Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3097

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This sentence seems to be more confident in his identity as a farmer.

But, no matter what, the two-sword Tu Qilian sword still makes everyone scared.

It should be noted that this Qilian sword, but winning multiple games in a row, only half a step away, can defend the expert of the ninth messenger position.

“The so-called old village chief in your mouth, but the famous old man with a sword before 10000?”

The Emperor opened his eyes and his eyes were burning; he stared at Lin Long with his eyes fixed.

Lin Long saw a daze in his eyes, shaking his head: “I don’t know.”

“Does he teach you sword intent in addition to Blade Technique?” You Huang asked again, anxiously, not giving Lin Long any reaction time.

“He didn’t teach me any Blade Technique, nor did he teach me sword intent.”

Lin Long is confused.

“This is an iron fool.” Youhuang sneered in his heart, but the subjective consciousness made him affirm Lin Long’s teachers.

“Old man with sword?”

Sen Huang’s eyes narrowed, and then he smiled: “It’s the lunatic who claims to have a sword to kill, and I have a sword to kill God?”

Youhuang ordered nodded: “That sword…too much.”

The Emperor Mori thought about it carefully and ordered nodded. When Lin Long used out a sword intent, there was indeed some charm of that madman.

“If this is true… this farmer is not worthy of solemnity, even if he is lucky enough to get the 9th seat, but that’s all.” Youhuang sneered: “You know, that madman, really only one blade one sword.”

Sen Huang sneered: “If anyone can resist the one blade one sword, he is just a chopping board.”

Two Sovereign whispers, but the original Emperor’s query made everyone know.

The name of the old swordsman is well known all over the world, but most of them are sneering.

The reason is that he really can’t be called even with 3 axes. With one sword and one sword, there are only these two moves. If it is carried over, killing him is really too simple.

Because of this, I don’t know how many times the old man who claimed to be a blackmailer, a sword to kill God, was killed by a person with a helmet and armor. Times.

So, after seeing Sovereign assert Lin Long’s teacher, I don’t know how many mocking and joking eyes were fixed on Lin Long.

This is something Lin Fan couldn’t think of.

I thought that Lin Fan’s strong performance in the first battle would greatly affect his income, but there was Divine Weapon, which was like a god.

Qingmu Royal Capital is slightly picky-

“Old man with sword?” He whispered, then caught his eyes, and suddenly a crowd of people crowded out a powerhouse again.

This powerhouse clearly came out of the ordinary, 1000000 people gathered here, how crowded it was, but when he was moving forward, no one dared to stop and evaded, giving him a passage.

“Xing Ling killed Zun!”

When this person walked out, someone suddenly exclaimed his name!

Although this person is a killer, he is more skilled in defense. The defense of the first-hand soil is invincible. Often when he performs his tasks, he is always trapped to death and exhausted.

This is an alternative to the killer.

Of course, these are not the most important.

Rather, this decree kills the Master, but is a mortal enemy with the old swordsman.

A person who claims to be a devil with a sword and a sword to slash the gods, and one person claims to be invincible in defense, and the one who cannot break his defense in the world is a natural opponent.

Finally, Master Xing Ling killed Zun, but in the hands of the old sword-slaughter.

No one witnessed that battle, so there are many legends, probably the old swordsman used strange means.

At this time, the appearance of the decree that had been in hiding for 1000 years, and the appearance of the murderer Zun Zun, made everyone feel justified.

“Whether you are the heir or not, you are a bit like him, and you are going to die.”

Xing Ling was very cold.

“Fart, I said it all, I don’t know any old swordsman.”

Lin Long was also a little uncomfortable, and someone pressed a Master on the head out of thin air.

“Hehe … let me say what you want.” Xing Ling Sha Zun sneered, he stepped forward, a yellowed order rune slowly emerged from the ground, and then turned into each and everyone A black turtle pattern surrounded him Hover.

“His… This is not a broken discipline. He received a good discipline. The defensive trick he deduced was actually realized in the hands of his discipline.” Youhuang took a breath and was shocked by Xing Ling’s defense.

“Indeed, it seems that this spear is a shield, I am afraid it is really about to win or lose.” Sen Huang also spoke, laughed at the same time, pointing to let the eunuch behind him come and softly ordered him to bet.

Of course, I bought Xing Ling to kill Zun Sheng.

“Your Master despicable villain murdered my Master by strange means, so… you die.”

Xing Lingjizun shot, and rushed away, then each and everyone Xuan turtle rune formed 4 huge basalts, Lin Long was firmly trapped in it, and there was a thick chain clanging out, Lin Long 4 limbs are trapped.

Lin Long frowned.

This kind of siege is so strange, it turned out to be an invisible strange Qi machine, devouring his vitality and so on.

He clasped the hatchet tightly and cut it out with a knife. With the sound of Keng, one of the basalts was split into nothingness, but the instant was obvious.

“A bit of a doorway.” Lin Fan nodded acknowledged that this is indeed Supreme’s defense method, but in front of Lin Long, it is also absolutely this.

He glanced at the battle circle, then looked down at the thick pile of gambling receipts in his hand, and swept to King Rakshasa, saying: “Chick, all the capital of the master is back.”

At this moment, all the audience was mocking, laughed heartily: “A sword has passed, don’t you have a sword yet?”

As if they were really guessed by them, Lin Long cut it out with a hatchet, but it was a sword intent Ling Tian.

As a result, the 4 basalt formations of this siege have not been broken.

“One blade one sword comes out, can you still have one blow?”

Xing Ling killed Zun haha ​​with a laugh, he came out incarnation, was actually carrying a huge basalt, like wearing an ugly basalt armor.

“You go die for me!”

Xing Lingjie Zun jumped up, and then his 4 limbs and head were retracted into the turtle shell, the whole black turtle high-speed rotation up, but the tortoise shell on it was turned into a life-threatening blade, turning to Lin Long. .

“wu wu.”

At this moment, the hatchet in Lin Long’s hand glowed, and the dazzling glory turned into a single zhang long’s unrolled bolt of white silk, and then he was cut with a knife.


Tortoiseshell is broken.

Xing Ling Sha Zun fell out of it, a blood line appeared between his eyebrows, and then the blood line slowly extended downward until he was divided into two and a half.

“Idiot, I have said long ago that I am not a disciple of old shit swords.”

Lin Long sneered.

Then he took a step forward and slammed Xing Ling’s head with one foot.

2 Streak in a row.

Lin Fan also took advantage of these 2 battles to spur 1.8 billion, not only to make all the money he lost some time ago, but also to make a fortune.

It was a happy win.

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