Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3095

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“As you bid.”

Kill Cangtian on one knee.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “Everyone will call you and Asura on the left, but in fact, everyone thinks that you are only qualified to challenge him, and don’t think you can win.”

“Your master will let the world know that they are all wrong.” Xia Tiantian said with a heavy voice.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “If you can’t win him, you will make me very disappointed, so many god puppet ways I will teach you all, if you can’t win… I will doubt if my vision is out of sight Question, will also find another person who is more suitable for inheritance and puppetry. You should know that I am not cracking a joke.”

Kangtian knelt down on the ground heavily: “Must kill Asura left envoy.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled: “the past few days, you don’t need to accompany me to travel, just study it.”

“Strictly obey the order of the Lord.”

Killing Cangtian knocked his head on the ground, and did not get up for a long time.

Inside the Double Imperial Palace.

Lin Fan’s eyes fixed on the man on the high platform.

This is really a powerhouse, but it has already swept Eight Great Powerhouses.

In this way, I am afraid that it is expected to occupy the 9th seat.

This person is an expert under Asura King.

Although Asura King has tried his best to hide, he hasn’t concealed Lin Fan’s Golden Fire Eyes after all.

Due to the existence of Shuanghuang, he once again took a bet of 100000000 million from Lin Fan.

This is black.

On the surface, he cooperated with Lin Fan, but in fact, there were a lot of stumbling.

“Let your brother play.” King Rakshasa said: “If you go on like this, it is estimated that you really have to lose the light, even if you are a priest, it is impossible to sustain so hard.”

“Wait a second.” Lin Fan frowned: “I really don’t believe that this young king can bear this step, he has already been in the 9th seat, he hasn’t shot yet.”

King Rakshasa frowned: “Why have you always regarded King Qingmu as the biggest conspirator, it really shouldn’t be.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan said, his pupils shrunk sharply.

King Rakshasa was also slightly stunned, and then exclaimed: “Qilian sword 4000 years ago!”

“Very strong?” Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa in surprise.

“Very strong,” King Rakshasa said solemnly, “He was already a Heaven Grade killer 4000 years ago, and he cut off an ancestor of the Heavenly Clan. The sneak attack was successful.”

“Awesome.” Lin Fan sighed.

King Rakshasa said: “The strangest thing is that he should have died in that battle, why is he showing again at this time.”

“Did you admit the wrong person?” Lin Fan frowned. ,

“Impossible, the sword impossible admits wrong.” Rakshasa kingly said.

Qi Lianjian came and flew into the ring with a smile.

Obviously, even when he appeared, even the two emperors were slightly surprised.

Not to mention the rest of the kings.

Only King Qingmu, with a slightly raised eyebrow, showed just the right shock.

“He is the king of the blue eyes.” Lin Fan said, very determined.

Qi Lianjian first saluted the Shuanghuang, and then glanced at the four sides: “No longer in the world in 4 years… can anyone remember me in this world?”

His tone is distant, with a hint of aftertaste and sorrow.

“Qi Lianjian.”

Asura King’s powerhouse, which can almost occupy the 9th seat, directly called his real name, and then said: “Aren’t you already dead?”

“Fortunately came alive, which sword, nailed my Soul Sea, but did not die completely.”

Qi Lianjian spoke, as if explaining.

Qi Lianjian!

Everyone exclaimed!

The old man with this gray hair was spotted by Asura King and everyone was shocked.

“It seems that there are my legends left in the world, fortunately.”

Qi Lianjian laughed, and then held Qi Lianjian to point to Asura King, shouted: “Come on, one battle! Let me see this, the so-called powerhouse that has emerged in this world after several thousand years, in the end has several points of Fenghua.”

“Old bastard, don’t want to rely on the old to sell the old, you are old, outdated, eliminated, and watch me slap you.”

Asura King stopped drinking, and the broad sword cut diagonally towards Qilian sword.

Lin Fan looked quietly.

Asura King was somber.

Strictly speaking, this Qi Lianjian, who was a contemporary with him, also fought against the same territory, but after he became a king, this Qi Lianjian disappeared.

Very strong.

King Qingmu is a good wanderer, like 10000 things have nothing to do with him.

“Ah… I lost again.” Lin Fan spread his hand, he looked towards him and said, “Go, open, no matter how much you lose, you will still be paid.”

The principal of the gambler behind him looked bitter.

He is just a cultivator for King Rakshasa’s finances. Why have he seen so much money?

During this time, he was almost numb.

Asura King died under his command and was nailed through the Soul Sea with a sword. Qi Lianjian sighed: “Which one is this man? It is too embarrassing.”

Asura King complexion ashen, secretly flicked his fingers, and suddenly another powerhouse killed him.

“Idiot.” Lin Fan smiled contemptuously: “Unless this Asura King sends the strongest wave of people under his command, Impossible is the opponent of this Qilian sword, and he will die one by one. In addition to damaging his hands in vain, what is the gain of Impossible.”

Sure enough, Asura King lost 8 games in a row and killed 8 extremely powerful men.

“Are you ready to shoot?” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “The Yaksha King.”

“His men, not at all, are opponents of this Qilian sword.” Wang Rakshasa frowned: “You even pit allies?”

“No one is under Qi Lianjian’s opponent, but I did not let him order his real son to go out for a fight.” Lin Fan hehe smiled.

After the unique sound transmission, Lin Fan informed Yaksha King and ordered her to fight.

Of course, his underlings are the eyes and ears of the two emperors, or the eyeliners of other kings.

“He is really an idiot.” Lin Fan disdains this Yaksha King very much.

How to let others sleep in the so-called couch.

But under dignified Yaksha King, there are actually dozens of eyeliners installed by other forces.

“It’s almost done.” Lin Fan said, looking at the thick stack of payment documents in his hand, and read them one by one, and then one by one was crushed into powder by his hands.

“Lin Long, you go.” Lin Fan whispered softly.

A ray of electric light extended from his feet into the ground, and then appeared outside the double imperial city, slowly stepping towards the double imperial city.

“Sovereign of Supreme, see this posture, the 9th seat, I am afraid that I can sit down.”

Qi Lianjian smiled.

The two imperial capitals said with a smile: “Qi Lianjian became famous for 1000 years. Today in the world, it turned out to be the prestige of the year. Fortunately for my world, please take the seat.”

Qi Lianjian laughed and rose into the air.

There was also a flash of complacency in the eyes of Qingmu Wang.

“Come on, this 9th seat, I like it.”

Lin Long appeared, turned into a farmer dressed up in the village, carrying a hatchet.

Everyone was calmed down by his dress.

Even Lin Fan felt a little strange.

What does this product want to do?

It turned out to be dignified Dragon King Sword into a hatchet?

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