Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3118


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Lin Fan glanced coldly at him, saying: “You must also open your mouth to test like this, selling pity in front of me. Since you were rescued, you will naturally not sit back and watch you die.”

Xue Kunlun smiled awkwardly.

Being face-to-face exposes his dirty mind and makes him blush.

Of course, there is a fly into a rage out of humiliation.

The moment he looked down, his eyes were full of murderous intention.

But he hides well.

Lin Fan walked slowly, he traumatized for him, smeared a lot of precious medicine powder, if these medicine powder are taken out for auction, they can be sold at high prices.

The medicine pill swallowed by Xue Kunlun is even more terrible, it is Divine Pill with three layers of Danyu level.

“Is it possible that Brother Long comes from the noble family, or, which secret character belongs to the descendant of the great character?” Xue Kunlun’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Lin Fan chuckled and said, “You think too much, I am really just Murano.”

“A Brother Long laughed, trifling Murano, I am afraid that I still can’t bring up a character like Brother Long.” Xue Kunlun laughed, said: “One powder, one medicine, really heaven defying, almost regarded as medicine to disease In addition, it turned out to be in an instant, so my pain was reduced by more than half.”

Lin Fan said: “Ghost face cannibalism is the most venomous and evil. You think the injury is getting better, but it is just appearance, it will return in a swirl of dust.”

Xue Kunlun complexion greatly changed, said: “Dare to ask Brother Long, medicine pill is enough?”

Lin Fan faint smile, said: “If it’s a medicine pill, it’s only enough for one person. How about Brother Kunlun?”

Xue Kunlun smiled embarrassedly and said, “Of course, I will take Brother Long first.”

He snapped his chest loudly and said, “He is not a person who can’t tell good from bad, but Brother Long can ignore the safety, he will be rescued from the magic flower, and he will feel deep virtue , How can you be extravagant?”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “You and I are both highly toxic in the battle body. It is better to say less. First retreat for three hours, take the second medicine pill and apply the second medicine powder I’ll talk about it later.”

Xue Kunlun’s eyes narrowed, and he didn’t speak, but turned his knees up and began to meditate.

Lin Fan’s eyes flashed cold and cold.

This Xue Kunlun is really unsatisfactory. It can be said that it cannot withstand temptation at all.

Despite the generous speech he just said, Lin Fan is sure that if the medicine pill really only has one weight, Xue Kunlun will definitely shoot him.

Three hours, passing by.

Lin Fan once again applied a powder of medicine to Xue Kunlun and swallowed another medicine pill for him.

“Dare to ask Brother Long, how many more time will it take to recover completely?” Xue Kunlun opened his mouth and sighed, saying: “The battlefield is dangerous, if you and I can’t recover completely for a long time, I’m afraid it’s wrong, if it’s here In the meantime, the evil beasts or others found out that they would be stripped of their original points if they were you or me.”

“Two or three times.” Lin Fan inadvertently withdrew the jade bottle.

Xue Kunlun’s gaze suddenly settled in the jade bottle recovered by Lin Fan!

He found that there are only three medicine pill in this jade bottle.

That is, only one person is enough!

What’s wrong with this?

He has great ambitions, and he needs Guangzong Yaozu to win the king’s seat. How can he be eliminated?

The cold light flashed slightly in the eyes, and then laughed, saying: “Do you have to rest for three more hours?”

Lin Fan said: “It’s not necessary. I’ve taken it for the second time and I already have the power of self-preservation. If you don’t fight fiercely with others, the cultivation base is enough for you and me to slowly wipe the toxin from within the body. Go.”

Lin Fan is telling the truth.

Within the body, the residual poison is almost exhausted. You should not be taking medicine pill. Instead, you should let your body adapt to this toxin. This is very beneficial.

After all, in this Ancient Battlefield; who is sure that he will not meet the next shed ghost face piranha?

And if you meet again, within the body has some antibodies against ghost-faced cannibalus, it may be of great use.

Xue Kunlun’s angry look shimmered and said, “Dare to ask Brother Long, what do you and I do now?”

“Let’s part ways, let’s go each way.” Lin Fan said.

Xue Kunlun’s eyes changed, but it was laughed and said, “A Brother Long, I see you have a medicine pill in your jade bottle. Can you send me one or two?”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Are you… sure not to be a joke? You are also a bit shameless and a little unsatisfied.”

Xue Kunlun coldly snorted, Lin Fan said with a sneer: “I saved your life and used Supreme Baodan to help you wipe out most of the remaining poison, enough to keep you alive, just three or five days of hard work, then It can eliminate the remaining poison within the body.

Also, you can produce antibodies within the body. If you accidentally fall into the ghost noodle cannibalum next time, there will be more life-saving possibilities.

Just like that, you are still not satisfied, but you still have a face asking me for Baodan? I deserve you? “

Xue Kunlun grinned and said: “The so-called help people to help the end, accompanies Buddha all the way to the west, the deity feels that you still take out the medicine pill honestly.”

“What if I don’t take it out?” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, killing and blooming.

“Then die!” Xue Kunlun shouted, but sneered at tsk tsk, and said: “The antibody of shit, the life-saving of shit is possible, say this, do you believe it? This is Danger Land, on Glare like a tiger watching his prey, and there are all kinds of dangerous looking around here! How dare you dare to talk to the deity for three or five days of hard work, and dare to say antibodies to the deity? Do you want to die!”


Lin Fan sighed for a long time, and said, “It seems that the deity still overestimates human nature, and it is indeed a lot of business.”

He glanced at Xue Kunlun and said, “I advise you not to do it, otherwise… you will be miserable.”

After finishing, he slowly got up and then headed east.

Three steps!


Xue Kunlun roared, if he had a Harrier Eagle in the air, and his fingers were like eagles, smashing the back of Lin Fan’s head, and the dreaded warrior would turn like a dart, cutting his waist to Lin Fan’s waist and abdomen, Cut him in half.

This Xue Kunlun is too ruthless, the shot is a lore, two-pronged approach, to kill.

“The miscellaneous pieces of cant tell good from bad, die to the deity!”

He was so roaring that it made people sick and angry.

Lin Fan hacked backwards with one hand, slammed, first hit hard against the ten fingers smashed by Xue Kunlun, then bent down, kicked off the warrior that had been cut, said with a malicious smile : “The deity doesn’t carry the Enwang newspaper, but you kind of requite kindness with enmity, good, very good.”

“tsk tsk, where is the favor? The deity begged you to save me? Let you save me? Honestly hand over the medicine pill, I may still save you a dog.”

Xue Kunlun haha ​​laughed loudly, and with a whimper, the weapon was rolled up, held in his hand, and his head was cut to Lin Fan again, with a bang, the blade glow too terrifying, and full zhang wide, like A rule of unrolled bolt of white silk cut to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan complexion ashen, with his wrist slightly raised, suddenly a hatchet was held in his hand, and then he lifted it away, with a bang, there was a big explosion between the two, and the void was split into gray.

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