Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3106

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Lin Fan teased, hoping that what happened did not happen.

In fact, he really hopes that this King of Blue Eyes can not tell good from bad, really sent someone to challenge Lin Long, that would be interesting.

The most unlucky, can also find out the reality of the 4 weirdos around Qing Qing Wang.

“Ma De… why didn’t you let the young man wish?”

Lin Fan cursed, bulging.

Then he laughed again: “I guess the Emperor You must be so angry that she will smoke, and you must be eager to swallow the Qingmu Wangsheng.”

King Rakshasa sighed: “The King Qingmu is also too obvious to hide. Sending 4 people out will only challenge You Huang’s name, and, even if all succeeds, he will tear You 4 down under his life.”

After thinking for a while, King Rakshasa said again: “This is not to leave You Huang any face.”

“Keep your face?” Lin Fan sneered: “If he keeps face for You Huang, how can he let You Huang fly into a rage out of humiliation, and how can he force his dog to jump the wall further?”

King Rakshasa did not speak anymore. He was not good at planning such things. If he continued to speak, Lin Fan would be a good satire and ridicule.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“It doesn’t work like this, you have to make the two Sovereigns have fun.” Lin Fan said with a playful smile: “The most important thing is to interrupt the rhythm of King Qingmu, you can’t all follow him.”

“What do you want?” King Rakshasa frowned.

“You said…Lin Long, if you go to the Emperor, will the Emperor readily agree?” Lin Fan sneered.

Rakshasa Wang frowned more tightly.

“Of course, impossible finds the door by himself, which makes people look cheaper, because he has to find the door by himself.” Lin Fan sneered.

“You really look at your brother.” King Rakshasa sighed: “dignified Sovereign, under your powerhouse as clouds, how can you see your brother dressed as a farmer.”

“Gamble?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed dangerously, and faint smile stared at King Rakshasa.

The eyes harboring malicious intentions are suffocating.

Rakshasa Wang Jue’s blush was red, then coldly snorted and said: “Are you trying to rise up against the wall again?”

“Ma De! Let me mention this again, I’m in a hurry!” Lin Fan fly into a rage out of humiliation: “You mad woman, don’t teach you a lesson, I really think that the master is not good.”

“Hehe.” Wang Rakshasa sneered: “Fly it.”

“Hmph! If you can’t kill you and throw away your helmet, armor, I’m not a man.” Lin Fan sneered and added another sentence, saying: “Gamble, if Youhuang finds Lin Long, you lose, I want you Whatever it is, there must be no resistance! Don’t even say in my ear that the king is going to be there, when the time comes doesn’t work at all.”


King Rakshasa shot suddenly.

Too shameful, her fingertips suddenly burst out with several sharp cold blades, cutting into Lin Fan’s chest.

Lin Fan hurriedly retreated from thirty thousand zhang, and she ran away in the last smoke.

Of course, I did not forget to leave rhetoric and remember the bets.


On the ring, beat to death.

Many protagonists have different expressions.

For example, Sen Huang, proud of one’s success, is tasting all kinds of the most exquisite snacks, and often leans his head to peck the grapes from the beautiful concubine’s room.

The emperor, with a blue face and eyes, is full of cold light and murderous intention. Those eyes, on the four seats that belonged to him, dyed his eyes with a substantial murderous intention.

“I am willing to challenge this farmer!”

This sentence made Lin Fan choking after drinking tea.

Is this a sleepy pillow?

He was still worried about what method to use to make Lin Long favored by the Emperor, so he could find the door on his own.

This is estimated to be the so-called road to heaven.

“Oh… This Asura King, really is back.” Lin Fan smiled.

The reason is that it is the blood executioner around Asura King who wants to challenge Lin Long.

King Rakshasa has inquired. Asura King really paid a hefty price in order to move this bloody executioner!

The appearance fee for each game is several millions; and 200000000 million Holy Spirit fine stones were paid in one go in advance.

“Really nod.” King Rakshasa also sighed, and then; the pitying eyes looked towards the ugly face, like Asura King who wanted to take all on one throw.

In fact, Asura King at this time really took all on one throw.

Under his command, except for the left envoy, none of them could get on the table. Even if he played hard, he would eventually be killed.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to call on the executioner.

The reason why Lin Long was chosen as the challenge target is because… Persimmon moved towards a soft pinch.

Challenge freedom.

No one stopped.

Lin Long was also slightly stunned and then jumped from the seat.

He deliberately did this, not at all as light as others, slammed the ring, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

“Come and announce your name, my hatchet, never slap the nameless person.”

Lin Long spoke.

The words that were domineering themselves, coupled with his expression and slightly rustic words, turned out to be out of place and very funny.

“The deity blood executioner.” The blood executioner spoke with pride: “The world knows my name.”

“Oh? I’m sorry… I don’t know.” Lin Long is honest.

Lin Fan haha ​​laughed.

This brother, the face-slapping skills, but much more than him.

“Mu Yi, funny?”

Asura King, who was already annoyed, immediately pointed his head to Lin Fan, and wanted to vent his anger to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly cold, and she squinted: “The deity smiles if he wants to laugh, would he still have to say hello to Asura King?”

“Tsk tsk.” Asura King grinned: “Now, the Rakshasa Royal Capital you rely on is not going to be safe. Are you still in a mood to laugh?”

Lin Fan was stunned and sneered: “Speak as if you were going to be able to protect the night.”

“You are courting death!” Asura King was furious.

Lin Fan cold said with a sneer: “I am courting death, not courting death, but I know, you really have nowhere to go, unless you give up your defending qualifications, otherwise… This blood executioner is your only hope, and if it is him Lost…”

“Defeat?” Asura King laughed heartily, turned suddenly, and pointed to Lin Long, said: “You mean, the blood executioner overawes the world 3000 years will be lost to a farmer? the biggest joke in the world!”

Lin Fan glanced coldly at him.

Blood Executioner haha ​​laughed and said: “Your unemployed prince is worried that if you can’t cut this farmer, the deity will kill the sword and return to the hidden mountain forest from now on.”

Lin Fan glanced at him again.

Blood Executioner Yin Yin said with a smile: “The deity has always fought only in the battle of victory. Before he came, it was known that this villager was the weakest of the ten and six seats in this place, so he beheaded… relaxed , And can get 6 Holy Spirit fine stone! The deity earns a lot of money.”


The hatchet was lifted, and the sky dome was cut into two halves, half shining brightly, and the other half dark.

“Good dog gall, dare to take the lead in front of the deity?”

Lin Long’s sudden move frightened the blood executioner.

clang, the hatchet was cut off.

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