Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3112


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Lin Fan glanced at Yaksha King without answering the question.

In fact, Lin Long is just a spoiler, and killing Cangtian is just a spoiler.

The so-called killing move, of course, is not these two people, but Lin Fan feels that it is not appropriate to say it, otherwise, whether it is King Rakshasa or Yaksha King, he will be considered crazy.

For Lin Fan’s view, the only killing move can only be the King of Blue Eyes.

It’s hard to hear. Lin Fan just wants to pick the peach of the Qingmuwang, to make all the plans of the Qingmuwang empty, and to let the Qingmuwang figure make the wedding dress.

If it wasn’t for King Rakshasa’s sentence last night, Lin Fan would deliberately guide, but since last night, King Rakshasa told him that if King Qingmu was really a widow of a former dynasty, then seize this world, as he deserves, then Just stop.

If the king of blue eyes does not embarrass them in the end, then let it go. If the king of blue eyes is in trouble, he even wants to kill the king and the king one to the last one. Don’t blame him.

“You and go back, you must take care of these things.” Lin Fan said.

Yaksha King frowned tightly, said with a sneer: “I have drowned in this muddy water, how can I not care?”

Lin Fan said: “You only need to believe that the deity is, no matter how the situation develops and changes, at least your power with Rakshasa will not be affected in any way.”

Yaksha King sighed, but in the end, he left.

“This battle is really tough…” King Rakshasa sighed.

Lin Fan smiled and said: “However, if someone plots to change the world, how can it not be difficult? Sit down and watch it, it will not last long, and I will see it.”


Double Imperial Palace.

The eyes of King Qingmu flashed with smile, looking towards King Rakshasa, and said, “Dare to keep your hands, my pair of envoys are not opponents who respect your superior…”

Rakshasa Wang Meijiao slightly picked up and said, “Was the King Qingmu so unconfident? Are you not afraid of hitting your self-confidence?”

The blue-eyed king laughed and said: “Anyone who has self-knowledge is your weakest right envoy. You can pick two envoys, and the power increases sharply. With this inference, Rakshasa left by the messenger Peak Therefore, when the strength is stronger, the two stupid people under Ben Wang’s command, how is his opponent?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, he smiled softly, and said: “Since Qing Qing Wang has such self-knowledge, why not just admit defeat and save trouble, and directly conduct the final qualifying battle, isn’t it better?”

Qingmu Wang smiled and said: “Knowing that playing is only one thing, but not playing is another.”

“So…what do you say so much nonsense?” Lin Fan’s eyes sneered.

He wants to see, he has already reached this step, how to bear this young king, how to pretend.

The eyes of the blue-eyed king were slightly cold, while Emperor Mori lightly said: “The two of you are fighting each other like this, and you are not afraid that someone beyond the person will read the joke, thinking that the two emperors are incompetent and let your opponent fight.”

Lin Fan hehe smiled and did not speak.

It seems that the Emperor Mori really regarded the King Aoki as a loyal man.

This is a fool.

“Hurry up, don’t drag on.” The Emperor You also spoke, looking towards King Rakshasa, saying: “You first choose the first person to fight.”

Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly cold.

Unintentionally, this Youhuang turned out to be a favor to the King Qingmu, why?

It should be noted that it is up to them to decide the first warrior. This is not good. It will allow the Aoki King to have enough time to arrange. If the Aoki King also knows the so-called Tianji horse racing, he may upset his layout.

“Xiao Zuo, you go first.” Lin Fan said, and sound transmission: “You know what to do.”

Rakshasa said nothing to the left, and dragged out the knife.

But no one can see that his heart is absent and desolate, and he feels very desolate, like everything in this day can’t extract his interest.

There is a natural color in the eyes of the king of blue eyes, with a chuckle, and then looked towards the right angel of blue eyes, the left angel of blue eyes also stepped out.

It’s different from Rakshasa’s left envoy’s interest and absent-mindedness. This blue-eyed left envoy turned out to be fighting intent, and after three steps, the whole person’s breath changed greatly; Left, and formed a crushing trend against him.

This scared everyone!

It should be noted that in the past rankings, this blue eyes is only a sixth, but now it is such a deep cultivation base.

“Small exposed edge.” Lin Fan slightly narrows the eyes.

Anxiety appeared in King Rakshasa’s eyes, saying, “So, do you still let him hide his strength?”

“why not?” Lin Fan sneered.

“The blue eyes are too strong, if Xiao Zuo continues to hide the cultivation base, he will lose money or even be crippled.” King Rakshasa said, angry in his pupils.

Think Lin Fan is for the purpose of achieving by fair means or foul, regardless of her life and death.

“You can rest assured that this blue-eyed king impossible to hit Xiao Zuo hard, will treat him as a breakthrough mouth, and deliberately use Xiao Zuo as a knife and insert it into your chest.” Lin Fan is confident.

It’s war!

Rakshasa’s left envoy really lost, and retreated, almost beaten by the blue eyes left envoy, completely beaten with temper.

Rakshasa Royal Capital was thrilled several times, and made Rakshasa Royal Capital thrilled, even screaming a few times.

But Lin Fan sees it clearly, it looks really dangerous and dangerous, he almost killed Rakshasa Zuo Shi several times, but in fact, this is the illusion that Zong Mu Zuo Zhe intentionally reflected, but only done too much Truth, unless aided by the eyes of rune, he is impossible to see through certain truths.

“Brother Ge Shirenjie, why do you feel angry beside a woman?”

Between a confrontation, the two are out of date, Yaksha left the sound transmission,

The murderous intention in Rakshasa’s eyes flashed: “You are insulting her, I can punish you for your ten races.”

“hehe…interesting, the women are all grown-up women, you have to stand guard at the door of someone else’s room.”


Rakshasa’s left enrage screams, murderous aura in the eyes.

This is not pretending, but actually beating his anger.

But I have to say that after hiding his strength, he is indeed not the opponent of this young man.

“Oh…If I were you, I would like to vote for the other. When I broke out of the new Heaven and Earth, when I came back to kill, kill the man and take the woman I love!”

Qingmu left the accusation.

Of course, their conversation is sound transmission throughout, and outsiders can’t even hear the slightest.

“Mingzhu? Are you talking about Qingmu’s waste?” Rakshasa sneered at the left.

Qingmu left envoy heavily coldly snorted and said: “That’s just appearance, in fact, my lord has great ambitions, and this time he let him talk with his elder brother in detail.”

Rakshasa sneered at the left.

Qingmu left entourage: “In order to show sincerity, this board will admit defeat.”

“Let you admit defeat?” Rakshasa left with rage.

“You know, if I try my best to fight you, or sincerely want to kill you, you’re already dead.” Qingmu left sneered: “Remember, there is only one chance, if you want to recapture the woman you love, in it Raised his eyebrows in front of him, and came to Huang Tiankeng tonight.”

Finally, this young ambassador made a weak spot intentionally, and then Rakshasa left a knife to break a broken bone, and howled and flew out of the ring.


Lin Fan cursed and hated.

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