Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3114


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Lin Fan didn’t come today, the heart demons are messing up again, and the time is getting denser.

Only King Rakshasa sits here.

But as expected by Lin Fan, Rakshasa left envoy, no matter how deliberate or disguised, was the second throne given by the king of blue eyes.

And, the method is very simple!

First Round draw, I don’t know what method the blue eyes king used, Rakshasa left envoy actually got a check mark with blue eyes right envoy.

The results are self-evident. Rakshasa’s envoys dare not continue to pretend to be invincible, otherwise, the fun will be bigger.

This is First Round.

In the second round, Rakshasa’s left envoy was lucky enough to draw a check mark with the blue eyes left envoy. As a result, needless to say, the eyes left envy directly smiled and said that he lost to Rakshasa left envoy yesterday, one day passed, Could it be overcome? So admit defeat directly.

At the second round, Rakshasa’s left envoy became only one double-winner and double-winner, and then directly approached the third round.

At the third round, Rakshasa’s left envoy should be defeated by Asura’s left envoy.

Then Qingmu’s right envoy was defeated by Asura’s left envoy.

Therefore, Asura left as it should be by rights to continue to be the head of the eight ambassadors.

Rakshasa left the ambassador to the second seat.

Qingmu left envoy, he was close to three ranks at a time, becoming the third strongest messenger.

And Qingmu right is the fourth strongest.

But everyone knows that this right-eyed ambassador only walked the lucky dog ​​excrement to get this ranking, real strength, when it is in the middle and lower reaches of the messenger.

“Rakshasa, a hundred years later, you still have no progress under your command.”

Asura King haha ​​laughed, he looked towards King Rakshasa.

King Rakshasa glanced at him without speaking, but in his heart, he was extremely pitiful.

This Asura King is really stupid, like a pig. Even his most trusted and capable people are actually nothing that others have arranged around him. I am afraid that King Qingmu wants his life. It’s just a sentence. Words.

“Okay, I’ll stop here today.” You Huang opened his mouth, and then faintly said: “Asura King and Rakshasa King are well-positioned, with a constant ranking and rewards, and Qingmu is even more powerful. Let it break two small realms, and reward.”

The three great kings all stood up and thanked the Shuanghuang.

“hmph!” Mori Huang heavily coldly snorted, said: “Only Yaksha, what are you doing? In the first four, it is a ranking that has never been occupied, and should be punished!”

Yaksha King’s expression was slightly tight, and he quickly got up and said, “Subordinate confess.”

“You will be fined 100 million sacred Spirit Crystal stone, you must turn in the Double Imperial Palace today.”

Sen Huang slightly narrows the eyes.

Yaksha King’s face down, his eyes cold!

He has a close relationship with Lin Fan, which is an alliance.

It is natural to know why this punishment by Sen Emperor is different from the previous root cause.

However, he lost badly, almost evacuated the family property, so he was bleeding?

It’s just that dignified Sovereign, so uncomfortable with the next work, makes him underestimate.

Lin Fan once again suppressed the demon, but it still has no way to do it; I don’t know how to get rid of this more and more raging magic barrier.

When King Rakshasa and the others came back, they still saw the look of the Serene.

“Look at your expression, my guess is true.” Lin Fan smiled.

Rakshasa king nodded, and then said with a sneer: “You are guessing tomorrow’s battle.”

“There is nothing to guess tomorrow.” Lin Fan glanced at King Rakshasa and said: “Small right hides his strength and hangs a serious injury. He can only be Asura right in the eighth and fifth. The ambassador, sixth and seventh, came out of Yaksha King’s right and left envoy.”

In the world of Sen Luo, the war is in full swing, and it has become the ring of the secret confrontation between Lin Fan and King Qingmu.

But Chaos Realm is definitely not calm.

Gu Di shoots Divine Race.

All the high-rises are in the ancestral house, and their faces are dark and gloomy, and nearly half of these high-rises have injuries.

“In this way, the heart of our shooter Divine Race is afraid that it will be dispersed.”

Auntie Divine Race Old Ancestor speaks, a face gloomy.

“The enemy is powerful, come together.”

Someone sighed, with a miserable smile, very sad, saying: “At this time, we are like fat fish bleeding in the sea, stared at by a group of ferocious Sea Beast, unable to resist, can only passively watch The meat on his body was bitten down piece by piece.”

A group of high-level officials, all silent, but weeping silently.

But they are Divine Race, aloof and remote, how could such humiliation and suffocation ever pass?

Time has passed, so far, even a few times Divine Race, dare to shoot Divine Race with his aunt!

“Have you found Muyi yet?”

Gushejing complexion is gloomy.


Some seniors sighed and shook their heads.

During this time, he shot Divine Race really to find every corner of Chaos Realm, but still can’t find any clues about this person.

“Waste! It’s all waste!” Gu Shejing was furious, and then he was powerless: “If anyone can help me shoot Divine Race through this tribulation in the world today, I’m afraid it’s the person, it’s really heaven Will my aunt shooter die?”

The atmosphere is even more repressive. Those repressed, silent weeping, wu wu swallowed.

“Shut up! Make jokes!”

Gu Shou Jing was angry, and then her eyes narrowed suddenly, saying, “Go to Haijia.”


Someone exclaimed.

Gu Shejing coldly said: “This Hai family may be able to conceal the world, but it can’t be concealed by me alone.”

He sneered and ridiculed, said: “It is still unknown whether Mu Yi and Haijia really fell apart, but I’m sure this group should know the traces of Mu Yi.”

“The question is, even if they really know the traces of Mu Yi, how can they tell us?” Some people questioned and said: “Actually, I think it is better not to provoke Haijia, it should be noted that at this time The aoof and remote of Tim, the head of Divine Race, and since this time, did not shoot Divine Race against me; did not come to eat my Divine Race, we should be content.”

At this moment, clansman returned, and Treasure Pavilion came to see.

Gu Shejing’s eyes narrowed: “tsk tsk, when, even a trifling Chamber of Commerce, dare to go to me to shoot Divine Race?”

As soon as these words came out, the people who shot Divine Race were filled with indignation, and they were all very angry.

But then, the head of the Treasure Pavilion came, and the shot of Divine Race paid a huge price, but the news he got was to let the people of this family to be wild with joy.

That is, Mu Yi is now in Underground World!

“so that’s how it is!”

Gu Shejing smiled bitterly: “It’s also our stupidity to find chaos everywhere but not available, all thinking about whether he was hidden in a forbidden land or Danger Land, but he didn’t think of it. How could he be willing to be like a person like him? Retire.”

“Go, send someone to Underground World, and beg him to come and shoot Divine Race to sit down!” Gu She shot a terrifying beam in his eyes.

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