Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3108

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Youhuang is here.

He concealed his true body by means of brilliant, followed Yuehua into the house of Lin Long, and then Yuehua wriggled his True Form to appear.


A hatchet cut abruptly, murderous aura and blade glow are condensed between about one inch, hanging under the fire front.


You Huang sipped, he lowered his voice as much as possible.

The reason is that this meeting is absolutely disgraceful.

He was dignified Sovereign, but he was a nocturnal pedestrian, and he needed to come to talk with the farmer in detail, promise great benefits, and seek help from him.

“Deep into my house in the middle of the night and let me stop? Who gave you the courage?”

Lin Long’s expression showed a stubborn expression, and the hatchet stomped faster and harder, the Supreme sharpened between about one inch, and turned out to be the emperor who was enveloped by the hatchet. A bit sharp.


You Emperor right hand photographed the sky, a light sound, but the whole room trembles and shakes, and then oh la la exploded, and all the furniture and furnishings in it became instant powder.


You Huang Leng Bingbing, in the dark night, his 2 eyes are like Ghost Fire.

“Is the Yuhuang coming?”

Lin Long, who wanted to cut another sword, made a surprise, and then stood up, very puzzled and strangely looking towards the Emperor.

At the same time, the Rakshasa Palace was stationed.

“Hey… wake up, there is a good show.”

Lin Fan poked and lay beside him, covered with black hair for most of his appearance, King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa woke up; there was still sleepiness in her eyes, she looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan laughed, a finger pointed. Suddenly, there was a golden Spirit Force surging out. Only in a flash, it turned into a light curtain, and on the light curtain, the scene in Lin Long’s room was playing.

“Why did he really go?” King Rakshasa was surprised, her eyes fixed on You Huang’s body, and after a long while, he heavily coldly snorted, said: “Thinking, this is also normal, this is the nature of the You Huang. .”

“But… you lost.” Lin Fan teased and looked at her exquisite ketone body impudently.

There was a sneer in King Rakshasa’s eyes: “It’s important to lose or not to lose? You don’t want it? There are always so many reasons and excuses to force me to follow.”

Lin Fan was suddenly choked, coldly snorted and said: “How is that the same?”

“Why is it different?” King Rakshasa turned over and was too lazy to watch the pictures that were constantly playing in Lin Long’s room.

“The playability is different.” Lin Fan is very serious: “Always thinking that the deity won, it’s a bit of a prostitute, always want to stimulate.”

“You are going to die.” King Rakshasa gave a soft grunt.

Lin Fan laughed, hugged her tightly, and then looked straight towards the golden curtain in front.

Lin Long’s room.

He was surprised, looked towards Youhuang: “Dare to ask Youhuang to come to look down, but what’s the matter?”

You Huang’s eyes narrowed, and then he suddenly laughed and said, “Fellow Daoist cultivation base profound, sweeping all the seats during the day, I visited all night, hoping to cooperate with Fellow Daoist.”

“Cooperation?” Lin Long raised his eyebrows slightly.

He and Lin Fan, they didn’t expect, this Youhuang would be so direct and simple.

After thinking about it, Lin Long said: “Your Majesty aloof and remote, wake up to the world power, where do you need to cooperate with the next.”

Youhuang sighed and said, “Senhuang is poisonous, and the 4 mortal deaths that appear in the day will be from his handwriting.”

He will die.

Only 3 words, but Lin Fan who has paid attention to this place raised his eyebrows!

So that’s how it is, he said, why from the four silhouettes, can feel like a puppet like breath.

However, this shame will be too cruel.

If it is turned into a dead and shameful, just like Ghost Soldier, escaped life and death, seized the life essence disaster, but also can not enter the reincarnation of imagination.

Who is willing to do this?

King Rakshasa suddenly startled, exposing a large piece of skin like snow and jade, saying, “Leave it in the past!”

“What do you mean?” Lin Fan frowned.

King Rakshasa began to explain that Lin Fan’s heart became heavier and heavier. After a while, it was difficult to say: “In this way, the King Qingmu is afraid that there is a possibility of 80% or more, it is the widow of the former dynasty.”

King Rakshasa said: “Impossible, if he really has this identity, how could the Shuanghuang allow him to survive?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and said: “If you and I reason it is true, then I dare to conclude that Sen Huang must know this.”

“Sen Emperor… This is playing with fire.” King Rakshasa breathes deeply.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said, “He aloof and remote, who has been sitting in the world for 10000 years, has grown accustomed to self-importance, how can he put the so-called forwards in his eyes.”

Lin Long’s room.

“It belongs to the powerhouse under my command and was cut by them one by one.” Youhuang sighed and said, “If you go on like this, I am afraid that I will become a general without an army; I will never be in charge of the world with Senhuang.”

Lin Long was silent, and after a while, he grinned: “But, it has nothing to do with me.”

You Huang narrowed his eyes: “Could it be that you don’t want to be the king’s worshipper, Guangzong Yaozu?”

Lin Long did not speak.

Youhuang took advantage of the heat to hit the iron and said, “If you help me, after the war, I will protect you and I will make you the head of the 8 kings.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Long asked.

There was a trace of sarcasm and ridicule in the Emperor’s heart.

If it is indeed a wild man, even the capital of the king is incomprehensible, saying: “It is just like the current Rakshasa King-like, only under the double emperors, and the other three kings see the salute.”

“King Rakshasa? It’s the murderous woman? It always feels like the girl who owes her 3,000,000?” Lin Long said.

You Huang’s expression froze, and then haha ​​smiled: “4 There is only one woman in the king, maybe you are talking about her.”

And the Rakshasa palace station, King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold, if Lin Fan grabbed her, it is estimated that she will charge ahead with a high probability, and find Lin Long to fight on the spot.

You Huang narrowed his eyes narrowly: “Can it be… Do you like Rakshasa?”

“What are you kidding? That’s a female tyrannosaurus. Except for some brave and arrogant characters, who wants to die, who dares to ride?” Lin Long said again.

The emperor is haha ​​again and smiles, very cheerfully, said: “With the power of your lord, when you can be the throne, become a new one of the kings, but if you cannot become the first king, I am afraid that you will be under the jurisdiction of Rakshasa. .”

“That won’t work.” Lin Long shook his head and said, “Then tigress, the murderer, if she is squashed on her head, will it still work? You have to lay down the first king to sit.”

“So… you need to join forces with me.” Youhuang said: “You leveled everyone on the side of the Emperor Sen, and the Emperor guaranteed you the first seat.”

Lin Long frowned and said, “The powerhouse as clouds under the Emperor Mori will fight against them alone?”

You Huang Leng faintly said: “Of course not, he is the emperor, and I am also the emperor, how could it be worse than him? Only some strength, I do not want to expose.”

Lin Long said, “At least I won’t agree until I have no certainty and I can contend with Sen Huang.”

The Emperor looked at Lin Long and said after a while: “I said that you are indifferent and have no knowledge, but now it seems that I am afraid that you are the one who hides the deepest.”

Lin Long did not speak.

Youhuang sneered, said: “Alright, then take you to see something.”

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