Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3115


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This is of course the result requested by Lin Fan.

Otherwise, borrow Treasure Pavilion a hundred guts, and dare not tell the outside world what Lin Fan is at this time.

tentatively, regardless of Lin Fan’s relationship with Haijia, it’s just that Lin Fan’s identity in the Diablo world is enough to make Treasure Pavilion afraid!

The prince of the dark world is only slightly under the four kings of the dark world. This too terrifying.

Also, it is Dao Companion, the first king in Diablo World, which is even more scary.

Since the last battle between King Rakshasa and two ancestors, the entire Chaos Realm has been under the shadow of King Rakshasa.

Even ancestor-level creatures have secretly evaluated that if they fight against King Rakshasa alone, there is no difference between life and death, and even if they can protect themselves from death, they cannot escape the result of serious damage.

Of course, these messages were also treated as top secret messages by Treasure Pavilion, and sold to Gushe Divine Race at a high price.

This makes this family even more excited and excited.

“Sure enough, it is Mu Yi who can stir up the wind and the rain in Chaos Realm…” Gu Shejing smiled bitterly: “It really is a giant amongst men, not convinced.”

“Really…favors women like King Rakshasa… enough to prove his out of the ordinary.”

Someone is sighing too.

“The most important thing is, if we can persuade him to sit in the Wu nationality, isn’t it equivalent to… We have the support of a king of the dark world?” Someone’s eyes were sharp, and he said, “At that time, what must be said? Conspiracy, what tricks to talk about? I am afraid that just endless assassinations can kill opponents.”

“hu ……” Gu Shejing breathed out a long breath, and then his eyes swept the audience, and the eagle stared at the wolf, saying: “Now, the deity’s decision, is there anyone going to put his beak?” >

Everyone smiles bitterly.

At this step, after hearing so much news, of course they dare not beg their beaks.

Even so, Lin Fan could have taken a dive race early.

Lin Fan never thought about the consequences of divulging Divine Race’s disclosure of his news.

It’s not necessary, because Chaos Realm didn’t dare to invade the Senro Realm, and I’m afraid that there are few people in the world who know that Ancient Starry Sky Road, no special means, and no principals in the Senro Realm. Can’t go in with her consent.

Even if you go in, what happens?

If there is a person from Chaos Realm who wants to get revenge when he enters the Senrow Realm, no matter what the purpose of the two emperors, he can only shelter him Lin Fan.

Otherwise, Lin Fan, the first king of the two emperors, was killed in Dao Companion.

Where does Shuanghuang’s face rest?

Lin Fan is even hoping that this Divine Race really leaked the news. He is looking forward to it and eagerly hopes that there will be a big collision between the two realms. It is best to drag the Celestial Clan into it.

Of course, this kind of thing won’t happen.

Lin Fan didn’t even know that, Treasure Pavilion had already told Gushe Divine Race of this news.

Lin Fan at this time is refining medicine pill for himself-Jingmodan.

This pill has no other functions, but can temporarily suppress the demon.

Lin Fan’s original intention was to break the Old Ancestor robbery before the War of Kings, but the sky was unsatisfactory.

The eight ambassadors re-ranked, as expected by Lin Fan; the final ranking, as he said, were–

1st place, Asura left.

Second place, Rakshasa left envoy.

Third place, blue eyes left envoy.

Fourth place, Qingmu right envoy.

Fifth place, Asura right.

Sixth place, Yaksha left envoy.

Seventh place, Yaksha right envoy.

Eighth place, Rakshasa right envoy.

When the rankings were fixed, the two emperors did have clear awards and penalties. After that, they announced three days of trimming.

Three days later, messenger fights will take place.

The so-called melee is, in fact, the top 16 and the eight ambassadors entering the same Ancient Battlefield ruins and fighting in chaos.

That is, when entering the ancient battlefield ruins, everyone has an original point.

Being defeated, the original points disappear, but you can still spend two days in the remains of Ancient Battlefield; but if you cannot beat others and regain points within these two days, Ancient Vestige will spit it out and consider it eliminated.

The time is three days. After three days, the ranking is determined by the number of points. The one with the most points is the first, and the one who is the first to be spit out by Ancient Vestige is of course the last one.

Rakshasa Palace residence.

Lin Fan quietly plays the medicine pill in his hand, this is the net magic pill, faintly said: “This rule is indeed fair.”

“Fair?” Wang Rakshasa sneered. “Where do you see fairness? After all, it’s just the battlefield of the two major Sovereigns.”

Lin Fan glanced at him, King Rakshasa coldly snorted, and said: “It should be said that you are in the battlefield with King Qingmu; the double emperors, and even the people of the world, are being played between you by the two of you. “

Lin Fan glanced at him again. King Rakshasa gritted his teeth and said, “Will you not listen to a compliment?”

Lin Fan laughed.

Rakshasa King said: “Well, you play with our entire Senrow world between applause, so that you are satisfied?”

“Unsatisfied.” Lin Fan shrugged and laughed, saying: “Because, Sen Luojie, there is no one who can fight, including King Qingmu, it is too difficult to win me in terms of resourcefulness, etc. .”

“You can die.” King Rakshasa glanced at Lin Fan and said, “I have seen shameless, but I have never seen you as shameless.”

Lin Fan hehe laughed, said: “Actually, you are wrong, in Ancient Battlefield, it is really a battlefield of the two emperors, no matter how I plan with King Qingmu, but at least at this stage, we still Borrowing the reputation of the Shuanghuang.”

King Rakshasa ordered nodded, and then worriedly said: “The only thing worth worrying about is the four dead men.”

Lin Fan glanced at her and said, “I will enter the venue in person.”

“What?” King Rakshasa was horrified.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, “You can rest assured, the breath of Lin Long and I are exactly similar. The so-called way of change is even more uncomfortable, and the Shuanghuang will certainly not notice it.”

“Ben Wang Fei is worried about this, but your heart demon…”

Lin Fan said: “With this pill, there will be no major problems.”

Three days later.

In the Double Imperial Palace, everyone is here.

“The rules were clearly stated as early as three days ago, so I won’t repeat them here.” Emperor Sen said, and then said: “In Ancient Vestige, you are not only provided for you to conquer and fight, there are also various hidden in it. Chongbao and Tianyuan, if you can get these things, you can also accumulate points.”

Lin Fan’s eyebrows are slightly raised.

Youhuang Hehe smiled and said: “The most terrifying thing in it is a godskin, which records some kind of incomparable magic skill, but for hundreds of millions of years, no one can find it. If you get it, you can extend it. After learning from it, handing that piece of skin to me and the Emperor Mori naturally has a great reward.”

“God’s skin.” Lin Fan’s heart snapped suddenly.

This thing, is it really their realm people who can hold it?

Even if it is really found, I am afraid that it will be suppressed and killed directly after tens of thousands of miles.

Does the two emperors want all of them to die in it?

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