Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3098

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Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“Prince Mu Yi, You Huang invites you.”

This is the eunuch of the Imperial Palace.

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold, and the eunuch was sent away directly. The eunuch of Sen Imperial Palace came again, and he was also going to invite Lin Fan into the palace.

This made Lin Fan sneer.

At this time, the two emperors are flies into a rage.

After winning so many days in a row, they have become accustomed to nature. Every day when they return to the palace, they can see a car with Spirit Stone being put into their warehouse.

But today, it was actually dragged out from car to car, all into Muyi’s purse!

What happened to this?

Dignified Sovereign’s money is so easy to win?

Of course, when the two emperors flies into a rage, Lin Fan was also angry.

“Hmph! Want to take the treasure out of the young man’s hands? Want to blind their hearts.”

Lin Fan sneered.

King Rakshasa was worried in his eyes and said, “That’s 2 Sovereign…you don’t go, I’m afraid it will be bad, and something will go wrong.”

“Chick, you figured it out, I won the money just and honourable, but it wasn’t stolen from him at Imperial Palace.” Lin Fan’s eyes were cold: “What’s more, what did I say?” Can’t afford to lose? Sovereign of shit, you are all used to it.”

“Mu Yi.” Wang Rakshasa said lightly: “I know you have never looked at the so-called Sovereign, but this is in the world of Sen Luo.”

“What about Sen Luojie? You believe or not, as long as I am willing, as long as the young man, at most half a month, I can make this shit Sovereign become a stray dog!” Lin Fan stared directly at King Rakshasa and said, “If Lao Tzu wants Waiting for the king of blue eyes to be in trouble, when the time comes to push the boat down the river and push you to that position, what are they? What is it worth pretend to be polite with them?”

King Rakshasa’s heart suddenly tightened.

“But what happened?” King Rakshasa asked anxiously.

Lin Fan nodded, said: “Since you are king, all name shakes the whole world, but in the end it disappears strangely, or those who withdrew from the rivers and lakes, give me a list.”

King Rakshasa frowned: “It’s too complicated, I’m afraid it’s…”

“You can just take it.” Lin Fan said.

Rakshasa king brows tightly knit, but let Rakshasa right envoy quickly sort out.

Lin Fan stood quietly in front of the window.

From the inference of Qi Lianjian and Xing Ling Killing Zun, the conspiracy of the Qingmu King can be roughly speculated.

Soon, Rakshasa came to the right.

Of course, they are all high realm cultivators. Of course, there are piles of books appearing. Rakshasa right finger a finger pointed. Lin Fan received countless names, biographies, and the final return.

These people are all heroes of the past 1000 years, but they either died inexplicably, were killed by others in the execution of their missions, or were discouraged by certain things and thus reclusive in the mountains and so on.

“10000 3000 people…” Lin Fan was thrilled.

If this Qingmu Wang really put all these 10000 and 3000 people under his command, Lin Fan would not do anything else, and would immediately take Rakshasa Wang Yuan to fly high, and quickly get out of the Senluo Realm.

This cannot be resisted at all, unless it is the League of Kings, or the 2 emperors personally shot.

But that’s all impossible.

No one will believe him.

Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa Right envoy, said: “Make sure everyone is on the roster?”

Rakshasa right-owner frowns saying: “Even if there are occasional omissions, there will not be too many, at most 7 8 people, and I omit, must be infamous, no real record exists.”

Lin Fan sighed: “It is often such characters who are most worthy of concern and vigilance.”

After saying this, Lin Fan was on Spirit Voyage. In fact, he carefully sorted out the 10000 and 3000 people in Soul Sea. In the end, he selected nearly 8,000.

These 8,000 people are indeed dead, or they are truly in hiding, with all kinds of personal evidence.

But even so, there are still 5000 people.

“Little friend, I want you to go to determine the location of these 5000 people in a week, and who they have contacted and where they have been in the last ten years, all the most detailed information, I need it, you can do it Really?” Lin Fan passed the roster of 5000 people to the right envoy of Rakshasa.

Rakshasa gritted his teeth.

Within half a year, scrutinize all 5000 people.

It seems easy, but it is actually very difficult.

The reason is that these 5000 people are all famous people, and in the meaning of Lin Fan, it must be that when they are being probed, they cannot be discovered by the other party.

This is the difficulty.

“I will let Cangtian and Xiaozuo help you.” Lin Fan spoke again.

“It must be done.” Rakshasa right nodded heavily.

Lin Fan said: “Remember, if you think someone is suspicious, don’t do it, come back and tell me, I will make all the actions, do you understand?”

“Understood.” Rakshasa nodded right.

King Rakshasa sighed: “The King Rakshasa ordered, but wherever Rakshasa’s palace belongs, you all have the right to dispatch. Whoever dares to question, who dares not accept, will let you cut first.”

Rakshasa left and left, as well as the killer.

“Mu Yi, are you sure you don’t want to see Shuanghuang?” King Rakshasa is still worried about this.

“Don’t go.” Lin Fan sneered, said: “dignified Sovereign, if you come to trouble me because you lost a little money, you are too embarrassed, they can’t do this kind of thing, they can only eat dumb losses, and, if they It’s really not stupid, so I won’t offend you and me now.”

“Oh?” Rakshasa Wang looked curiously towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said with a sneer: “Shuanghuang now has 4 seats each, which is of course the thing they are most happy with, but in fact, in this battle, only our side and the king of the blue eyes, there is no right The people sent by the Shuanghuang hands, is it right?”

King Rakshasa ordered nodded.

Lin Fan quipped: “You said, if you and I are out, can we win at least one seat?”

“Of course.” Rakshasa Wang Ao said: “Rakshasa ordered 300 dead and easily got one or two seats.”

“So… they don’t dare to offend me.” Lin Fan’s eyes showed a sneer: “If they make me anxious, I’m not afraid that I will strike the seat he wants?”

“Understood.” Wang Rakshasa smiled bitterly: “Is this a confrontation between wise men?”

“Not counted.” Lin Fan sighed: “The so-called wise man, in this forest world, I am afraid that only King Qingmu will dare to take it.”

After saying this, Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t look at me with a good heart, but in fact, until now, I don’t have the certainty to win the King Qingmu. He hides too well, too deep, and there are not many clues. “

King Rakshasa was silent for a moment, and said, “At worst, this king will head to Chaos Realm under his command, you don’t have too much pressure.”

Lin Fan looked at King Rakshasa in surprise, and really didn’t expect this stupid girl to comfort him at this time.

King Rakshasa’s face was a bit unnatural, and he seemed to wonder why he would comfort Lin Fan. He dismissed the topic and said, “Are you going to make your brother fight until the battle of the king?”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Fan raised an eyebrow and said, “And, when King Qingmu vigorously shoots, I will add a little fun to this battle.”

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