Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3110

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King Rakshasa did not speak, and Lin Fan said again faintly: “even more how, our goal is never just trifling.”

The color of struggling flashed in King Rakshasa’s eyes, saying: “In fact, if Qingguo Wangguo is really a widow of a former dynasty, then he really has reasons and excuses to retake this world.”

“Big sister, have you made a mistake? The so-called heavenly son and courtier…” Lin Fan wanted to continue to say something, but finally sighed, “Well, if this king of blue eyes is not aimed at you or me Then, that’s all, since you are willing to continue to be king safely, why should I be tough?

King Rakshasa ordered nodded.

In fact, how can she not want to be emperor.

After all, after being emperor, she was one step closer to her long-cherished revenge.

But she was afraid that it was a deal.

What I was afraid was that Lin Fan thought that she would be able to clear the world by sending her this world.

However, where can Lin Fan understand the twists and turns in the daughter’s heart?

Lin Fan, there is no negotiation.

After all, Lin Fan had already made a plan beforehand. The so-called Tianji horse racing is indeed a good way.

But the rest of the kings are urgently negotiating countermeasures, commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the remaining six ambassadors, and how to fight in order to get the most benefit.

In the end, after intensive discussions, they settled down.


Inside the Double Imperial Palace.

“Last night I negotiated with You Huang to set some new rules for this emissaries.”

The Emperor Sen spoke, and he glanced at the 4 Kings.

4 The pupils of Wang are all squinting.

How come there are so-called new regulations?

“Dare to ask Emperor Mori, the so-called new regulations, specifically…” Asura King said.

He was defeated in the seat.

Urgently hope to get the most benefit in the war of messengers.

After all, he left the ambassador, but he is recognized as the strongest messenger.

Sen Emperor glanced at Asura King and said, “The messengers are strong or weak. If they are challenged as freely as they used to be, they are unfair.”

4 Wang’s brows are slightly wrinkled.

Only listening to Youhe Hehe smiled at this time and said, “So, after discussing with Sen Huang, I decided to draw lots to determine the opponent!”

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold!

In this way, he broke his plan.

Moreover, I am afraid that some hidden strengths have to be exposed.

“It’s fair.” Asura King hehe smiled.

The 1st place that left and right this messenger battle, he was all set!

“Rakshasa, Yaksha, Qingmu, do you three have any opinions?” Sen Huang looked towards King 3, his eyes cold and severe.

“No.” King Rakshasa said first.

“Okay, since there is no opinion, then draw the opponent.” You Huang said with a smile: “Only 2 battles are played today.”

The draw is simple.

Take 4 to 4 2 number plates, and divide them into red and black colors.

Those who draw different colors of the same number are opponents.

When 8 number plates were shot from the hands of Sen Huang, the 4 king expressions all stood up in an instant.

Especially Asura King, with a big hand, he headed towards the sky and wanted to be the first to win the number plate.

Rakshasa Wang Ben also wanted to shoot, but Lin Fan was just looking at the head.

This kind of dispute is not necessary at all.

“Oh… King Rakshasa has a man, but this sex has converged too much, and it is not as refuse to yield an inch as before.” Asura King scoffed.

The remaining 2 kings, their eyes narrowed, looked towards King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa’s eyes were cold, and he said: “This king’s personality changes and does not change, whether to change or not, how can you tell?”

“Hehe.” Asura King quipped: “Without your dispute, it’s boring.”

Lin Fan sighed and said, “Since Asura King wants to fight and fight, then the deity will play with you.”

“Huh…you?” Asura King smiled teasingly, and then added a word: “Well?”

Lin Fan smiled and ignored Asura King’s rigid irony and scorching satire, but said: “How do you fight?”

“Ben Wang has always liked the highest scenery.” His eyes looked towards the light group at the highest, and the meaning was too obvious.

Lin Fan’s eyes showed a moment of laughter, but it was cold and severe at the moment, and came out of the finger, 5 golden thunders turned into lightning knives, traversing towards the big hand of Asura King, they were to be cut down. .


Asura King vibrating arm, 5 thunder knives suddenly exploded, turning into a golden arc 4 scattered: “Waste, also deserve to compete with this net, a fight? Is it your face?”

Lin Fan didn’t answer, 5 fingers closed slightly, and the golden lightning arc that was shattered and shattered closed again, turned into a heavy halberd wu wu tweet, shattered in the sky and shattered, the layer cloud collapsed, ka-cha sounded, this The halberd turned out to be like a terrifying sky thunder, exploding into Asura King’s palm.

“Hmph!” Asura King coldly snorted, the big palm of this probing turned into a fist, only waved between about one inch, with a hum, ten thousand zhang Qingtian collapsed, like a big piece of bright mirror split .

What’s more, this fist knocked back the halberd, and it turned out that Asura Blade cut into Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold.

The golden halberd that had been shaken back shivered, and then dozens of golden halberds were separated from it, turning into a True Dragon, roaring and fighting everywhere.

Asura King complexion slightly changed, the big hand holding this fist spread out, and then suddenly expanded, one hand shrouding the heavens, fiercely squeezed down, turned out to squeeze all the golden True Dragon.

The kings are all intently looking at this battle.

This is an alternative confrontation. The test is the application and understanding of Tao and skill. It seems that the war circle is only between the square inches, but it actually includes Heaven and Earth. Although it seems to have only 5 finger movements, it is very dangerous. , I am afraid that there will be dozens more blood holes in the battle body.

“Mu Yi, what thing are you? Why fight with this king? Get away from this king!”

Asura King roared, and the big hand suddenly turned into inescapable net, imprisoning all True Dragons, and trapping Lin Fan in it.

Wu wu wu.

The golden halberd roared, and suddenly the Phoenix Phoenix mingled, a silver True Dragon and a hot Phoenix reversed the Nine Heavens, turning this inescapable net breakthrough, and, from that Phoenix wing, the flame turned into the Bifang Divine Bird. Go out, the highest light group of the title returns.

Lin Fan reached out and took it.

“Good dog gall!”

Asura King is furious.

It turned out to be the dark path of Mingxiu Road?

“Come back to Ben Wang!” He pulled back fiercely with his big hand, Bifang Divine Bird of the light group screamed, Ling Yu fell off, Lin Fan’s eyes cold: “Is your face?”

Dragon Phoenix kills all together, so Asura King does not dare to underestimate, urgently raises his hand, and wants to wave it back, but at this time, True Dragon and True Phoenix turn into 2 ten thousand zhang lightning glow, split together under.

The lightning glow on the left was split by Asura King, but the lightning glow on the right was on his top of the head!

Asura King roared.

This lightning glow hit his top of the head, but it was suddenly distracted by all murderous intentions, turning into pure lightning glow and invading him!

However, it was harder than a real fight, which made him uncomfortable.

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