Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3104

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Rakshasa left kneeling heavily on the ground.

There is no word, but everyone knows what he means.

“I know you won’t, but you have to understand it, understand?” Lin Fan said.

“May I lead you.”

Rakshasa left his head on the ground.

Lin Fan ordered nodded: “You need to be ruthless when you shoot, the more ruthless the better, you know, I am a priest, even if it is a mortal injury, it is not a problem, as long as I leave a breath, up to 3 5 days, in a great half-month time , I can recover completely as before.”

“Nonsense.” King Rakshasa scolded: “Wouldn’t it be replaced with your blood and life?”

“Shut up.” Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold, and he swept at King Rakshasa: “If not, how could King Qingmu believe it?”

“You!” Cold glow glowed in the eyes of King Rakshasa.

This is the second time such a reprimand with her.

“Okay, well, it’s not something to be executed now, but also depends on whether Qingmu Wang will do it.” Lin Fan smiled: “And let’s go, there will be fierce fighting tomorrow.”

On the second day, inside the Double Imperial Palace.

Ten 6 seats aloof and remote, forming a circle, which happens to surround the entire ring.

The other eight emissary seats are at least 8 meters higher than the sixty-six seats. At the top, they are four huge and majestic thrones.

The two emperors appeared, and the emperor said first, “Ten 6 seats are determined, then the 2 2 battle will begin, and the strongest 4 will be decided.”

Sen Huang also ordered nodded.

Lin Fan was in a trance, even from this Emperor’s eyes, saw a gloom.

It’s like being haunted by ghosts and ghosts, and like being fascinated by nightmares, like being sleepless for a long time.

This made Lin Fan frown, and suddenly eyes shrank, there was speculation in my heart, I was afraid that even the imperial city of these two emperors was not quiet.

“And slow.”

At this moment, an Asura King who couldn’t figure out no matter what Lin Fan could do, why did he start in the beginning.

It turned out that two Sovereigns were disobeyed in person.

Shuanghuang’s face was slightly cold.


Youhuang’s words are cold.

Asura King said: “The vastness of our world, these sixteen seats, only lasted trifling for a short time, and I am afraid that it will not be included in the heroic world.”

“Oh?” Sen Huang sneered: “So? What do you think?”

Asura King said: “It’s time to postpone one or two days.”

“Delay? Are you talking about…delay? The emperor did not hear it wrong?” Youhuang’s words were too cold, and the power of Sovereign enveloped the audience. It turned out to be cold here, and all the people of 1000000 were irritated.

Asura King is out.

I’m really unwilling to be divided of my rights!

The most serious and embarrassing thing for him is that the ten-six seats have no place for him.

According to the information sent to him by the ambassador Zuo in the past few days, the 4 kings, but all but him, have manpower in them.

Even the most embarrassed young king of the blue eyes has taken a place. Why does he feel so bad about it?

If it goes on like this, does it mean that he has a high probability to be ranked second from the king to the end?

What happened to this?

“Please ask my emperor to breathe anger.” Asura King said: “2 Supreme emperors, since this new rule is set, it is natural to put all the heroes in the world under their command, but it must be understood that my realm is different from other realms. Besides, I’m afraid…”

“What about you? Do you think so?” Sen Emperor’s eyes cold and severe swept King Rakshasa and so on.

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed and he didn’t speak.

And the low-key, non-existent Qingmu Wang actually sighed and said: “My emperor, his subordinates agree with Asura King’s remarks.”

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and glanced at Yaksha King.

Yaksha King suddenly got up and also got up, cup one fist in the other hand said: “Seniors also agree with Asura King.”

Sen Emperor’s eyes were even colder, and with a sneer, he swept to King Rakshasa and said, “How about you?”

King Rakshasa stood up and said, “There are no comments from his subjects, and my emperor will do whatever he wants.”

“Hehe… what a good love is…” You Huang took it and grinned: “Which of the 6 strongest battles, which one is not one of 10000 picks, who didn’t sweep the heroes to occupy that position? But now… …”

The Emperor Mori glanced at the Emperor and said, “Since they want to postpone it, they will postpone it. They want to see what tricks they can come up with.”

You Huang narrowed his eyes slightly: “Since you decide, then postpone it for 3 days.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

He looked towards Asura King.

Then he sneered and scolded in his heart.

Obviously, this product was taken as a gun.

After this matter, no matter what, this Asura King is afraid that it will not get any benefits.

“Today is gone, from tomorrow, but anyone who has the ability to feel that he has the ability to challenge ten or six powerhouses can challenge, but he must see life and death!”

The emperor’s murderous intention said sharply.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“Asura King is useless.” Lin Fan wiped his face.

King Rakshasa sighed: “He has always been so arrogant and arrogant, thinking that no one in the world will obey him and will only believe what he sees.”

“In any case, there will be a good show tomorrow.” Lin Fan tsk tsk smiled and said: “Fortunately, I only let Lin Long win a seat, otherwise…”

King Rakshasa said: “In this way, the sooner you expose your strength, the more you will lose money. I am afraid that in the end, the staff of the Shuanghuang will be picked up one after another.”

“This is inevitable.” Lin Fan sighed: “This is the horror of the king of blue eyes. If not, how can the Shuanghuang dogs be forced to jump the wall, and how can the Shuanghuang poor figure be seen? You see Come on, it should be that within a few days, King Qingmu will deliberately surrender to one of Sovereign.”

“Sincerity?” King Rakshasa was shocked: “Don’t he want the throne?”

“Is this a conflict?” Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said, “If he doesn’t use Sovereign’s reputation, how can he kill another Sovereign to the last one? If he doesn’t kill a Sovereign to the last one , How could the two emperors fight so that the fisherman catches both?”

“You mean… the war of kings will not appear?” King Rakshasa frowned.

“It will appear.” Lin Fan sighed and said: “It will definitely appear, so I said that this is the brilliant place of the King of Blue Eyes. It really is the turtle of the Eighty thousand years king, and it is indeed the spirit of Old Ghost. , I have to admire the rigorous schemes and deep foresight of this young king.”

“Huh…” Wang Rakshasa sneered, saying, “Are you scolding others or yourself?”

Lin Fan glared at King Rakshasa, Coldly said: “You see him all the way through the whole process. 2 is the most terrifying and deepest kind of person in the city?”

“My name is resourcefulness. How does that kind of old bastard match my mental on equal terms?”

Lin Fan chuckled.

Then, he looked towards Xiaoyou and said, “Send a command to Yaksha King to let him show his favor to Qingmu King.”

Lin Fan sneered: “Always knock him down from time to time, can’t let him always treat us as a fool, at the very least, he has to let him think whether someone has read through his plan.”

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