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"You are just disgusting him." King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan.

"Of course." Lin Fan sneered: "Just to disgust him."

At this time, Sen Imperial Palace.

The king of blue eyes prostrate oneself in admiration kneeling on the ground, staring at him with a staring stare.

"Late night, what is the so-called thing." Sen Huang said, his eyes cold.

"Emperor, his servants came to show his loyalty."

The Blue Eyed King spoke.

"Be loyal?" Sen Huang narrowed his eyes.

Qingmu Wangdao: "Exactly."

Sen Emperor smiled and ridiculed: "Can it be... you have been unfaithful?"

"No, the princes were also loyal in the past, but it was a heart divided into two halves, one half is here with my emperor, and the other half is where you are." King Qingmu spoke, very directly.

This directness made Sen Huang's pupils narrow, the atmosphere calmed down suddenly, and it was also suppressed to the extreme. After a while, Sen Huang laughed softly: "You can continue to talk."

Qingmu Wang Chang exhaled, saying: "The so-called Tianwu 2 days, the country has 2 masters, but I am the two emperors of the Sen Luo Realm, and this is a great scourge!"


A powerful imposing manner suddenly rushed out of the body of the Emperor Sen, so that the Qingmu Wang, who was already in the 6th realm of the gods, screamed and fell out of several hundred zhang.

"Speak carefully! I and the emperor are as close as brothers; they are in the same boat together for 10000 years; how can you provoke you in 3 words and 2 words?" Sen Huang is cold and quiet threatened, but it is not painful and itchy.

In the eyes of King Qingmu, the murderous intention was shining, but it was hidden so well. He lay prone on the ground and said: "Emperor, the situation may be fascinated by others, but his officials are very light, I am afraid that this so-called new regulation is In the competition of the two emperors, the rest of the kings thought that the establishment of the new 4 kings was only for the right of subordination, but it was not true..."

He talked about the facts and made sense, even in the eyes of Emperor Sen, the expression was complicated.

There is a murderous intention.

There is appreciation.

But in the end, it became indifferent.

After King Qingmu finished speaking, he crawled on the ground.


Sen Huang slapped slap rhythmically: "You are very smart. In this way, people have underestimated you and underestimated you in the past."

"My emperor wins the prize." King Qingmu quickly spoke.

Mori Sovereign Dao: "So... between me and Youhuang, did you choose me?"

Breathe deeply, King Qingmu, said: "Want to go through water and tread on fire for my emperor."

"How do you...go through water and tread on fire?" Sen Huang's eyes narrowed slightly.

King Qingmu said: "The world is under the rule of the world, except for the emperor, no one else knows."

Murderous intention flashed in Sen's eyes.

The blue eyes king, the family is extraordinary.

But he was the grandson of Sovereign.

It's just that this secret is really only known to him.

This is also a thorn in his heart.

He and the emperor's superior are very disgraceful, be regarded as usurped.

At the time, leaving the former grandson of the former dynasty was just a mistake. Over the years, more than one time, I wanted to kill this person.

It's just that it's mediocre and stupid, idiot and timid, and it has been dragged on until now.

"You say it." Murderous aura in Sen Emperor's eyes began to condense.

King Qingmu said: "The Emperor Mori knew that his grandfather had an iron army."

Sen Huang eyes shrank.

The iron army was terrifying and almost caused their plan to be aborted, making them prisoners of the ranks.

Qingmu Wangdao said: "The iron army, the two emperors have been killed, but in fact, there are still 4 left."

"4 respects? So many? There is such a big omission?" Sen Huang suddenly got up.

He stared at Qing Qing Wang with a lunar look and said, "How long have you known about this?"

"Dare not lie to my emperor, it has been 3 years." The king of blue eyes said, "They all have a cultivation base of 6 gods."

"So... you want to use them to surrender?" Sen Huang said.

The king of blue eyes is nodded.

"You don't want to restore the glory of the ancestor?" Sen Huang's eyes were cold.

Qingmu Wang laughed at himself and said, "Restore the glory of our ancestors? Just rely on trifling 4 to honor the dead army?"

Sen Huang was relieved and looked at King Qingmu steadily, saying, "How are you going?"

"Deliver the 4 dead army to Your Majesty, and let the 4 dead army take 4 seats."

Qingmu Wang said: "The vassals would like to wipe the seal of slaves, and give the 4 emperors to my emperor to show their loyalty."

Sen Huang looked quietly at King Qingmu. After a while, he slowly said with a smile: "Very good, you are really good, much smarter than your grandfather... I have received your loyalty."

"Many thanks my emperor." The king of blue eyes bowed down again.

"Tomorrow...and won 2 seats first." Sen Huang narrowed his eyes.

"Everything honors the life of my emperor."

Qingmu Wang knocked his head back.

Sen Huang's eyes were faint and said, "Do you believe him?"

Behind him, a voluptuous woman came and said: "He even took out the last family property, and the concubine couldn't think of any other intentions."

"Oh? Really?" Sen Huang narrowed his eyes.

The fascinating woman, Rao Hong, said: "Of course, he needs to be further persecuted to prevent him from having secret possessions, and at least he has to figure out how much strength his blue eyes king has."

Tenderly snorted, Rao Hongdao said: "Everyone says that this blue-eyed king is nothing but waste, but when I saw it today, I realized that this person could endure good intentions, if he didn't pay attention..."

Sen Huang coldly snorted and said: "No matter how he is, after all, I can't escape my control."

"That is, what is Your Majesty and the others? Isn't Trifling the King of Blue Eyes comparable?" Rao Hongjiao smiled.

Day 2.

Lin Fan raised her eyebrows and looked at the four silhouettes beside Qing Wang.

"I'm curious." Lin Fan said, "Death is concentrated in Soul Sea, but there is a terrifying vitality in it. Between life and death, a subtle balance is achieved, causing Undying and Inextinguishable. I am afraid that it can be in this state. Million years to live, is this another Long Life Art?"

Wang Rakshasa followed Lin Fan's eyes and said, "This rat generation is finally no longer forbearing. Will it show its minions?"

Lin Fan laughed: "Unexpectedly, if he has been hiding behind the scenes, he will eventually not come to the stage."

King Rakshasa ordered nodded.

Lin Fan said: "But I still hope he is smarter, don't find Lin Long, otherwise the four around him will not be enough."

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan and said, "Aren't you worried about him at all?"

Lin Fan laughed: "Don't underestimate him, otherwise, you will lose money."

Rakshasa Wang's differential expression.

"Huh... There is another powerhouse in the realm of God 6 around Asura?" Lin Fan was a little surprised.

King Rakshasa said: "This is a blood executioner. For many years of fame, as long as there is money, everything is dry. Looking for this kind of goods, this Asura is afraid that the mountains are really exhausted."

"Blood executioner?" Lin Fan frowned, then raised his eyebrows, and said, "This person list seems to be among those 3000 people."

King Rakshasa's eyes widened and said, "That was really bad luck."

Lin Fan shrugged: "I even suspected that even Asura's envoy was sent to him by King Qingmu."

King Rakshasa frowned, but the battle had already begun on the ring, and both of them looked at it.

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