Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3117


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Whether it’s the ghost-faced ape or the Blood Dragon with the broken sword, he roared, struggling, and tried his best to shoot the black turtle, but it’s useless. ‘S suction burst again, swallowing the horrible and brutal ominous beast.

Lin Fan clearly heard a hiccup and then shook again.

“This is eating?” Lin Fan saw with his own eyes that after Devouring All Living Things and two horrible and brutal ominous beasts, the black turtle’s four feet shrank into the tortoise shell, and then it fell silent again, and this book fell off, The exploded mountains and rocks turned out to be restored in an instant, and the plants and trees flourished again.

This mysterious tortoise has been sleeping here.

“Entering this place, I am afraid that the most terrifying thing is not the same cultivator, but the battlefield itself.”

Lin Fan breathes deeply, with this recognition.

Under such circumstances, Mo said that he still has to look for opportunities, and he wants to live to the end without damage. I’m afraid it’s all about luck. Otherwise, if you encounter terrifying existence like a tortoise, life and death will be difficult. material.

Lin Fan turned into a golden light and left in a flash. Then, he landed on the cloud head again, and walked with fear in the mountains.

“Wonderful and strange.” Lin Fan said as he was possessing, holding a black to shiny medicine ingredient in his hand, but it was a pity in his eyes.

This is a eucalyptus plant that has been hunched for thousands of years, but it is unbearable. It is too explosive and contains many horrible ingredients. It can turn the found cultivator into a mess of blood.

This is the tenth time he has sighed because of medicinal herb, and regrets it.

I found that it was difficult for the outside world to find a medicine ingredient, but the partiality was not available. This was a kind of torture for him, but in the end, I gradually got used to it.

He continued to move forward, fearing that he could not leave several hundred li.

In front of the deep purples and brilliant reds, many beautifully blossomed and beautiful flower trees grow impudent, even Lin Fan is so enchanted.

Because, this place is desolate and boring, and the eyes are full of black and tragic yellow. The colorful colors are in front of you in an instant, and the visual impact is too strong.

He took two steps forward, but he woke up in an instant and then quickly retreated three steps!

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

This flower tree is afraid of a terrible murderous intention in itself.

“Damn it! This is what the hell!”

Suddenly, a shrill roar came from the flower forest, Lin Fan’s eyes changed slightly, and Rune’s eyes started instantly. He saw that he was a thin man, trapped by huge vines.

“This is Xue Kunlun.” Lin Fan whispered, this is a strong character in the fourth seat, but he was also robbed; he fell into this weird jungle of flowers and trees.



“roar roar roar…”

At this moment, there were bursts of laughter that had one’s hair stand on end in the whole flower forest. Thousands of flower trees shook in unison, and then, on the trunk, a picture appeared. Another twisted and grimace came.

“Ghost Face Cannibal Flower!”

Lin Fan exclaimed, understood what this is.

This is one of the drug guides for refining some kind of poisonous medicine pill, but this flower is so rare that you can’t see one plant in all the worlds, even the Medicine Garden child of the god of medicine, there is only one The shrivelled seeds are nothing more.

didn’t expect, there are so many here.

“Damn it! What the hell is this!”

Xue Kunlun is roaring, and the vines that are entangled with him suddenly appear a lot of barbs, sparkling, cold and quiet, even puncturing his nearly immortal body, and then dragging backward fiercely.

And behind him, a huge grimace appeared, and the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl suddenly opened, emitting a foul, thick, yellowish saliva that kept falling.


bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl Suddenly fiercely closed, uneven’s ghost teeth were like a saw blade, if it were not Xue Kunlun, the knife cut back and cut off the Demon Ghost Vine wrapped around his left arm , So that it can move to the right between square inches, it will definitely be swallowed directly.

But Rao is like that. His small body was also bitten, and hundreds of blood holes appeared in different depths.


Xue Kunlun is struggling fiercely, his soldier wu wu spins to cut off all the Demon Ghost Vine vines wrapped around him, but he can’t, the weapon on the top of the Four Realms is cut off, it turned out to be a spark Splashing, the clanging sound was harsh, as if chopped on the immortal god iron.

“wu wu.”

At this time, hundreds of ghost-faced cannibalus flowers rose up from the ground, and the lush roots turned out to be like human legs, all hurried to Xue Kunlun.

“What the hell is this!”

Xue Kunlun is in a hurry, roaring.

“pu! “

Suddenly, a vine of jade green, like a divine spear, stabs from the back, pierces his chest, and brings clusters of blood flowers.

Xue Kunlun screamed, bursting out all the power, but Lin Fan clearly felt that his breath was rapidly declining, and that he was bitten by the many blood holes left after a bite, and was also purulent at this time. Spilled blood.

“Can Fellow Daoist be on the side? Save the next life, be grateful for the next, and be willing to live with you in this battlefield.”

Xue Kunlun yelled.

I have to say that he has a keen sense and is aware of the existence of Lin Fan. Of course, this is also the result of Lin Fan not deliberately concealed aura.

“I don’t want to die under these demon flowers! Help me…”

Xue Kunlun shouted again, and, at the same time, at least dozens of huge ghost faces appeared on his chest and back, and the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl grew so large that Xue Kunlun howled. , Screaming, full of panic in his eyes, cold sweat on his forehead.

It goes without saying that if no one came to rescue him at this time, he would definitely be eaten equally by these dozens of huge grimace faces and become flower fat.


Lin Fan shot.

After all, they can’t bear to be bitten by this kind of evil and monster magic flower.

A thunder cloud suddenly lifted off, suspended above the flower forest, and thousands of fierce thunder poured down like rain.

Lin Fan wore the Mountains and Rivers Chart, hung his head over the town clock, dashed across, and cut off many vines, helping Xue Kunlun to get rid of the shackles, and then dragging him with one hand, rushing forward to kill.

It’s too difficult, very difficult, even if Lin Fan is fully prepared, but he is still gnawed out of seven or eight blood holes by the grimace, leaving half of his body numb.

In the end, if Lin Fan did not use the strength of Space-Time, he would repeatedly play so close, yet worlds apart and be close to Tianya. I was afraid that they would be trapped in it, but fortunately, he succeeded and rescued Xue Kunlun.

In a depression.

“many thanks Ah Brother Long.” Xue Kunlun collapsed to the ground, his expression changed.

Lin Fan glanced at him, not talking, but was applying medicine to him, and swallowed a healing sacred pill for himself, and then leisurely said: “This is a ghost-faced cannibalus flower, the most evil. And malicious.”

Xue Kunlun swallowed hard and swallowed saliva, miserable said with a smile: “Mistakenly got into it, but was about to be killed by several demon flowers, it is really unwilling to go down.”

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