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It is too terrifying.

5000 powerhouse was put into the doubt list by Lin Fan, there are more than 3000 people, and they are all closely connected with this king of eyes.

Even if it cannot be determined, these 3000 powerhouses are all related to this king of blue eyes, but they are also great enough to be treated seriously, and they dare not be taken seriously by half.

"this is……"

Yaksha King was horrified, he had one's hair stand on end, and his face was white, he looked at Lin Fan, his words were a little stuttering, and he swallowed hard, saying: "You...you are sure...you are blue eyes ?"

Lin Fan's expression was very serious, and he slowly took his breath away, breathing heavily, and then looked towards Yaksha King, saying: "Could it be that you are doing this with you?"

"It's unbelievable." Yaksha King smiled wryly.

"But the facts are in sight, and the names of each and everyone above are proof." Lin Fan suddenly got up and said cold and severe: "The speculation of the deity is true, the major event will happen, and the entire Senro world will change. day."

"This kind of strength is enough to push the imperial city horizontally." Yaksha King smirked and said: "If it is his side, someone can have the strength of the double emperors, it is easy to change the Heaven and Switching the Earth."

Lin Fan's eyes narrowed: "Impossible will have this level of cultivator, otherwise, since he already has such a powerful strength, will he continue to act?"

Yaksha King ordered nodded.

Lin Fan cold faintly said: "I'm afraid he will promote the double imperial warfare, and then..."

Yaksha King asserted, saying: "The benefit of the fisherman."

Lin Fan ordered nodded.

"Huh...you can't judge a person by appearance, the King of Blue Eyes normally only promises to all of us, afraid of urinating on his top of the head. ! It really is... it really is..."

Yaksha King'really is' for a while, but he didn't continue to talk.

Lin Fan sneered: "It is really behind the 3 words, you need to accept the commendation, otherwise the deity will look down on you."

Yaksha King said with a bitter smile: "It must be accepted, otherwise..."

Then he sighed for a long time: "Shuanghuang and 3 Kings have been cheated by him for thousands of years, which is really a big joke."

Lin Fan didn't speak, but was thinking about how to get chestnuts in the fire.

Now that his guess has been determined to be true, it is natural to push King Rakshasa to the top.

"Rakshasa, we have to tell the two emperors, or the alliance with Asura, otherwise..." Yaksha King's eyes narrowed, cold light bursts: "It should be noted that our 3 kings can be a lot of bullying to that blue eyes. "

Rakshasa Wang sneered: "I'm afraid that you and Asura often bully and bully him? Ben King Shishi has never been like this."

Yaksha King's mind suddenly tightened.

If you think about it carefully, it is.

In the past, this King Rakshasa was at best when there was no such person in his eyes, and he completely ignored it.

But he and Asura King, but they all oppressed this King of the Blue Eyes, and they did whatever they wanted, thinking carefully, as if he and Asura 2 had invincible hatred and hatred with this King of the Blue Eyes.

"Sovereign... cry for help."

Yaksha King turned out to be suddenly one-knee kneels on the ground.

He was really terrified.

Just the strength of the blue eyes king that can be seen is enough to crush him in the Yaksha King palace several times.

This is too scary.

And, he figured it out, with Asura's common personality, I was afraid that if I knew about it, I would be trembling with excitement.

Also, his alliance with Asura King has been In name only for a long time. Will he be affiliated again?

impossible, how can the broken mirror be re-rounded?

What if he told the Shuanghuang this time?

Just thinking about it, he guessed the various possible results, but he didn't find out that after he sue the two emperors, he would give him any benefits.

Lin Fan looked at Yaksha King quietly, lifted him up with one hand, and said, "Don't panic, it's the same like locusts tied to one rope."

With a sigh, Lin Fan said: "Once the emperor and the courtier, since this King of the Blue Eyes is in trouble, it is natural to greatly reward his underlings, when the time comes, even if Rakshasa is innocent of him, I am afraid..."

"I am understood." Yaksha King looked at Lin Fan and smiled bitterly: "So you want to..."

Lin Fan raised her eyes: "Why can't I think? Didn't you say that you bet your life this time? Of course, that sentence was just a temptation at that time, but now, the deity clearly tells you that position, green Mu Wang can get it. Why can't Lao Zi get it?

Yaksha King's heart was suddenly tight, and he was so nervous that he couldn't breathe.

Double emperors aloof and remote for too long, too long.

But any kind of big retro thoughts circling in his head was enough to make him tremble.

"So... do you dare to gamble?" Lin Fan smiled and said, "Won, Marquis Marquis, under one person above ten thousand people, lost... copied the family."

Yaksha King saw strenuous struggle and madness, but after a short while, he grinned: "Gambling! Why not bet! How can you not bet! This life, I will be honored."

"Okay." Lin Fan's eyes narrowed slightly: "It is said that you love your 3 most, and that little thing is not bad. It's a Heaven Grade. I'll borrow it, can you?"

Yaksha King’s pupils shrunk and said, “But! Actually, the son is stronger than my 3 sons. According to Chaos Realm, there is also a cultivation base at the top of the 4th realm, which is sent to the Supreme Master. Follow the assignment."

"Okay!" Lin Fan smiled: "You are really a wise man. The deity guarantees that after the event, you are a prince, only under Rakshasa, but above the kings."

This is a very insidious proton condition, but it is also Lin Fan's final test of this Yaksha King.

Now he is assured.

"Small right." Lin Fan looked back suddenly, looked towards Rakshasa, and said: "You will stay tomorrow and bring something to Xiao Zuo and kill Cangtian."

"Sovereign, can there be a way to break this game?" Yaksha King said.

Lin Fan sneered: "Qingmu Wang Yin Ni has counted 1000 years, and his strength is certainly more than that, but I think that at least 3000 people should occupy 70% or more of his strength. As long as these 3000 people are won, he is equivalent to a discount. The winged dragon might be a toothless tiger."

"Tonight's martial law, I will bother Brother Yaksha and Rakshasa to sit in town. The deity will later refine the medicine pill, and it will hurt the peace. I am afraid that there will be all kinds of weirdness and condemnation. When the time comes, you two will help me go away. "Lin Fan breathes deeply.

Yes, only medicine pill!

There are 3000 people across from each other, separated from each other, and it is simply unrealistic to want one after another.

Then come to kill with soft knife.

Break the game with medicine pill.

"Dare to ask Venerable, what kind of medicine pill should be refined?" Yaksha King asked with narrowed eyes.

Lin Fan glanced at him, faint smile, said: "You should know the means of the priest, killing is invisible, and the priest who came to me in this step is able to silence the prisoner's morality and prohibition. Divine Soul."

Yaksha King laughed, saying: "Sorry, there is no need to mention 3 points below. Although it is not clever, but knows what is the overall situation, what is...capable men choose the right leader to serve."

Lin Fan also laughed: "Take a three-step break, will King Wang hear?"

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