Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3107

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A knife!

The blade light shines like a star, and the starry sky falls to the ground!

The blood executioner is dead!

Just a knife, he intended to be too late, and there was nothing left, and he was too dead to die.

“I’m so angry!”

a killing blade enemy!

The world is horrified, and it is so shocking to add.

But where did the protagonist of the bloody executioner, a prestigious giant, jumped like thunder!

With a loud roar, it was really awe-inspiring Heaven and Earth.

“pu 呲…”

Asura King is spit out a mouthful of blood.

The last hope was also shattered, and the thugs invited at a great price turned out to be on the spot!

The 100000000 million Holy Spirit fine stones are just a small matter.

The most important thing is, how can the teacher of this blood executioner let him go?

Even if he is the king, but at this time, he can’t be safe, and the other party’s teacher is arrogant. Even if he can’t deal with him secretly, he can let him drink a pot. How much effort and cost.

“Ben Wang has slapped you as a fellow!”

Asura King roared. He rushed towards the ring. No one expected him to shoot. Even the two emperors could not be stopped in time.

“hong long! ”

It was another slash that cut off Asura King’s way forward, and turned Asura King back three steps.

In these 3 steps, the Emperor yelled angrily: “Asura, are you despising the imperial power?”

At the same time, his eyes were splendid.

This past is never seen in the eyes, but the villager of the passerby, even…

Forced to retreat a king?

“I am so angry!”

Everyone was horrified by the twists and turns.

From the killing of the blood executioner to the attack of Asura King, it was a time when Divine Soul was not given a break.

At this time, this is enough to make everyone’s heart turn over the river, and Along, who has improved his strength evaluation by dozens of steps, is still here!

He thumped his chest, his hatchet bloomed 100000000 10000 strands of blade glow: “That man, how dare I shame!”

Lin Long roared.

“Heroes, why are you angry?” You Huang smiled.

“That man! How dare I regard me as the weakest here? How to bear this humiliation.”

Lin Long shouted.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Know that this is Lin Long’s own strategy.

Indeed, it also echoes his meaning.

If it were from now on, it would be awkward for Qingmu Wang to have a happy life.

If it starts now, let Emperor Mori crush the Emperor with absolute advantage, I am afraid that it will be difficult to reach the poor picture after the final dog jumps the wall.

Of course, the two people have the same heart, Lin Fan just means understood Lin Long.

Lin Long doesn’t want to control the rhythm of all the events, but is controlled by Qingmu Wang.

“Hehe…it turned out to be so.” Youhuang smiled and said, “So what do you think?”


Lin Long roared, of course, the whole process was like a full villager, even in the rage, it seemed very poor, just a word of war.

“How to fight?” You Huang narrowed his eyes.

“One after another kill the past! Prove that the deity is the strongest here!” Lin Long roared.

“impudent !”


“Good dog gall!”

“What thing are you, also deserve to be called the strongest here?”

“Hehe … ridiculous, do you want Sovereign to give you a throne first? Since you are the strongest for this place, when a throne is crowned.”

In the ten six seats, everyone sneered.

“I’m the strongest here, and the mother-in-law is not convinced to fight.”

Lin Long pointed to Rao Hong.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Sure enough, Sen Huang’s eyes were slightly cold: “Impudent! You are already a seater, how can you fight against the same level?”

“Sen Emperor made a bad speech, and did not say it beforehand. Do not allow a war between the same seats?” You Emperor said, and then said with a smile: “I think that this man’s request is reasonable, since some people are humiliated. In recognition of his reputation, it is natural to defend with blood.”

Lin Long’s eyes brightened: “You are comfortable speaking.”

“Go, the emperor will support you. If you can prove that you are the strongest, I will have a reward.” Youhuang’s eyes narrowed, but soon, said with a smile: “Of course, challenge a woman like this Don’t worry about it, even if you win, it will inevitably be looked down upon.”

“You, get off, I chopped you off with a hatchet, and you just called it the most.”

Lin Long pointed to the mocking style of the tenth seat, murderous-looking.

You Huang’s eyes narrowed, all smiles.

“Good dog gall!”

Laughing at the wind and laughing: “A village man should live in the mountains and forests, live with wild beast and pigs, and dare to come here to make chaos and watch this seat kill you.”


As soon as he finished speaking, a hatchet chopped to his top of the head!

Rao is useless for his quick avoidance, just a knife. He was cut into two and a half, bloody body, and forcibly trampled by stout soles to become scumbag.

“And you! Get down and see your grandfather not kill you the soul flew away and scattered!”

Lin Long just cut one person, but he didn’t hate, and pointed at another person.

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed slightly!

The person Lin Long refers to is the 7th seated madman!

But in the eyes of You Huang, there was a struggle.

The madman of the 7th seat is clearly the person of the Emperor Mori; but secretly, it must be the person of the Emperor Ye.

“This person takes a breath.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Long, who was in the battle, narrowed his eyes, then growled: “Hurry up, I see you just screamed, and don’t give you any lesson. You really are my grandfather. I am a pig.”

The struggle in You Huang’s eyes disappeared and turned into peace.

Obviously, he depends on whether this Lin Long is really worth his co-op, and would rather give up a seat!

A knife!

Another knife!

The madman was defeated, but not dead, and left one intact, but was injured by Divine Soul.

There is joy in the eyes of Youhuang.

Next, Lin Long is very impudent.

Ten and six seats, ten and five positions besides him, and the two women were removed, and he was almost kicked by him alone.

“Who dares to say that Uncle is the weakest? Get out!”

Lin Long murderous-looking.

Although it looks very stupid, but now, no one dared to underestimate, do not dare to touch his eyes, and beside him, fell after another loser.

However, Lin Long felt very dignified.

The four weird powerhouses he wanted to weigh up the most were actually no matter how provocative, derogatory, and stimulating he was, there was no response at all, just like-dead body!

“Okay, you’ve got enough power.”

Sen Huang’s eyes are too cold!

The great situation that was finally struck down was unexpectedly ruined by a villager!

Of course, compared to Lin Long, he is the most angry, is the culprit of all Asura King.

Mori simply thought that without this Asura King’s many incidents, this would definitely not happen!

Originally ten or six seats, he almost occupied more than half.

But now, the dead, the disabled, the wounded, and the wounded are still intact, but there are only 6 people!

I’m so angry!


Lin Long lay quietly on the bed.

There was a sneering smile in the corner of the mouth.

Both he and Lin Fan concluded that there must be a visitor tonight!


Youhuang is here, disguised and appears directly in Lin Long’s room.

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