Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3113


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Lin Fan really hates his teeth!

I really didn’t expect that this king of blue eyes didn’t care about this ranking.

He bet on Rakshasa’s left-hand loss and the odds set are extremely high.

But now–

“hahaha ……old fox is sometimes miscalculated.” Rakshasa Wang laughed at hehe, so happy, he was happy to have Lin Fan eat deflated.

“Ma De, the loss is big, the loss is big, at least to win or lose around 10 million.”

Lin Fan is twitching in pain.

“You got it. During this time, you are in control of the market. You are afraid to win more than 1 billion. If you lose today, it is just one hair from nine oxen.” Rakshasa Wang fiercely snorted. Lin Fan Zhou’s appearance.

Lin Fan sighed, but in the end he smiled bitterly, saying: “The plans of this time are too smooth and smooth, and I am completely forgetting myself. I really think of myself as a reincarnation; if I lose, the score should be.”

King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan, Lin Fan solemnly said, “Since this king of blue eyes is determined to be in the throne; how can he care about this so-called messenger ranking? I take it for granted, I lose, no complaint.”

Lin Fan laughed and said: “Since this time it is defeated, then it will be the next win.”

“What do you want to do again?” Rakshasa Wang looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan said: “In the first three seats, we only need one seat for the left and right. It is better to hide the sword in the sheath. The people around the world do not recognize the strength of the small right. Seriously, even if I am the first priest, it’s useless. I can’t let her recover completely in a hurry.”

King Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly, he only listened to Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa’s right envoy, saying: “In the next game, you are going to lose, and you should be defeated as you deserve, but no injuries are allowed.”

“You are so sure that Xiao Zuo can be the first?” Rakshasa Wang looked surprised towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan hehe smiled and said: “The first one is not sure, it should be the Asura left envoy occupying the first seat, but the second did not run, even if Xiao Zuo does not want to go up, the king of blue eyes will do everything he can to get him on. .”

“Why?” King Rakshasa said.

“You are really stupid, why don’t you think about it? I always feel very tired talking to you,” Lin Fan cracking a joke said.

“hmph! It’s tiring to talk to this king, so I won’t say it.”

King Rakshasa’s complexion is gloomy glanced over.

Lin Fan scratched his head and didn’t understand why this King Rakshasa was angry again, each minding their own business explained: “Only Asura’s left ambassador takes the first place, and small left occupies the second seat, is it more in the interest of the blue eyes king. , Only in this way, he can better arrange his people in position.”

“Understood.” King Rakshasa sighed and laughed at herself: “It seems that this King is really not suitable for playing tricks, so many twists and turns, every move will kill the game, all are pits.”

“Where I am, I need you to plan.” Lin Fan raised her eyebrows.

“Sovereign, I’m gone.”

At this time, Xiaoyou opened her mouth. It turned out to be Qingmu Youshi, who was already in the ring.

Compared to the previous game, Xiaoyou and Qingmuyous have little attention and attraction.

In the previous game, a big upset broke out.

Rakshasa, who was supposed to crush his opponent, turned out to be the one that was crushed, but in the end, he defeated the opponent strangely.

But this one…

Rakshasa wins with a right.

I don’t know how many people fisted, rushed into Lin Fan’s bet, went to re-bet, and bought a small right win.

Even the Shuanghuang and the Three Kings, and many messengers, have all made blood.

All suffocated.

Because, during this time, when I went to Shuanghuang and I went down to Loose Cultivator, I lost my scalp and felt numb. I saw the game with King Rakshasa hanging.

So, this time, all of them are ruthless. How can we not bet fiercely in this obvious situation? How not to win back the Spirit Stone fiercely that was lost before?

It’s time to fight!

Small right is too strong, it seems stronger than last time.

Before opening, the attack is like a violent storm.

But because of this, the pupils of Shuanghuang suddenly squinted, raising a bad feeling.

It’s so urgent, but it’s a taboo on the battlefield.

Sure enough, after 30 moves, Ben Rakshasa’s right move was so fierce as to scare the dead right enemies, the attack suddenly slowed down, and then when he hit the Qingmen right enemies with a bombardment, a spit of blood came out.

Later, many blood lines spattered from her body.

“Old injury!”

Yuhuang shouts.

“Slow! We admit defeat.”

King Rakshasa spoke directly.

Qingmu Wang’s face was suddenly cold.

“What am I special!”

Sen Huangdu directly swears.

The bet during this period was directly for him to lose all the benefits of Lin Fan’s forcible sharing, plus today’s game, it turned out that even the old one was almost lost.

“Mu Yi, you misrepresented the first priest, but for such a long time, you can’t cure it!”

Asura King roared.

It’s really worse.

I feel like nothing is going well.

Lin Fan’s eyes are sharp and cold: “The priest is just a name, not a god, he can’t cure the disease, and some injuries can only be exchanged.”

The eyes of King Qingmu are faint: “This sentence…Brother Mu Yi believes?”

Lin Fan shifted his eyes suddenly, looked towards King Qingmu, and said: “You believe or not shut me up? I’ve believed it.”

Qingmu Wang exhaled for a long time.

Invisible, they were put together.

It is difficult for others to see, even if he does not see the strangeness of this battle.

However, according to Qingmu’s right envoy’s report, Rakshasa’s right envoy is powerful and certainly has no internal injuries.

This makes it difficult for him.

At the very least, some arrangements have been disrupted.

It’s just that he didn’t understand why Mu Yi gave up the obvious victory.

But no matter what, today’s two wars are completed.

It’s just that both games turned out to be unpopular, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Rakshasa Palace residence.

“You go.” Lin Fan looked towards Rakshasa with a smile and left.

Rakshasa frowned to the left, and said, “I’m afraid that I can’t bear to bear, and I will cut people who come to talk to me with a knife.”

Lin Fan fiercely glared at him and said: “Swallow this pill to prevent the other party from using any means of gangsters.”

In response to Rakshasa’s left envoy’s reaction, Lin Fan has arbitrarily hit the medicine pill directly into his dantian.

Rakshasa’s right hand was slowly going away.

This is deliberately done by Lin Fan, and he was deliberately made to go a little later. Only in this way can Rakshasa appear to have struggled violently.

At dawn, Rakshasa left home.

But not at all came to inform Lin Fan and Rakshasa Wang, which made the strand of Divine Consciousness attached to Rakshasa’s left-handed clothing corner satisfied.

This is Divine Consciousness of the King of Blue Eyes. If Lin Fan stayed up all night, he waited for Rakshasa to return from his left, and suppressed King Rakshasa from asking.

At dawn.

The eight ambassadors will start the ranking battle again.

It is also a lottery.

The top four rankings will be determined today, and tomorrow will be the bottom four rankings.

In the double Imperial Palace.

The winners in the past two days are separated from each other, facing each other; the atmosphere kills instantly.

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