Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3096

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Lin Fan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

It should be noted that the Dragon King Sword is a real ultimate device.

It was only sealed by the Dragon Race Senior expert, fearing that future generations would use the power of the ultimate device to sweep all enemies, thus neglecting their own grinding.

If he did so, wouldn’t he fear that Dragon King Jianbing would be blamed?

Qi Lianjian’s face was extremely cold, Tie Qing!

If there is a hero who has been famous for 1000 years, or a big thing from Megatron is coming to challenge him, that’s all.

However, a farmer came out to compete with him for the 9th seat!

He is also angry.

“You are the rammed goods that came out of that mess! Now kneel down, and the old man leaves you with a whole body.”

He was so angry that he was smoking.

“Old fogey.”

Lin Long looks like a farmer, and looks very stupid, but he is so angry that he raised his rusty hatchet: “The rest is rampant, I can kill you with a knife.”

In the eyes of the Emperor, there are rays of light blooming. He looked at Lin Long as if to see his reality.

But how is it possible?

It should be noted that this Lin Long is covered by Lin Fan’s Lightning Martial Spirit.

laughed and said: “This man, where did you come from? Who is the surname? And report it, if you win, you can pass the name on.”

Lin Long looked towards You Huang, who just happened to show the shyness of the cropper, saying: “I am a man in the mountains, and everyone in the village calls me Along.”

“Along?” Lin Fan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, this Lin Long is also too narrow, and the name is too casual.

“Hahaha…it really is Tianlin Zilin, so it is more proof that I am strong in the world.” Emperor Mori laughed and said, “Who do you teach?”

Lin Long shook his head and said, “I don’t have a Master, but the village chief often teaches me to cut wood.”

“Cut wood?” Sen Huang’s eyes looked strange for a while, and said: “You know, the one opposite you is an expert. If you really only cut wood…”

Lin Long said: “The village chief said that this kind of old fogey is no different from wild beast and chai dogs in the mountain forest.


Qi Lianjian roared, and a huge formation diagram appeared behind him.

This is the dao chart, the figuration of his cultivation. As soon as it appeared, Heaven and Earth rolled, cold light exploded, and he took a step back with the knife, which was actually integrated with this formation diagram.

Between Heaven and Earth, there are countless sword glows rising suddenly, from the clouds, from the soil, from the mountains and rocks, there are even sword intents.

“That farmer, I pity your cultivation is not easy, it is better to abandon this battle, follow me, and let you have no food and clothing to worry about.” Youhuang said.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he deserved to be Sovereign. Although he could not see Lin Fan’s truth and reality, he should have known his extraordinary ability and wanted to earn it.

Everyone in the world is envious, looking towards Lin Long who is dressed as a farmer.

This is a blessing for the sky, and can be appreciated by Sovereign.

“Can you give me the throne?”

Lin Long’s words narrowed his eyes.

At this step, he really can’t figure out whether this person is deeply hidden or really a fool.

laughed: “That won’t work, the king needs to be able to serve the crowd, otherwise I can freely admire it.”

“Never mind, I only came for the throne.” Lin Long shook his head.

“My emperor, you don’t want to stop, these villagers, if you kill them with a sword, where is Sovereign concerned?”

Qi Lianjian is murderous-looking.

If Sovereign and Lin Long were chatting, I was afraid he would have already done it.

“Go, post the notice at the prior odds.” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

It’s time to close the net and spit it out after eating mine.

As expected by Lin Fan.

Lin Long’s selling is too bad. Although his odds are as high as a horrible one to 300, no one still buys him to win.

And all flocked to Qilian Jiansheng.

However, Lin Fan looked at the last betting contract frowned, his eyes slightly cold, and he glanced at the Qingmuwang.

It happened to see him laughed at him, Lin Fan’s pupil suddenly shrunk.


This Qilian sword, but the expert in the expert, I am afraid that even in the hands of the two emperors is enough to get important.

But this king of blue eyes, even when he knew that Qilian sword was better than Lin Long, he still talked like a joke, and even leisurely threw 1000 gold, throwing away a full 8 million of gambling money, and bought Lin Long to win.

So, how many cards are there in his hand?

Or in other words, how many top experts does he have?


Qi Lianjian shot, Keng’s sound, the formation diagram twisted, and then a sharp sword was spit out!

This sword was too terrifying. At the beginning, only a tip of the sword was exposed, but the space and time was cut open, and then the inch-out came out, myriad swords cry, the word intent that just emerged from the entire between Heaven and Earth, and finally became Make a handle to kill the sword and blend it into the big sword that was killed from the formation diagram.

Myriad Sword Returning to Origin, Heaven and Earth Sword!

This Qi Lianjian, actually came to this step, thrilled everyone!

“He was angry!”

“Qi Lianjian, overawes the world thousands of years ago. At this time, a strong comeback is unstoppable. The ridiculous farmer dares to provoke all kinds of provocations.”

“Hmph! This is called act recklessly, and see how he dies.”

The world discusses spiritedly.

But only the highest level did not speak, but looked dignified.

Lin Long shot, the hatchet that had been lifted, less than one foot suddenly lifted up to the sky, and then Heaven and Earth Shaking!

“This is…” Sen Huang’s pupils shrunk sharply and said, “Hide the sword in the way!”

You Huang also cry out in surprise: “This farmer has such an accomplishment? This move, but it is a lot more than this Qilian sword brilliant, and the most important thing is that he used a hatchet to interpret the sword way, really.”

2 Sovereign were surprised.

Lin Fan is didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, where is the shit hiding in the road?

It is clearly hidden in the world.

“hong long long !”

The giant sword killed from the formation diagram seems to be slow, but in fact, it is almost boundless, just a sword, but in fact, the word intent is 100000000 10000, and the kill is 10000000 times. Only in an instant, it has already killed a number of consecutive 10000 swords.

Obviously, this Qilian sword was really angry, and a farmer challenged him, which made him feel a great shame.


Angry roar, the giant sword suddenly rose, and then fiercely cut off Lin Long.

Time and space break the embankment, Heaven and Earth screams, and the dazzling sword light makes people blind.


Lifting the hatchet like a hate without a ring, like holding the whole piece of vast land and receding away, even the wisp of dust is Jianguang.

“Puff puff puff.”

The sword intent is rolling, the traces are entangled, and time is gray.

Everyone saw that the farmer who claimed to be Along moved forward with the hatchet in the 10000 1000 sword intent, and then his hand fell and fell, just like cutting wood.

Then, it was cut with a knife again, neat and clean, the body of Qi Lianjian became debris.

Qi Lianjian was defeated, only a bloody head was carried by Lin Long, and then hehe smirked: “The old village chief is really right, killing is like killing wild beast.”

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