Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3094

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Lin Fan didn’t care, and readily accepted.

Because of the many backers secretly laid out by two Sovereigns, he dare not say everything, but at least understood more than 2%.

This is enough.

Enough for him to get chestnuts in the fire and get great benefits.

Rakshasa Royal Palace.

Rakshasa Wang looked at Lin Fan coldly and said with anger: “Do you want any more bets?”

She is very strong, but in fact, if you look closely, you can see the panic in her eyes.

“Why, why not.”

Lin Fan’s eyes widened.

This night…

It’s ridiculous.

Day 2.

Lin Fan’s left hand leaned against the wall, and the right hand kept hammering his waist.

His face was pale.

Behind him, Rakshasa Wang sneered: “You are really good-for-nothing, the immortal body of shit, what is it?”

“What are you special?”

Lin Fan was so angry that he couldn’t describe it: “Laozi asked you to serve me, but it didn’t make you so uncontrolled.”

“Hmph, after all, you are incompetent.”

Rakshasa Wang sneered, and then stepped over Lin Fan, but in fact, she walked vainly, and walked extremely unnaturally, a little staggered.

“Bitch, I thought you were good and where to go, Madrid, 1000 hurt the enemy since the loss of 800 such a thing, only you work it out.”

Lin Fan cursed, and then hey, his waist and eyes were suddenly slammed by King Rakshasa, and he came out with pain and cold sweat.


Inside the Double Imperial Palace, Lin Fan leaned over the seat, and behind him was a female cultivator rubbing his shoulders gently for him.

At this time, the two emperors appeared, they could not help glancing at Lin Fan.

The battle continues.

Lin Fan roughly judged the strength of the opponents based on the information given by Shuanghuang, and supplemented with the eyes of rune. After 3 confirmations, this slowly set the odds.

This day is a bumper harvest.

Not counting treasure bets, Lin Fan has collected all the money lost yesterday.

At night, the emperors of the two emperors came, and half of the family, Lin Fan is equivalent to busy work.

Even for King Rakshasa who didn’t have a correct understanding of the property, his distressed eyes twitched, but Lin Fan was serene.

“You don’t feel hurt? This is your hard earned money, resources.” Wang Rakshasa was curious.

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said, “When the long line is used to catch big fish, it is not yet time to close the net. If it is not allowed for them to win, then how could I be happy in the end.”

Rakshasa Wang eyes shrank: “Can you be brave enough to take away 2 Sovereign’s private property?”

“This is what I said.” Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said, “You haven’t heard of any father and son in the casino?”

For 20 days in a row, Lin Fan has maintained no loss or profit. For the next 5 days, Lin Fan is a loser and a cry.

The reason is that Shuanghuang is not satisfied with only 50% of his income, and he bets himself.

Moreover, it is a big gamble.

Within 5 days, if calculated according to the Holy Spirit Spirit Crystal, Lin Fan will pay 300000000!

This is also because he is really rich and imposing, otherwise, this huge loss is enough to make Lin Fan bankrupt.

“Shut up.” King Rakshasa looked at Lin Fan worriedly and said, “Although I don’t know why you value your property so much, I want you to be of great use. In this way, the Shuanghuang will devour you Dry.”

Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, his eyes narrowed and said, “Except for you, no one has swallowed me so far.”

“You!” King Rakshasa was anxious and said, “Can you not be so unscrupulous every time you are talking to you about the topic?”

Lin Fan laughed: “You can rest assured that 6 out of 8 seats have already appeared and 1 seats have almost been revealed, and afterwards, it’s time for me.”

Rakshasa Wang pupil narrowed his eyes, Lin Fan said: “In the final analysis, the double emperors are about the same strength, each occupying 4 seats. Afterwards, I am afraid that it will not let the most powerhouse come out easily.”

Rakshasa Wang nodded, said: “Each has 4 seats, I am afraid that it will be the next 8 ambassadors. In this way, the strength of the two emperors is still only equal.”

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “How to judge before the last moment? Moreover, I prefer the Emperor Youwang to get the most benefit in this battle.”

“Why comment this way?” King Rakshasa puzzled.

Lin Fan said: “Yuhuang very deep shrewdness.”

Rakshasa Wang frowned, Lin Fan said with a smile: “Of course, what I said is that in the absence of any accidents, there are still some bull ghosts and snake gods that have not been exposed until now.”

“Are you talking about the god of gods, ox, snakes and snakes?” King Rakshasa asked.

Lin Fan nodded, with anxiety in his eyes: “I have been paying attention to the king of the blue eyes during this time, and even… but I didn’t find a bit of a mess, this is the most abnormal place.”

“Your brother…” King Rakshasa suddenly eyes shrank.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Lin Long has been exploring.”

Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.

Lin Long is here.

“There are no clues.” Lin Long glanced at King Rakshasa, and then each minding their own business poured a cup of tea.

Lin Fan frowned: “I didn’t find anything at all?”

Lin Long said: “It’s not that I didn’t find anything at all.”

After thinking for a while, Lin Long said: “I found that the king of the blue eyes and the envoy of Asura King had many meetings during this time, and they chose to be in the safest place. I have almost been noticed several times.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink: “Know what they are talking about?”

Lin Long shook his head and said, “Asura’s left envoy is too sharp, too careful, and can only hear the rough.”

His eyes flicked and said, “I seriously doubt that Asura’s left envoy is the king of blue eyes.”

“Impossible.” King Rakshasa shook his head directly, saying: “Asura left the envoy to follow Asura King for too long. At that time, the blue eyes king was just a nobody.”

Lin Long frowned.

Lin Fan breathes deeply, saying: “If everything is as you said, that is the most terrifying thing. From the beginning, this king of blue eyes has no ambition to the throne.”

“I know that when I say these words, I will definitely laugh at you, but I still have to say them.” King Rakshasa sighed: “I’d rather believe that a maggot may eventually evolve into True Dragon, and I’m not happy to believe that the king of blue eyes is the biggest. Ambitious, that’s too abnormal.”

Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said, “Tomorrow and tomorrow, maybe the ox, ghost, and snake gods will all appear, when the time comes… I’m afraid you can’t help but believe it.”

Later, Lin Fan looked towards Lin Long, and suddenly smiled and said, “brother, are you interested in meeting with the heroes of this world?”

Lin Long’s eyes brightened and said, “I miss it.”

“Then you will go tomorrow, so that you can scrape Sovereign’s private property.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold.

Shuanghuang won so much in him, and it was time to close the net.

“Master, don’t I shoot?”

Kill Cangtian curiously looked towards Lin Fan.

During this time, Lin Fan just threw him countless gods and puppets, but he did not give him any tasks, making him so uneasy.

“It’s not time for you to come forward.” Lin Fan said, “You remember, there is only one person for your goal-Asura left.”

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