Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3103

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Wang Zhan was suspended for 3 days.

These 3 days are considered as the last trimming time for everyone.

Because afterwards, all battles will be furiously carried out without any gaps.

At this time, inside the Imperial Palace.

Inside the bright yellow curtain,

If you look closely, you will know that one of them is Sen Huang.

The other is Rao Hong in the 8th seat.

King Rakshasa’s guess is indeed correct. This is red, and it is really Emperor Sen’s concubine.

“You are very good, give the emperor a long face.”

Sen Huang’s full of smiles looked at the woman leaning on her arms.

This woman, a fierce man, has repeatedly killed her opponents in blood, and has long proven her toughness, but at this time, she seems weak and can’t help but be delicate and said: “Your Majesty taught you how to be good, otherwise there will be opportunities for concubines to come forward.”

Emperor Mori laughed and said, “I know you have always admired Rakshasa, so I will give you a chance to see if you can climb to the throne if you have the ability.”

Cold light flashed slightly in Rao Hong’s eyes, and said, “Do you guys like women like aloof and remote like Rakshasa? Like the untamable wild horse, it will arouse your desire to conquer.”

“You think too much, at least the emperor is not that kind of person, I like you like this delicate flower.”

Sen Huang smiled.

After that, the tent fell again.

The night is deep.

Emperor Mori fell asleep.

But Rao Hong, who just looked weak, got up suddenly, his murderous intention flashed in his eyes, and once again a blue smoke was blown out of his mouth and crossed into Sen Huang’s nose, which stepped directly on Sen Huang’s body and walked out of the door. .

Outside the door, Qingmu Wang stood quietly: “I’m suffering from you.”

“For Lang Jun, where is there any bitterness?” Rao Hong smiled and put on the body of King Qingmu.

She did not see the trace of disdain and contempt in the eyes of King Qingmu.

“I will not forget your hard work and skill.” Qingmu Wang’s hands gathered a little closer to Rao Hong, and then said: “Yuhuang’s side, I’m not good to go, you ask me for Qingchu ,whether succeed.”

“Hmph! Left or right you still think about that slut.” Rao Hong coldly snorted.

“Hey… you and her are my top princes, but for the great cause, you have to…”

Qing Mu Wang happened to show a trace of pain and sorrow.

“Okay, okay, Lang Jun’s friendship your servant knows, so go for a trip, only after everything is done, Lang Jun don’t blame us for our dirty body.” Rao Hong opened his mouth, but there was a grudge in his eyes, but more But it is showing the trust to the King Qingmu.

“How could it be? If my young eyes dare to do this, Tianda…”

He was ready to swear, but it was indeed closed by slender jade hand.

Rao Hong went.

The green-eyed king gloomed through the half-open door and stared at the sleeping Emperor Mori, whose murderous intention was too strong in his eyes.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“The injury is indeed serious.”

Lin Fan’s expression was solemn.

Rakshasa right guilt said: “I was careless and almost harmed the main event of Venerable Supreme, 10000 Xiaoyou died.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “what the hell said, those people themselves are extraordinary experts. Compared with you, I am afraid that they are only strong and weak, and it is found that it is purely normal, and the deity is not a muddy person. Why blame you.”

Rakshasa left an entourage: “They are really strong. By the reputation of seclusion, retreat or death, they are actually practicing hard. All kinds of cultivation resources are enough to make people greedy. Many of them are so powerful. Feeling shocked, I am afraid that the Old Ancestor Level cultivator has exceeded 100.”

“Normal.” Lin Fan sighed: “Thousands of years of forbearance and planning, if there is no such strength, I will be underestimated.”

“Fortunately, Zun broke his conspiracy, otherwise I would be afraid that this world would be in his pocket.” Rakshasa opened his right hand, and then paid a courtesy visit, saying: “This time the little right was robbed, if there is no respect Give me medicine pill, I’m afraid it’s…”

Lin Fan pulled her up and said, “Don’t be more polite. From now on, don’t worry about all your business. Take care of the injury first.”

Rakshasa’s right envoy heavily nodded: “Please rest assured that King and Zun will never go wrong.”

Lin Fan said: “Rao Hong and Hong Liu, I want you to clean up, can you do it?”

Xiaoyou’s eyes were cold: “It can be done.”

Lin Fan laughed and said, “So is Xiao Zuo, I want you to pick out the enemy, you two, I will push you to the throne.”

2 Everyone’s face has changed!

Thought this was Lin Fan’s temptation.

The two of them scared him to kneel and show loyalty.

Lin Fan pulled him up and explained in detail, and then said: “Xiao Zuo, if I expected it to be good, someone will come in contact with you during this time.”

“Contact?” Rakshasa frowned left.

Lin Fan frowned, and then said with a sneer: “You love King Rakshasa, this is not a secret, but now, King Rakshasa is with me, and you are angry in your heart.”

Rakshasa did not speak to the left, and after a while said: “Look away; also look down.”

“But others don’t know.” Lin Fan added.

Rakshasa left his eyes cold and said, “Sovereignly said, someone will come to lobby and rebel against my king?”

“Isn’t this normal?” Lin Fan sneered, saying: “The vendetta among cultivators is nothing more than these kinds. It should be noted that the beauty of the face is not just something that happens between ordinary people.”

“Who dares to lobby, I will kill him with a knife.” Rakshasa left fiercely evil.

“No, you have to rebel.” Lin Fan said: “Because of love, hate, and love, this is the easiest reason and excuse to believe, and after you rebel, must take me.”

Rakshasa’s left-handed look changed.

Lin Fan said: “Until now, we can only passively move. This is too passive. I need you to break into them, but it will be very dangerous. So in order to ensure your safety, I must bleed. Do you understand? “

“How dare you conclude that the one who came to lobby Xiaozuo is the king of the blue eyes? If it is the double emperors?” Rakshasa said.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “It can be said that the Shuanghuang didn’t even take your 4 kings into their eyes. In their view, you are just optional pieces.

But for King Qingmu, I am a variable because of my teroifying statement from the outside world; a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain.

Although I have deliberately exposed a lot of weak spots, making him think that I did not perceive his true purpose, but he certainly will not be relieved.

You 3 kings, afraid of telling a joke in his eyes, only me may threaten him a little, so he will definitely find a way to let me die, but it is too difficult to want me to die. “

Lin Fan smiled: “Who doesn’t know you and I love each other for a moment? Never separate for a moment? At this time, you think you can kill me, unless he makes a big offense, otherwise, you only have to shoot from the inside, and Rakshasa Palace, no Wherever he can use, weak spot.

The only weak spot is on Rakshasa’s left envoy! Therefore, I dare to conclude that he will start from here. “

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