Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3111

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A golden arc crackled and jumped all over his body.

Moreover, his long hair is standing upside down, like a chaotic henhouse.

This is too embarrassing, all the king’s dignity is missing.

“Mu Yi! The king wants you to die!”

Asura King screamed, then raised his hands, and fiercely photographed Rakshasa on the king stage.

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold, and a halberd was killed from his hand. With a bang, the big hand was directly killed and a huge blood hole appeared; splashing endless blood beads.

“Do you dare to hurt the king?” Asura King roared, and he actually pulled out the Asura Blade, extremely angry, flustered and exasperated.

After two consecutive clashes, he actually suffered from blood loss.

Lin Fan sneered: “If Sovereign is not stopping, I am afraid that you are going to die a king.

“Asura stop.” You Huang coldly shouted.

“Your Majesty, kill the madman first when he is a minister.” Asura King is angry, where do you listen?

“Are you a lunatic, or Mu Yi is a lunatic? There is still the existence of the emperor in your eyes?” Sen Huang was also angry.

Especially the Emperor Huang, in his eyes turned out a strand of murderous intention blooming.

Obviously, he still remembered that because of this Asura King, his seat had changed a lot. I was afraid that he hoped that Asura King would continue to make trouble. He took the opportunity to kill him.

Asura King angry roar, Asura Blade pointed at Lin Fan sensibly, the murderous aura was too rich. Although he hadn’t done it yet, the knife’s intention had already struck. Come, but it is blocked by a golden electric screen.

“What a shameless!” You Huang rebuked: “Is it because you have made things for no reason, you haven’t gained the upper hand, but you have been delusional and shameful, do you think this is in your palace?”

Fear appeared on Asura King’s face.

The murderous intention too terrifying released from You Huang made his face change suddenly, and quickly apologized on his knees.

The King is coldly snorted, Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, staring at Asura King.

“Hehe …… It seems that our prince, it is really a real person who does not show his face, it is really a dragon crossing the river.” Sen Huang smiled, looked towards Lin Fan, his eyes full of malicious.

Lin Fan laughed and said, “Where is the raptor, and where is the real person? It’s just that the Asura King is fooled.”

“Mu Yi! Can’t I kill you?” Asura King growled.

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “If you are not trying to be clever, I am afraid that you will be at a loss in the battle with him. I am afraid that I will be down.”

Sen Huang’s eyes narrowed, hehe smiled.

In his mind, he recalled the scene of the two men fighting, laughed, and said: “In this way, the truth is that this Asura is not brainless.”

The rest of the kings wanted to laugh, but they were suppressed.

Asura King, a partial student, hasn’t figured it out yet, why Sen Emperor will say that he has no brains.

As it turned out, he was really brainless.

“Asura, the next time you fight against people, you really have to use your brains more.” You Huang said quietly.

Asura King’s face changed again, creeping on the ground, but he didn’t dare to talk.

Lin Fan looked quietly, and the sound transmission said, “Actually speaking of which of your 4 kings, I am afraid that only the brainless Asura King is the most loyal to the Shuanghuang.”

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan, and after a long silence, he said: “Don’t you say that he has no brains? People with no brains, generally speaking, will not have too many selfish thoughts.”

Lin Fan laughed.

Then, Lin Fan spread out the light group in his hand, which was a shiny paper group, and after smoothing, there was a big red 4 word on it.

“Good luck.” Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

King Rakshasa glanced and said, “It is indeed good luck. I hope you will have this luck next time, and get a number 3. In that case, we can sit on the mountain and watch the tiger. We will fight tomorrow.”

Lin Fan smiled, flicks with the finger, a ray of golden light turned into a palm, grabbed into the air, and easily and simply took a light group, but no one was fighting with him.

After spreading out, Lin Fan laughed: “It’s really lucky! It’s black 3.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes brightened.

But after the Royal Capital caught the light group, Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly wrinkled.

Unlike his good luck, Yaksha King turned out to be bad luck, grabbed a black number one and a red number two.

That is to say, today his envoys must play.

What’s more bad luck is that the same number plate is actually Asura King’s red number one and black number two.

“Hahaha…Yaksha King, it looks like you have a bad look!”

Asura King laughed.

Among the envoys, the only one who can cause trouble for him is Left Envoy and Right Envoy. I am afraid that only King Rakshasa will sit down and make a double envoy.

The rest can be easily crushed.

Yaksha King’s eyes were cold, and he gave Lin Fan a vague glance.

Lin Fan told him in a lip style that he must fight and not lose.

Yaksha King brows slightly wrinkle, but in the end, he sighed.


At this time, Lin Fan’s sound transmission reached his Soul Sea.

“Order your command, be sure to fight desperately, even if there is a gap between the two sides, but also not heaven and earth’s difference to separate, be sure to let Asura suffer damage to both sides.”

This is the command of Lin Fan.

Asura left envoy has contact with Qingmu Wang, and it is quite frequent.

This made Lin Fan have to guess that Asura’s left envoy was the person under the blue eyes of the king.

This move is only a temptation.

If this Asura left envoy is really under the eyes of the king of blue eyes, then the killing of the sky must be hidden tighter and deeper, and it should be used as the final blow to killing move.

Yaksha wins and loses.

But what is unexpected is that normally, Yaksha King, who loves soldiers like a child and goes out to fight desperately, is actually strictly forcing 2 people to fight against death.


Winning is not easy, and losing is even more miserable.

Asura is lighter left, but it can certainly affect its battle strength. Although it is slight, in this level of battle, even the influence of bits and pieces can be infinitely expanded by the opponent.

Asura’s right envoy is even more miserable; his face is pale and battle strength is greatly damaged.

According to Lin Fan’s arrangement, he battled Asura’s envoy, but Yaksha’s envoy was left.

And the strongest Asura left ambassador is the weakest Yaksha right ambassador among the four.

Rakshasa Royal Palace Station.

“You take these medicine pill and keep it for a maximum of 3 days. With your 5 people, you can lively dragon and animated tiger again.” Lin Fan handed over several bottles of Healing Saint Pill to Yaksha King.

Yaksha King looked ugly and said, “If in the end, you can’t win one or two of the messenger wars, this king won’t spare you.”

Lin Fan said: “In the first 3, I only need one seat, and Xiao Zuo will lose.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Yaksha King looked towards Lin Fan puzzledly: “After this step, what else do you have to hide?”

Lin Fan said: “Things are totally impossible according to the arrangement of the two emperors, do not believe you and watch.”

Yaksha King frowned, Lin Fan said: “Can’t be anxious, the top 6 of the top 4 does not appear, and the top 8 does not appear, and… how can you be sure, the king of eyes and the double emperor will not be the most powerfulhouse , Arranged at the end? Only appear when picking Battle King?”

Yaksha King eyes shrank, said: “So… killing Cangtian and Along are your final cards, and your candidates for the new throne. Me and my team, including Rakshasa’s envoys, are just chess pieces? “

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