Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3119


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“tsk tsk!”

Xue Kunlun grinning: “Along, you are really nothing. Even if you have had many records, you are not taken into account by the deity. You will see through your truth and reality early. At this time, please ask for mercy and hand over the medicine pill, deity. Depending on how much you have helped the deity, only take your points, otherwise… jié jié …… throwing you into that ghost-faced cannibal flower, the deity can escape all guilt.”


Blade knife, horizontal and vertical, seemingly simple and vulgar Blade Technique, seems to be full of Heaven and Earth. The seven swords are split out, the swords are formed into nets, the nets are like fishing nets, and they are covered by Xue Kunlun. .

“lesser dao! Say you can’t, you are far away in front of the deity, you can easily catch you.”

Xue Kunlun screamed, both of his hands fiercely rubbed on the handle, suddenly the big knife was one point two 20% three, it turned out that dozens of big knives appeared all together, the tip of the knife pointed at Lin Fan, and a loud cry Doomed to Lin Fan, even the big net of the sword was nailed out of dozens of holes.

“With a knife? This deity can be called your ancestor!”

This Xue Kunlun is too arrogant and self-confident to dare to blame so much.

Lin Fan’s eyes are cold and shouted: “It seems that it can no longer make you half a step.”

“Let? Are you putting gold on your face? This knife defeats you!”

Xue Kunlun screamed, and all of them were killed together. If dozens of snow-white red glow rushed to the distance, the big knife turned around and killed again, and Xue Kunlun put his hands together on his head, turning himself into a blade. Suddenly slammed Lin Fan.

“so close, yet worlds apart!”

Lin Fan whispered, and the void in front of him suddenly became disordered and twisted. The Xue Kunlun, which was comparable to the light beam, suddenly fell into the quagmire. It seemed that the tip of the knife was only half an inch away from Lin Fan’s eyebrow. But these half-inches are heavens that can never be touched.

“Fairy supports the roof!”

The silhouette of Lin Fan disappeared in an instant, but when it was shown, it was squeezed into Xue Kunlun’s sword, and the big hand was raised, with a bang, the straight town was on top of Xue Kunlun’s head.

Suddenly, Xue Kunlun’s head burst like a watermelon, and all the murderous intentions; the knife intentions were violent and swept around, Lin Fan coldly snorted, a big hand, all the wind and waves suddenly disappeared .


Xue Kunlun is not dead yet.

Mainly, Lin Fan does not want to kill him. This is not a necessary moment. There is no need to provoke imperial power.

“Aron! You are going to die!”

A bloody head drilled out of his chest, and then spoke with a terrible grin.


As a result, he just opened his mouth and his head was blown open again.

Lin Fan’s eyes were very cold. When the second head appeared only half of the time, he kicked his battle body all split up and in pieces with one foot, and then the whole person flew up, his feet like nails fiercely inserted into the back rib of Xue Kunlun, who had just recovered his corpse, and screamed.

“So…I am your ancestor?”

Lin Fan’s eyes are gloomy.

This Xue Kunlun, to forget favors and violate justice, that’s all, but dare to honor him in front of him?

“Are you going to kill me?” Xue Kunlun within both eyes is full of fear.

It turned out to be invincible!

Clean and neat.

It turned out that he wasn’t the only one hiding the means. This Aaron looked like a wood, and looked stupid, but it was deeper than him.

“Why not kill you?” Lin Fan raised his hands with one hand, his feet embedded in Xue Kunlun’s back ribs, and never crossed his ankles, but no drop of blood could stain his cloth shoes.

“If you kill me, the Shuanghuang will not spare you! You are against the Emperor’s life.”

The color of fear is even worse in Xue Kunlun’s eyes, shiver coldly.

“Oh… Not as you reminded, the ghost-faced cannibal flower is not far away? Who can call me when you are thrown inside?” Lin Fan scoffed.

“no! can’t kill me.” Xue Kunlun exclaimed in panic.

Lin Fan hahaha smiled long, he slowly pulled out his feet, and he just brought a lot of broken bones and minced meat.

In the end, he won Xue Kunlun’s original points, and then gave Xue Kunlun fiercely a slap, which exploded half of his face, so he continued to go eastward.

Xue Kunlun is now extremely weak.

There is still no solution.

Fighting with Lin Fan again and again, he was repeatedly killed and exploded.

And, to make matters worse, he actually discovered that there are no rules and essence energy that he has learned at this time.

“no! No! No! Can the deity be eliminated? Can only be the last messenger? The deity is unwilling! Unwilling! Unwilling!”

He roared here, and as a result, a roaring beast roared suddenly in the distance; scaring him trembling with fear.

“Along! The deity will cut you!”

He roared, and then hurried away.

In fact, Lin Fan never walked far, but fell far behind Xue Kunlun.

Although I do not want to disobey the imperial order now, kill Xue Kunlun.

However, if you let this kind of things continue to stay in this Ancient Battlefield, how could he agree?

In the cave.

Xue Kunlun is doing his utmost to heal the wounds, repair the residual body, and many treasures such as Baodan, Daiyao, etc., which make up True Yuan, are all used.

This thing, normally, he was reluctant to use it at all, and was regarded as the root of life, and it was the last resort for life-saving.

But now, he can’t tolerate him.

In a day, he shrank in this cave, and at this step, he found that Lin Fan said it was true, the ghost face piranha poison within the body could be completely destroyed by the war body, And there will be some strange ingredients, which should be the so-called antibodies in Lin Fan’s mouth.

But even at this step, he didn’t think he was wrong.

I still think that Lin Fan is treacherous and dangerous. It clearly allows him to recover completely without painstaking grinding, but he does not give him medicine pill.

“Along Miscellaneous! You are waiting for Lao Tzu! Do not kill you, swear not to be human!”

He swears fiercely badly, but soon, said with a malicious smile: “How high is your battle strength? What the Shuanghuang said is true, this Ancient Battlefield, although dangerous and bad intentions murderous intention, but There are a lot of heavens, but where the deity can get a heaven, the strength will definitely increase. When the time comes, Lao Tzu wants to swallow you alive.”

Xue Kunlun simply didn’t know that all these words he swears fiercely swear, Lin Fan heard them all the way.

At this time, Lin Fan was on a dead wood at ten thousand zhang, his eyes cold and his lips smiling coldly.

He dare to guarantee that this Xue Kunlun, who stayed in this Ancient Battlefield for a while, must be eliminated within the prescribed time limit.

Xue Kunlun is out.

Because, after the original points are taken, there are only two days. If he can’t find the same kind and win points from his hands, he will be spit out by this Ancient Battlefield.

At this time, 8,000 miles away, there is a fifteenth house of justice, fighting with a huge centipede centipede, both sides of the battle are bloody.

The huge body of this centipede is set on a huge mountain peak, and under its belly, it conceals a dark lacquered hole.

And, from time to time, there will be clusters of precious light, which emerged from the dark lacquered hole.

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