Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3102

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For half a month, Lin Fan did not walk out of the station for half a step.

Even King Rakshasa rarely sees his silhouette and shuts himself in a closed room.

It was the tenth and seventh day. King Rakshasa came back. She heard the roar and wailing from time to time in the closed room, and she was worried.

But it was forced to endure that he did not enter.

This is her cleverness. At this time, perhaps Lin Fan is the most vulnerable in his life, and he certainly does not want anyone to see his weakness.

Lin Fan is in a calamity.

He seemed to be divided into several hundred personalities, fighting with himself and arguing with himself. His body seemed to have turned into a battlefield, and the fight was fierce.

“Why is your heart demons so horrible and so much more than others.”

King Rakshasa whispered.

She was very worried, very worried, and wished to replace her.

But she is also a master of monasticism and knows impossible.

She was sitting at the door of the locker room: “Your past…I don’t mention it, but what did you experience and what did you bear…Why even your roar is so free, like being blocked by dust.”

She supported her chin and her eyes were empty, but her mouth smiled from time to time, but sometimes she was angry.

“What’s wrong with me?”

King Rakshasa was shocked by his abnormality.

She patted her cheeks hard: “Is it true that the little waste can really take up your heart? If it is true, you lose all your body and mind, and you are taken away by him. Are you not losing money?”

Until late at night, Lin Fan walked out of the closed room.

It seemed refreshed, like it was just a long sleep in the closed room.

However, Rakshasa Wang Fenming pierced his disguise from Lin Fan’s bloodshot pupil.

“Mad lady, you stare at the young man so much, but you have to worry about falling in love with the young man.”

Lin Fan as always.

King Rakshasa glanced at him: “This king is in love with a pig who is impossible and loves you.”

“Really? The original dignified Rakshasa, the taste is so important.” Lin Fan teased.

“Is it too kind to you?” King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan chuckled.

I know it’s time to stop.

If you continue to tease, it must be a fierce battle. During this time, it is not appropriate to fight.

“Hmph!” King Rakshasa coldly snorted, all said: “Get out quickly and talk to each other.”

Lin Fan’s eyebrows were slightly picked up. From the back, looking at this Rakshasa Wang Piao’s posture, it turned out to be nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

“Can they hear from Xiaoyou?” Lin Fan asked.

“Small right body is hit hard.” Murakous aura surpassed in the eyes of King Rakshasa.

“What’s going on?” Lin Fan frowned.

King Rakshasa said: “These are all Peak’s killers, even if Xiaoyou acts carefully, but…”

Lin Fan sighed: “Why don’t you have wet feet when walking along the riverside? Normally, the question is, can it be handled properly?

Rakshasa Wang nodded, said: “Kang Cangtian shot, and the person who found the little right-hand Ni Ni was killed, and he was marrying it to a litter of lightning swallowing the sky python.”

“That’s good.” Lin Fan relaxed, said: “How long will it be before they can come back?”

King Rakshasa shook his head and said, “There is no specific return date, but all three people have heard back. Before the final battle of the king’s battle, he vowed to complete the mission.”

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “What nonsense, if they can’t complete the task, can they really tell them to die?”

King Rakshasa was also laughed, and then his expression dimmed, saying, “Ten 6 seats have been occupied.”

Lin Fan’s pupil shrinks: “So fast?”

“It’s not too fast, almost February.” King Rakshasa shook his head.

“Tell me carefully.” Lin Fan took a straight posture and took a pen and paper.

“You already know the first 9 seats, so I won’t go into details.” King Rakshasa said, and then said: “The tenth seat mocks the wind. This person is a great Loose Cultivator, which one does not belong to the 4th king, but I carefully analyze it because He is in the Sen Imperial Palace.”

Lin Fan listened quietly, and from time to time wrote down the important information of each and everyone, marking the name of each and everyone.

After a long while.

Lin Fan handed down the roster to King Rakshasa and said, “Look, there may be omissions.”

Rakshasa Wang squinted–

The first seat-Li Yuan, from the Imperial Palace.

The second seat-Huang Cheng, from the Imperial Palace.

The third seat-Zhang Huang, from Sen Imperial Palace.

The fourth seat-Xi Tao, from the Imperial Palace.

The fifth seat-king power, from the Imperial Palace.

The sixth seat-Zhu Yi, from Mori Imperial Palace.

Seat 7-Madman, from Mori Imperial Palace.

The 8th seat-Rao Hong, from Sen Imperial Palace.

The 9th seat-Lin Long, alias Along.

The tenth seat-mocking wind, suspected to come from Sen Imperial Palace.

11th seat-Lu Jun.

Twelfth seat-Lu Fei.

Tenth 3 seats-Wu Cheng.

Tenth seat-red willow.

The tenth seat-household rights.

Tenth seat-Tang Yang.

King Rakshasa read it carefully and said, “Yes, but Rao Hong and Hong Liu are both women, and Rao Hong should be from Sen Imperial Palace, suspected to be Sen.

Lin Fan frowned and said: “This is not normal, even you can see, how can the dignified Youhuang not see? In this way, Sen Emperor has more seats than Youhuang, he Can you tolerate it?”

King Rakshasa frowned.

I even ignored the hint of Lin Fan’s words… ridicule.

Shaking his head, he said, “I don’t know, but it is.”

Lin Fan took the paper, counted, and said: “According to your inference, Sen Huang has 6 seats, 2 more than You Huang.”

His hands tapped rhythmically on the table, said with a sneer: “It seems that the Emperor is afraid of secretly raising a lot of experts. In addition to the people who have already confirmed their way, there must be people in the Imperial Palace, just You and I don’t know that’s all.”

King Rakshasa ordered nodded, Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed suddenly, and said: “You may confirm that there can be a King Qingmu among them?”

King Rakshasa shook his head and said, “He kept a low profile, as usual, and found nothing wrong, nor any contact with these people.”

“Huh…” Lin Fan sneered: “Look at it, it will soon show its feet, and it will be ordered to let Xiao Zuo and Xiao You 2 come back before the challenge.”

“Those three steps take a break…” King Rakshasa frowned.

Lin Fan sighed: “We have to deal with the challenge before we talk about other things. Otherwise, if the challenge is coming, how can we explain the whereabouts of Xiaozuo and Xiaoyou? It is enough to leave a killing sky.”

“Okay.” King Rakshasa nodded, said: “Your Rakshasa should make a move.”

Lin Fan looked towards King Rakshasa, saying, “Actually speaking of which, the 300 Rakshasa soldiers under your Rakshasa order can be regarded as real martial arts soldiers. After all, your 300 Rakshasa soldiers are exposed to only 3 or 5 people.”

“I will let them come to imperial city.” King Rakshasa said.

Lin Fan ordered nodded, and then looked towards King Rakshasa curiously, saying: “Why don’t you claim to be this king? This time mostly starts with me.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold.

Not angry.

But she’s partial, she doesn’t know what she is angry.

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