Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3099

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Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan curiously and said, “Increase the fun? Could you send someone from outside? This impossible, the 2nd world channel is blocked, impossible…”

Lin Fan laughed and sold a pass, saying: “The mountain people have their own tricks.”

As expected by Lin Fan, he did not at all follow the order to see the Shuanghuang, and the Shuanghuang did not really punish him.

Of course, the 2 emperor’s sense of Lin Fan is even worse.

If it were not Lin Fan’s scrupulous guess, he would strike Lin Fan early and punish Lin Fan.

But Lin Fan is sure that during this period of Wang Zhan, no matter how he plays and how to make trouble, as long as he does not interfere with the overall situation, as long as it is not too much, Shuanghuang will not say anything.

But if after the war of kings, the two emperors are still aloof and remote, still in charge of this world, then there will definitely be endless troubles.

Lin Fan is certainly not afraid.

Up to now, although it is still not possible to determine what moth will be out of the blue eyes king, but it is already sure that the blue eyes king is destined to the throne.

This is enough.

Stepping back 10000 steps, even if Lin Fan didn’t think of pushing King Rakshasa to that position, as long as this King of Eyes started, the two emperors had to ask him.

Lin Fan, who has planned for so many years, has no means and strength to deter the audience, Lin Fan is not convinced.

The messenger battle continues.

Lin Long won 8 games again and brought Lin Fan a lot of wealth. Finally, no one dared to challenge him. The 9th seat was occupied by Lin Long!

Ten out of six seats, there are only 6 seats left.

Lin Fan is not appearing on the Wangtai, but always pay attention.

In the end, these 7 seats are afraid that they are the only ones who are in a hurry, and those who are dancing in groups.

The Asura King who wants to come at this time must be like an ant on a hot pot.

If he is unable to take his seat, equivalent to can only watch his territory divided and his rights halved.

And the king of blue eyes…

Fearing that he would also shoot, Lin Fan guessed that Qingmu Wang should win at least one seat.

Of course, Lin Fan will not be overly nervous. Seeing the move, Lin Fan has not wanted to collide head-on with Qingmu Wang until now.

At least wait for Rakshasa’s envoy’s investigation results to appear on his desk and carefully analyze how much strength the opponent has hidden before making the next move.

“Too passive.” Lin Fan sighed, and then smiled bitterly: “Crazy woman, I really admire you, being the king, how can you be so big, if you don’t meet me, I’m afraid you won’t eat it know.”

Rakshasa Wang sneered: “Looking around the world, only you dare to eat me, others? Want to die.”

Lin Fan laughed: “What do you mean by eating?”

“Are you trying to die? Is this king too kind to you recently?” Cold light appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes.

During this time, Mu Yi became more and more impudent, but he often looked at his frantic eyes and not the disordered air machine, and he knew that he was often confused and he gave up.

But the other party is getting more and more face, often wipe oil or eat tofu, the worst, dare to give her hands?

If you are not giving each other a lesson…

As soon as the severe light flashed in her eyes, Lin Fan knew it would be bad, for fear of a hard fight.

Just at this time…

“Your husband and wife are the two of you, and you are in a relaxed mood.”

Yaksha King was uninvited, and his face was very cold, but his eyes were full of anxiety.

“Hahaha…Yaksha King? Come on well! Come on wonderfully.”

Lin Fan laughed, he stared at King Rakshasa jokingly, thinking, there are outsiders present, you still come to fight me?

King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold, coldly snorted, and he turned his head away.

Lin Fan said: “There is no servant left and right, don’t you go to serve tea?”

King Rakshasa was anxious.

But she was so partial that she really couldn’t find any excuse.

Silently walked away, but when bypassing Lin Fan, the slender jade hand fiercely grabbed Lin Fan’s waist.

Rao Yi Lin Lin’s flesh turned out to be grunting and grinning.

Yaksha King’s temple was jumping, slap on the chair, and shouted: “What time is it? Burning brows! You 2 are still in a mood to make trouble here, sulking?”

Lin Fan rolled the eyes, said: “What happened, what major event happened? Is it worth you dignified Yaksha King to come here to flies into a rage?”

“What major event?” Yaksha King gritted his teeth: “Asura King won the tenth seat!”

“This is not normal?” Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King and said, “You can rest assured, he is the tenth seat, I’m afraid it will not be done soon.”

“Oh?” Yaksha King’s eyes narrowed: “How to say?”

“Since it is Sovereign who wants to take back the rights given to you 4 kings, how could it be possible for you 4 kings to become kings again? Isn’t that contradicting their vision?”

Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King and said, “So, you came in anger, asking for sin, why have I never allowed you to send your powerhouse to fight for a seat?”

“Exactly.” Yaksha King said solemnly, said: “This king is in a bad situation, a messenger seat can still be beaten down, if you exhaust everything, a throne, you can’t take it off.”

“You look at yourself, and you underestimate 2 Sovereign.” Lin Fan sneered: “More importantly, you haven’t put your biggest opponent in your eyes from beginning to end. I dare to guarantee that even now you Can win 4 seats, and eventually the defenders of these 4 seats will all become dead and die because of your stupidity.”

“Mu Yi!” Yaksha King drank lightly, and then a rogue appeared in his eyes, said: “Can you not fight against this king?”

He said with a bitter smile: “Every time I talk to you in detail, Ben Royal Capital feels that his mind is not fully developed.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are strange: “It’s good to have this kind of cognition.”

“You!” Yaksha King’s eyes were cold and his eyes were raised.

Lin Fan laughed: “cracking a joke, cracking a joke.”

Yaksha King heavily coldly snorted and said: “Since you let me not occupy the seat, why do you…”

Lin Fan’s eyes picked slightly: “That’s because, he can take that seat, and he can hold that seat.”

“Oh… which farmer?” Yaksha King sneered.

“Yes, just me, the farmer.”

Lin Long came out, only the breath was slightly exposed, so that Yaksha King’s pupils shrank, and, looking at Lin Jian’s sword in his hand, he looked dreadfully.

Then, he said in horror: “You and him…”

Lin Fan laughed: “You can treat me and him as twin brothers, I will, he will, so… a trifling seat, can you keep it?”

“Yes.” Yaksha King smiled wryly, and then said: “So, who is the person you said I completely ignored?”

It happened that at this moment, the little friend returned, his face dignified.

Lin Fan’s heart also sank.

Since it is this expression, I am afraid that the truth is more serious than I thought.

“You see these first.”

Lin Fan flicks with the finger, he entered the 5000 list he has screened into Yaksha King’s Soul Sea, and then he accepted the message from the children.

Just a cursory glance at Lin Fan’s complexion greatly changed.

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