Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3093

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But then; Youhuang’s words came down harshly and said, “It’s receivable, and you need to have a degree. You must know that these all are heroes who change their lives for money. It is too bitter. If you are too ruthless, the emperor is impossible. “

Lin Fan laughed, as if he never heard the threat in the words of You Huang, each minding their own business said: “The past few days, the loss is bad.”

You Huang stared at Lin Fan coldly.

Lin Fan continued, “After all, it’s just that you Divine Immortal fight me Mortals Suffers.”

“The priest needs to be careful and careful, otherwise, even if you are the husband of Rakshasa, the emperor will not be around you.”

You Huang is cold and quiet.

“What I’m talking about is the truth,” Lin Fan sighed. “In the final analysis, it’s just two Supreme Sovereigns competing, but it’s making this world move and letting the next one fall into the mud.”

“What… what are you going to say? Is it to persuade?” You Huang’s eyes were extremely cold.

But in fact, when he said this, he was equivalent to admitting Lin Fan’s 2 open strife and veiled struggle.

“Cooperate.” Lin Fan reentered the topic again.

“How to cooperate?” You Huang’s eyes are still extremely cold.

“It’s very simple. Supreme’s Sovereign can provide me with the name of powerhouse, cultivation base, etc. I will arrange it, and then I will get the benefit, Youhuang accounted for 4, I want 6. “Lin Fan said.

A terrible murderous intention suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Emperor, looking towards King Rakshasa, saying: “Rakshasa, it seems that you did not give you Dao Companion to make clear that the emperor is a person.”

King Rakshasa’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom!

The emperor was angry.

Moreover, before that, she had said that this You Huang is very different, and has never heard of it. He likes property and resources.

Even if the kings enshrined him, most of them were rewarded to him, or they were awarded to the kings for various reasons and excuses.

But Mu Yi just didn’t listen.

Now… how does it end?

King Rakshasa sighed and said, “It’s the subordinates who didn’t explain clearly to our son that my emperor’s high-spirited festival, please atonement.”

You Huang heavily coldly snorted, glanced lightly at Lin Fan, and said: “I know you are as wise as a demon, a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain in the outside world, but here is the Sen Luo Realm, It’s better to follow the rules.”

Lin Fan tsk tsk smiled and said, “I have always followed the rules and understand the rules, but I really like the game world, of course, it is within the rules.”

His words, neither light nor heavy, neither humble nor overbearing, left You Huang’s eyes cold for a few minutes.

Lin Fan laughed, said: “The reason why you find the Emperor is because Rakshasa once said that you have a lot of care before she made a fortune. Since you have a high wind and bright festivals, you don’t like to collect people’s creams. Then he retreated and went to collaborate with common people.”

After he finished, it was just a perfunctory raise of his hand that was a farewell, and striding like walking outside the door.

Rakshasa’s face changed suddenly!

But she gritted her teeth and just raised her hand in a perfunctory manner, and immediately followed Lin Fan.

“Why are you doing this? Even if you can’t cooperate, you don’t have to be stiff.”

King Rakshasa blamed.

Lin Fan sneered: “Where is there a high-spirited person in this world?”

King Rakshasa glared at Lin Fan: “Don’t save yourself.”

“Don’t you dare to gamble, from one to five at most, You Huang will tell me to stop.” Lin Fan sneered.

“Unbelief.” King Rakshasa sneered.

“If within 5 steps, he let me stand and double the bet.” Lin Fan lowly laughed.

Rakshasa Wang Chongzhong snorted: “This king knows that the Emperor has counted 1000 years, will he be inferior to you? This king bets with you.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan smiled.


Although he didn’t say anything, he counted with his fingers.

Third Step.

King Rakshasa showed a playful expression.

Fourth Step.

King Rakshasa smiled all over his face, and his eyes sneered, provocatively glancing at Lin Fan, signaling you to lose.

Lin Fan is fearless.

Fifth Step ——


Youhuang’s voice came from behind.

“You lost.” Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa as if everything was silent.

“Okay, slow down here.”

Lin Fan spoke, turned around, smiling towards a gloomy Youhuang.

The Emperor snorted heavily and said, “This emperor 6, you 4.”

“It’s over, at most half.” Lin Fan sneered: “It should be noted that you are only providing information, but you need my pad to operate… Just renting that gambling file is a big investment.”

“Deal.” You Huang glanced at Lin Fan: “Flat and half.”

King Rakshasa’s pupils suddenly dilated, a little unbelievable.

This is the ghost of Gao Fengliang Festival?

A ray of faint light immersed in Lin Fan Soul Sea, Lin Fan’s pupil suddenly shrank.

What a terrible arrangement.

There are ten full powerhouses in the 5th realm of Linshen, and 6 powers in the 7th realm of Linshen!

You Imperial Palace outside.

Rakshasa Wang Tieqing’s face fell.

“Chick, 10000000 don’t forget to gamble.” Lin Fan hehe lowly laughed.

Rakshasa Wang fiercely stared at Lin Fan, gnashing teeth.

“When do you need it, when is it called Ben Wang, Ben Wang can’t do such a thing as losing and not recognizing the account.” King Rakshasa continued to gnashing teeth.

“Just tonight, but now, you and I should go to Sen Imperial Palace.”

Lin Fan spoke.

Rakshasa Wang eyes shrank, said: “You want to eat 2 sides? You are not afraid of 2 Sovereign know your sinister intentions?”

“I’m not afraid.” Lin Fan smiled: “I’m just a gambler, and you really believe that the Emperor will promise trifling’s split in half? You believe or not, as long as I set the odds, He will definitely take part in gambling.”

“It shouldn’t be, dignified Sovereign, how could this kind of thing happen in the next three.” King Rakshasa shook his head.

“Stupid girl, you are too naive.” Lin Fan shook his head and said, “The money is moving. When the stakes are large enough, what about Sovereign? Still jealous.”

King Rakshasa stopped talking, and Lin Fan suddenly laughed: “Dare you dare to gamble?”

“What are you gambling?”

“The big game, if I can still cooperate with Sen Huang this time, then this life, when I need it, you will meet me when you need it, dare not.” Lin Fan lowly laughed.

“Get off.” King Rakshasa sneered: “Do you still want this king to be confused with you for a lifetime?”

Lin Fan cut it.

Tao: “The so-called life is just the short years that can get along, maybe ten years, maybe eight years, maybe…after that, unless there is a war in the world, unless the world falls, I am afraid it will not be goodbye.”

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan and said, “Who the hell are you?”

“Isn’t it good, don’t ask each other’s past and roots?” Lin Fan pats Rakshasa King.

This time the bet failed.

Life is too long and too tired.

Just talking about these 3 words can give people a different feeling, and 2 people don’t want to bear it.

In the end, Lin Fan became, and once again cooperated with Sen Huang to get specific information. Of course, he also promised that all the profits would be divided into Sen Huang 5-Layer.

However, Sen Huang is obviously much more cunning and cruel than You Huang, and requires Lin Fan to ensure that he can divide more than 1 billion Holy Spirit fine stones after the war, otherwise Lin Fan will give He makes up a piece.

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