Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3101

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“3 steps to rest Dan?”

Yaksha King exclaimed, have one’s hair stand on end, and said, “The first of the top ten banned drugs in ancient times?”

Lin Fan gave Yaksha King a surprised look and said, “It is.”

Yaksha King shivered.

It turned out to be because of a medicine pill name, which made Lin Fan even more awed and afraid.

This medicine pill is extremely poisonous.

As the name implies, anyone who hits this poison only needs to get the poison mark from the poisoner, and you only need to take 3 steps to take a cultivation break, Divine Soul break, and life break.

“Sovereign… Are you going to pack these 1000 people to King Rakshasa?”

Yaksha King was trembling.

If you get these 1000 people, King Rakshasa is really an undisputed Sovereign, I am afraid it is not much weaker than any other house now.

“Can’t the deity do this?” Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King, and then hehe smiled: “You only need to do your internal affairs well, and the deity never treats him badly.”

Yaksha King trembled!

Under your command.

Only these two words have already determined his destiny.

Only under his command.

“As you bid.”

Yaksha King bowed down again.

Willingly, without any resistance.

However, King Rakshasa did not say a word during the whole journey, just looked at Lin Fan from time to time, his eyes were very complicated.

Started, Lin Fan is already starting pill concocting.

“Congratulations to King Rakshasa.” Yaksha King smiled bitterly and cupped one fist in the other hand to King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa glanced at Yaksha King and said, “What’s so good about?”

Yaksha King sighed and said, “I’m afraid it’s time to call King Rakshasa.”

Rakshasa Wang stared at Yaksha King, and Lengsen said: “It is still ready to resolve the unknown and condemnation in his mouth. He is very careful. If something goes wrong…”

Yaksha King shivered: “I will do my best and fight for my life.”

Afterwards, he looked slightly bitter and said, “But if there is still a fork, please ask Rakshasa Wang Meiyan for a few words.”

King Rakshasa didn’t speak anymore. She threw Rakshasa’s cold blade to the sky for 9 days, letting it fall down and shining brightly, and covering the station as much as possible.

Yaksha King relaxed, also thrown off the Yaksha hook, there is also a piece of cold glow falling down, Ruo Dadao Waterfall, but all the glory is wrapped in the cold blade of Rakshasa.

This is the intention of King Rakshasa, and Yaksha King also follows the meaning of this King Rakshasa.

Obviously telling him not to let other people discover that they have united.

King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold, and anger and struggle appeared from time to time.

Then a sneer–

“Are you trying to make up for this king? When you gave this world to this king, you thought you could be 2 different, not owing each other?” King Rakshasa was cold, and his heart was covered with frost–“But this king has never been to this world. Have any vision, but you think this king wants it.”

No matter what she thinks in her heart, how indifferent she is, etc., are useless.

Sometimes, as a protagonist, you can only passively accept it. This is a gift of fate, and it may also be deprivation.

At dawn, Lin Fan stumbled.

Overnight refining 3000 Dan, even if he was honored as World’s First Master, felt overwhelmed.

During pill concocting, the demon attacked many times, almost letting him give up his efforts.

Fortunately, I persisted, but I was exhausted.

Both Rakshasa King and Yaksha King were exhausted.

It is difficult to use words to describe the suffering of last night, so many condemnations, so many strange and unknown, etc., with no opportunity, if you do not borrow the power of the ultimate device, even if it is the power of the two kings, I am afraid it is not enough to get through.


Lin Fan lay on his back in a rocking chair, and the whole person showed fatigue: “Three of you, 3 each, remember to be secret. If you are not completely sure, you would rather not be poisoned. It takes a lot of time. Wang Zhan has been half a year. The deity expected is good, I am afraid that the king of green eyes will have to wait until the end of the war.”

“As you bid.”

Breathes deeply, she carefully put each and everyone jade bottle in the ring, and then left in a flash.

“You also retreat, remember, don’t shoot, just watch the changes.” Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King, and gave him a Divine Pill that supplemented the essence of the cloud.

Yaksha King said goodbye to leaving.

“Are you still going to watch the battle?” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “If I don’t go, I need to rest. I just need to know the result.”

King Rakshasa frowned, saying: “Last night there was a lot of movement, but it was nowhere near the world.

“It’s very simple.” Lin Fan sighed: “This is the 3 Spirit Condensing Spirit Pill, you give them to the two emperors separately.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes slightly picked up: “It’s so good to say that you have been admiring the two emperors for a long time, and you practiced this pill last night. That kind of movement is all because of medicine pill.”

King Rakshasa left.

Lin Fan sat quietly on the futon.

The time is short and urgent, he can’t wait to dispel the demon in the next moment.

But it cannot.


“Dare to ask King Rakshasa, Brother Mu Yi why not?”

What King Rakshasa didn’t think of was that when she came to the Double Imperial Palace, the first person to ask her was the young eyes king who had been trying to reduce her presence.

“Hmph, is it necessary for this king to explain to you?” Rakshasa Wang sneered.

She is not good at hiding, and she doesn’t understand camouflage, so she just ignores it.

It just happened to be her disregard as usual, so that Qingmu Wang’s mind relaxed too much.

“Rakshasa, the movement last night was too great, but what amazing medicine did we first master make?”

You Huang also asked.

Yesterday night, Tianwei was rich, Heavenly Tribulation continued, and the thick thunder continued for one night, then the Rakshasa cold blade also hung in the sky for one night, who can not be curious?

King Rakshasa got up and said, “I have Sovereign, my son respects the Shuanghuang, and I have long wanted to refine Baodan for the Shuanghuang, but I am afraid that I will not be able to learn from it, so I have never given the Shuanghuang.”

“Oh?” Sen Huang smiled and said, “If the first priests are not good at learning, then the Pill Master in this world will be ashamed to die.”

“My emperor has won the prize.” King Rakshasa hurriedly bowed down and said, “Wei Zi died last night and refined the 3 Spirit Condensing Spirit Pill, fluke, at this time, Wang Shuanghuang smiled.”

“3 Soul Condensing Spirit Pill!” You Huang exclaimed; urgently asked: “Is this a kind of heaven defying Great Dan?”

“Dare not deceive the Supreme emperor.”

King Rakshasa bowed down again.

“Speed ​​up!”

The emperor Sen spoke very urgently.

They are already a great cultivator in the 7th realm of the gods. In the previous step, they can only temper their Divine Soul again and transform it into Daogu.

But it’s too difficult, one careless, body dies and Dao disappears.

But if you have these 3 Spirit Condensing Spirit Pill, you can increase the probability of success.

So even if the two of them are aloof and remote, their emotions are invisible, at this time they are shocked and looking forward to it.

Qingmu Wang’s eyes are slightly cold.

But it was a sudden smile.

Until this time, this Mu Yi still wanted to please the two emperors, look at you like this, but I don’t know his fundamental plot.

I’m afraid I just think he wants 4 kings to be respected.

During this time, I thought for myself.

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