Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3116


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That’s god skin.

With divine runes and god’s murderous intention, Eternally Blue Sky can be easily collapsed. If placed in a long river of time, hundreds of millions of time and space will be cut off.

But at this moment, the monarch turned out to want them to bring out that god belt!

Is this cracking a joke?

Mo said that it is a godskin, a god’s decay; it’s just a hair that can easily kill a group of so-called Yu Dao Realm.

“hehe…… Of course, that divine object, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it. Sen Huang smiled.

Heavenly and Earth buzzed after the two emperors shot together.

Lin Fan originally thought that the entrance should be somewhere in the void.

The result is not the same thing, the earth suddenly cracked, tens of thousands of lava charge into the sky of ten thousand zhang, and then fell fiercely down, leaving millions of cultivator’s society in fear, this is Tianwei, how dare mortals resist ?

Of course, these lava enough to burn the vast earth did not really fall down. There are many supreme powerhouses here, how could there be an accident?

See you!

Lin Fan saw the vast battlefield underneath through the huge crack, very ruined, the earth’s ravines crisscrossed, time and space collapsed, and there were space folds everywhere, one after another enough time and space light blade to tear the immortal body of the saint Rampant blow.

“Go on, this time Ancient Vestige opens, there is no fixed time until there is only one person in it.” The emperor Sen spoke, the words were indifferent, but soon, the eye stood up, murderous aura monstrous, stern Tao: “I’m emphasizing that in this melee, Xu is not allowed to die. If someone maliciously murders the lives of others, I will make a decisive decision no matter who you are.”

Lin Fan sneered.

It is not allowed to maliciously murder the lives of others. Is the meaning of the words meant that they can kill people as long as they are not deliberate?

It’s a pun.

Also, all the entrants are high realm cultivators. If you really encounter any treasures, there will be battles, when the time comes to fight, and kill the madness, who will control your trifling?

Of course; if not necessary, there is no need to cause trouble.

“The deity also goes!”

At this moment, the tenth seat of Wen Tian a long whistle, the first one broke away, broke through the lava sea, and disappeared instantly.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed, and after a long glance at Lin Long, who was incarnation with his incarnation, the breasts deeply penetrated into it.

Heaven and Earth is vast and the sun is hung at less than a thousand high places. The entire Heaven and Earth is suddenly a miserable yellow, which makes people involuntarily feel a whimper, but there will be a kind of sadness that is abandoned by the world. Soul Sea.

Lin Fan stood quietly for a long time. He closed his eyes. After a while, his eyes changed slightly!

This battlefield is simply a piece of Danger Land. The order is chaotic and the rules are incomplete. Even the essential energy that is ubiquitous is filthy. It contains all kinds of things that make him feel have one’s hair stand on end. murderous intention, and resentment qi like a ghost.

“I happen to be a priest, and I have a lot of great dane that can supplement the essence. Otherwise, in this ruin, I am limited everywhere, and even in the battle, I must accurately calculate my residual power.”

Lin Fan speaks with fear in his eyes.

Which battlefield was this?

Why this horror is just a hundred zhang, and found the remains of many immortal weapons after they were crushed, and I have seen deep golden bones, which are at least the remains of the ancestors. .

“ao ……”

At this moment, there was a terrifying demon roar.

The four fields are trembling, and the black mountain forest is silent, like a thousand mountain birds flying away; thousands of people disappeared, but when this great demon roared, tens of thousands of black stone crows flew up!

“This is… Burial Soul Crow!”

Lin Fan exclaimed: “Is this Nine Nine? Or is this a ghost?”

He can’t believe the scene in front of him. It’s important to know that this funeral crow only appears in legends, and only one or two can be born at the gathering place of the wraiths. , Peck the dead and live.

But at this time, there are tens of thousands, how many people are going to die in this battlefield!

“That’s…” Lin Fan instantly concentrated all his vitality and breath into within the body, because the roaring monster too terrifying turned out to be a ghost-faced ape.

It has ten thousand zhang high, which exceeds the afterglow that hangs in thousand zhang. The hair is yellow and orange. Each one is as thick as a big tree, and two fangs are too terrifying, two more than Rakshasa’s left. I don’t know how many times the shank broad knife is.

At this time, the ghost-faced ape moved its thick thighs like a mountain and headed east. As a result, after just five steps, 1 Flood Dragon suddenly rushed out of a huge cave!

The Flood Dragon is dark and black, and its scales are flashing black light. It is only a long zhang long, which is not proportional to the ghost-faced ape. A strand of blade glow, chopped on this ghost-faced ape, suddenly dozens of blood lines splashed, and then fell down like a river of blood, and all the mountains and forests were submerged.

“Good horror.”

Lin Fan whispered, he left ten thousand zhang in a flash.

At this time, he was sitting on a hill with dread in his eyes. He looked towards the distance, even if he was already outside ten thousand zhang at this time, he could still see the ghost-faced ape that soared into the sky. A Flood Dragon like a black jade belt strangles this ghostly ape.

“In this environment, no casualties are allowed? Joking?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are cold.

It’s terrifying; just entering this Ancient Battlefield, he was given a big dismount, serious estimate, whether it’s the ghost ape or the swarthy Flood Dragon, I’m afraid it’s a messenger Powerful character.

“What’s going on!”

Lin Fan exclaimed suddenly.

Because, the mountain where he sat was shaking, and the rocks, trees, and other trees fell down between the clouds on the mountainside, which surprised the countless evil monsters.


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