. At that time, according to rough statistics, at least he had scraped at least 100000000 million of the Holy Spirit Spirit Crystal, but it was only 3 days. Only, almost even lost the old man.

“Da Zun, in the next recommendation, first temporarily open the gambling stalls, and wait for the final top ten choices…”

“How is it possible?” Lin Fan coldly snorted: “This is the best opportunity to get rich.”

“But…” he spoke anxiously.

“No, but.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Mu Yi, is it really so important to win or lose? Are resources really so important?” Wang Rakshasa sighed: “It is better to give up for the time being, you are a gamble, you should know that at this time, with your own financial resources, and The entire Senrow community gambles.”

“What about that?” Lin Fan’s expression cold and severe: “If it is a defeat, at the worst after the war, I will refine 100 80 medicine pill and take back all the output.”

King Rakshasa frowned: “You’re fooling.”

“Who dare to say that the deity is ridiculous?” Lin Fan sneered: “Furthermore, resources are really important, I really seriously doubt how this sentence will come out of the king’s mouth, too much.”

“What are you going to do?” King Rakshasa asked.

“Go to 2 Sovereign.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“What?” King Rakshasa exclaimed: “Don’t be unhappy, but it’s Sovereign, Tianwei is unpredictable, aloof and remote; how could it be with you…”

“Impossible?” Lin Fan quipped: “It is estimated that everyone in this world, only you stupid girl will feel that resources do not matter, and property does not matter.”

He looked at King Rakshasa indifferently and said, “You must know that the war must be the financial resources to fight to the end.”

King Rakshasa frowned, Lin Fan said: “Come with me.”

“Where to go?”

“You Huang.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You Emperor?” King Rakshasa shook his head and said, “This man is well-known all over the world; he is not as good as this king in his knowledge of property. Are you going to find him?”

“If he really doesn’t care about property and resources, how could he come to this step?” Lin Fan scoffed.

“Hmph, is it the common knowledge of people in the world, is it not as good as your prejudice?” Rakshasa Wang sneered.

Lin Fan stepped forward, King Rakshasa followed closely from behind.

Suddenly, Lin Fan looked back: “Dare you gamble?”

“What to gamble?” Rakshasa Wang Xie Tu Lin Fan.

“If I can let You Huang cooperate with me and say the powerhouse he secretly arranged, then of course you lose.” Lin Fan chuckled.

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed: “If the king loses, what do you want?”

Lin Fan’s eyes glowed with green rays of light in the dark night, and said, “If you lose, how dare you serve me like you did last night?”

King Rakshasa’s pretty face flashed red, and said angrily: “Waste, do you want to die?”

Last night, I was just shocked to hear that this little waste was hard to dispel; so the tenderness at the moment just appeared, but this little waste is actually infatuated?

“Hmph, just say dare.” Lin Fan’s eyes were contemptuous and provocative, but they could be seen; his eyes were always locked on the red lips of King Rakshasa.

“What does this King dare not? But if you lose?” King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold.

“I lose? How can the master lose?” Lin Fan laughed, and then suddenly narrowed his smile: “If the master loses, at worst you will let me serve as you want.”

“You get off.” King Rakshasa is all bad, how could anyone be so shameless, say such a bet?

In any case, she suffered a loss.

“If you lose, the king wants you to knock from the Imperial Palace step by step and kneel down to the king’s couch; dare?” King Rakshasa sneered.

“There is no such thing as dare I don’t dare.” Lin Fan chuckled: “Stupid girl, you just wait to serve me.”

The Imperial Palace is near.

King Rakshasa’s expression became solemn and said, “You must pay attention to your wording. This time you and I are here, it is tantamount to seeking a skin with a tiger.”

Lin Fan glanced at her, not speaking, but moving forward, cup one fist in the other hand, said: “Rakshasa and his wife, please see the Emperor.”

The soldiers stationed in front of the Imperial Palace suddenly returned their salutes and said, “Please wait a moment, the villain will report this.”

It didn’t take long for the soldiers who had gone to report back and led Lin Fan and King Rakshasa towards the palace.

Lin Fan clearly found that since approaching this imperial city, King Rakshasa was tight all over, and a series of murderous intention and baleful qi jumped out of his eyes from time to time.

“It’s okay, I will get back for you in the future.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed as he remembered what King Rakshasa once said.

This Youhuang… is indeed damn.

“Rakshasa, you haven’t come to see the emperor for a long time.”

The Emperor smiled; he actually met Lin Fan and King Rakshasa at the palace gate.

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed, and he did the etiquette, saying: “I have something to ask the Emperor, but his servants are only accompanied.”

You Huang’s eyebrows picked up and said, “It turns out that Master Muyi had something to find this emperor.”

“Don’t dare to be called the Emperor of Divine Emperor.” Lin Fan smiled.

You Huang also laughed and said, “Please come in.”

Inside the palace.

You Huang sat on the throne and chatted a little, and slowly looked towards Lin Fan, saying: “I don’t know what the so-called priest is looking for this emperor late at night.”

King Rakshasa’s heart suddenly raised.

Lin Fan was dashing eyebrows, saying: “Come on, just to cooperate with Youhuang.”

“Cooperation?” You Huang’s eyes are strange: “Is there any possibility of cooperation between this emperor and you?”

“Of course.” Lin Fan was decisive.

“Interesting.” Youhuang smiled: “You just listen to it.”

“Yuhuang should know, opened a bet next.” Lin Fan looked towards Youhuang.

You Huang nodded: “Naturally know; it seems that the priest is planning to scrape me Sen Luo realm.”

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