Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3109

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Lin Fan’s mind is slightly tight!

This is what he discussed with Lin Long.

To see if you can see some of the hidden strength of the Emperor, but it is so simple and easy?

Could it be that the Emperor didn’t have a half-hearted guard against Lin Long?

This is too abnormal.

“Shall we follow?” King Rakshasa said.

Lin Fan shook his head: “Rest assured, nothing will happen.”

“So confident?” King Rakshasa was surprised.

Lin Fan laughed, didn’t say much.

Strictly speaking, as long as he is not dead, Lin Long will not die, compared to him, Lin Long is the real Undying Body.

“You sleep first, I will wait.”

Lin Fan spoke.

King Rakshasa lightly snorted: “How do I sleep?”


It was almost dawn and Lin Long returned.

A cold face, full of murderous intention.

“Qingxiao Maru!”

The murderous intention in Lin Fan’s eyes is a masterpiece.

This monarch, really damn, he actually felt the power of this pill from Lin Long’s body, which was very strong.

“Qingxiao Maru?” Rakshasa Royal Capital said in horror, “This Youhuang is really venomous and vicious, and even used this kind of trick to manipulate Lin Long.”

Lin Fan was heavily nodded, sneering, and said: “But he knows that this thing is really nothing in front of me, I want to solve it, with no difficulty.”

King Rakshasa said: “Actually, this Qingxiao Pill is very common and ordinary in the Sen Luo Realm. Although it can be easily solved in your mouth, in the Sen Luo Realm, it is only the ability of the two emperors to release it, so , Mostly used to control your people.”

Lin Fan sighed.

After all, this Qingxiao Pill is like a drug on the aquamarine planet of his previous life.

Extremely addictive, if addicted, can not take this pill, uncomfortable to die, the most is to kill the will of people.

It’s no wonder that it will become the manipulative object of the high-ranking ones to the low-ranking ones.

“It feels really beautiful, just like floating in the clouds, like all the things that are dreamed of, all at hand.” Lin Long said, and then said: “After the medicament, the sudden emptiness and loss make People are crazy, and they want to sleep in that beautiful dream from time to time.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “Sit down, I will prepare an antidote for you.”

Lin Long shook his head and said, “At least before Wang Zhan, I still need to be an addict.”

Lin Fan frowned.

Lin Long said: “Relax, this thing has little effect on me. If you remove it now, I’m afraid it will make You Huang doubt.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan said, and then said: “What is his hidden strength?”

“Lin Shen 6 Realm 2 Realm, Lin God 5 Realm Peak also has 3.” Lin Long said, “It’s really strong, and I suspect that this is not all the strength he hides, there should be reservations. “

“It’s normal to have reservations. If it’s just the first time, this Youhuang will let you see all his backhands. That’s weird.” Lin Fan sneered. The strength should be similar.”

King Rakshasa ordered nodded.

Lin Fan laughed, saying: “Fortunately, these things don’t worry you and me, this king of blue eyes will actively dig out, and then one after another kills.”

At dawn, in the Double Imperial Palace, there are some heroic figures rising.

However, today is already the last day. After wrong today, ten or six seats will be constant and will not be changed.

It wasn’t until the evening when Lin Long was ruthless, even after slashing three of the Sen Emperor’s side, Sen Emperor a face gloomy announced that ten and six seats had been set and could not be changed.

The original ten six seats, too many changes, too many people died.

But if calculated carefully, even a small half of them died in the hands of Lin Long. At this time, the ten and six seats were–

The first seat: Li Yuan (You Imperial Palace).

2nd seat: Huang Cheng (You Imperial Palace).

3rd seat: die.

4th seat: Xue Kunlun, free man, so far, Lin Fan has not found which side he belongs to.

Seat 5: Meng Litao (You Imperial Palace.)

6rd seat: die.

7rd seat: die.

8th seat: Rao Hong (Concubine Mori in honor.)

9th seat: Lin Long.

Tenth seat: Ask God, the free man, like Xue Kunlun, has not yet discovered which side he belongs to.

11th seats: will die.

Twelfth seat: Li Chundao (Sen Imperial Palace.)

Tenth seat: Wu Cheng, a free man. So far, he has never found out which side he belongs to.

Tenth 4 seats: Red Willow (You Imperial Palace.)

Tenth seats: Huyi, free person, so far, has not exposed where the power belongs.

Tenth seat: Tang Yang, which has been clearly proved to belong to the Imperial Palace.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

Lin Fan looked quietly at the roster in front of her and sighed, “It seems that at least in the first battle, Shuanghuang is still equally divided.”

Rakshasa Wang nodded, said: “But in terms of quality, the Emperor’s side is at a disadvantage.”

“Not exactly.” Lin Fan said, “With the temporary support of Lin Long, the Sen Emperor’s side is really not enough to see. If he wants, he can kill all seats of the Sen Emperor’s side.”

“It is terrible to die, there is a terrible balance between life and death, you can directly use Life and Death Source to kill the enemy, terrifying.” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan, said: “Don’t be underestimated, it’s tricky.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “The reason why it is terrifying is because the world can’t do anything about it.”

King Rakshasa nodded, said: “Death is like a puppet, I don’t know pain and tiredness, but the partial life is like a living person, and the manipulative path is like a killing skill, naturally powerful and unmatched.”

“But if there are real means, how do you know how to destroy their balance of life and death?” Lin Fan sneered: “Relax, these four half-man and half-ghost goods are not enough to see.”

Rakshasa Wang is relaxed.

Lin Fan said: “The most important thing now is tomorrow’s messenger battle.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed.

The top 6 and the top 6 have been decided. According to the wishes of the two emperors, the battle for this seat lasted too long. The top 8 and the top 3 were all bitter and exhausted.

In the subsequent Messenger Challenge, the top 3 can have the right to be waived.

8 The strongest of the ambassadors can refuse to fight 3 times.

The second strongest, you can refuse to fight 2 times.

The third strongest player can refuse to fight once.

“Hmph, in my opinion, the so-called immunity is just a joke. If someone challenges this level of cultivator, how can they refuse?” Rakshasa sneered.

Lin Fan looked towards her, saying: “You look down upon, the so-called immunity is too important.”

Sneered, he looked towards Rakshasa and said, “For example, if Xiao Zuo has immunity, he can avoid the challenge of the strongest three, conserve strength and store up energy, and only wait for the last strongest messenger to fight.”

Rakshasa shrank his pupils to the right and said, “Sovereign, are we going to take this immunity?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed: “Go, of course.”

Lin Fan sneered: “But if you go, you only need a third.”

King Rakshasa frowned: “I could have captured the top 3, why…”

“Trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind.” Lin Fan glanced at her.

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