Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3120


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“Evil creature, do you really want to die in the hands of the deity!”

Hui Yi shouted. He held a thunder battle with his left hand and yin and yang. If the two battles were separated, they could kill Yin-Yang Two Qi. When they closed, they were Yin and Yang two thunders.


Suddenly, this centipede spewed out the black poisonous poison, the poisonous corrosive too terrifying, could not even bear the void of time and space, the white foam was corroded, and in the end, it became a whole piece Venom, shrouded to the household.

“Evil creature, you are begging for death.”

Hui Yizhen drank, the two battles collided, and a brown and yellow thunder burst.

The thunder is brown and yellow, but it is extremely fierce, and the venom brake that enveloped it is cooked to dryness.

Lin Fan looked quietly, and suddenly smiled, he realized that Xue Kunlun sneaked in, walked in nothingness, and slowly approached this place.

“hong long long!”

Huyi and the centipede of this fairy horn are still in a big fight, the rocks are rolling, and the vegetation is gray.

“Hey.” Lin Fan came out and smiled. He stood in the distance and looked towards the household.

Complexion greatly changed: “Along!”

“ao ……”

The centipede also roared. Lin Fan actually saw a trace of despair and sorrow from her bloody double pupils. Lin Fan frowned, but ignored it.

“What are you doing? Are you going to sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits?”

Holding the family right, Lin Yin slanted at Lin Fan in his hand, Yang Yang still reached the centipede in Xianjiao.

“You think too much, the deity has no interest in cooperating with you,” Lin Fan said, shrugging, looking towards the centipede of helplessness, saying: “You are self-made, the deity does not participate, you do not need to be prepared Deity.”

“If you don’t want to be a treasure here, then get away from this seat.”

The household point refers to Lin Fan, murderous-looking. In that shadowy battle, the murderous intention is vomited, and the shadow and thunder are condensed, which can kill the strongest blow at any time.

Lin Fan glanced coldly at him, saying: “The deity is only kind to remind you that someone is close to the target here is you, you should be careful, fearing that someone will pick the peach, if you are not careful, there is a greater probability. Was taken the original points.”

“jié jié… Are you talking about yourself?” Hu Yi grinned. Where would he believe Lin Fan’s words?

And, at this time, he looked towards centipede, said: “It’s not as good as you and me to slash this victorious villain and come in a battle.”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows, the golden light flashed under his feet, and he was outside the thousand zhang.

He has seen clearly that the so-called treasure in this household is actually a demon soul flower, but only looks impressive but is worthless. Its true essence has long been swallowed by this centipede, no It is worth his shot.

even more how, his original intention is not here, just to remind this household and be careful to prevent the sneak attack of Xue Kunlun.

“hahaha ……Fart Along, all say that you have the potential to respect the sixteen seats, but if so, you can only retreat!”

Far away, Lin Fan even heard such a roar of household justice, let him didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He was too lazy to bother to lie down on a huge canopy, he was waiting for a good show to happen.

It doesn’t take long!

“Xue Kunlun! How dare you sneak attack deity, are you begging for death?”

Honor of the household.

Lin Fan laughed, muttered: “Come.”

His silhouette disappeared abruptly in the canopy, and when he appeared again, he had arrived at the scene.

Xue Kunlun shot, his knife tip was stained with blood. Obviously, his sneak attack was successful.

Sure enough, there is an extra scar on the dorsal rib of the household, and the flesh is turned and the blood is flowing like a note.

“jié jié … I should have great good fortune.”

Xue Kunlun grinned, he pointed the knife to the point.


At this moment, the centipede of Xianjiao suddenly shot, and a beam of rays of light suddenly exploded from the bright white jade unicorn. The rays of light were pure and flawless, and the air passed by even the fresh air a lot of.

However, the targeted justice is miserable.

This is the purest power of purification, allowing his left hand to become light particles to disperse.


At this time, Xue Kunlun also shot, holding a knife to the household.

A man and a beast actually became an ally.

“Sin Barrier.” The family yelled, wielding a prince to defeat Xue Kunlun’s sword. Behind him, the rule suddenly appeared at the bottom of his foot, kicking forward, temporarily isolating the centipede’s sniping.

“jié jié…” Xue Kunlun grinning: “Hand over the original points, get out of this place, this seat can spare you.”

“You’re dreaming.” Huyi was sullen, his shoulders were shaking, and his left arm was suddenly on his body. He was cold and said with a smile: “How do you compare with Aaron? Even he was drunk by this seat Retreat, what do you count?”

“Aron? Has he been here?”

Xue Kunlun in an instant have one’s hair stand on end, turned out to be trembling and worried looking towards the Quartet.

But where could he find Lin Fan?

Hou Yibao drank: “hahaha…waste! Look at you like this, you know that you are not as good as the ants that you dare not shoot in front of the deity, and you dare to compete with this seat? Get out of it as soon as possible. Be decent.”

Lin Fan’s eyes are cold.

It is really enough. He just doesn’t want to argue, he doesn’t want to fight tastelessly, but in his mouth, he is described as afraid of him, afraid of him, even without the qualification to shoot.


Xue Kunlun flustered and exasperated.

Surprised by a person’s name, he was half dead, angry and shouted: “How can you be his opponent? He is so powerful.”

“hmph!” Huyi sneered: “I’m incompetent, but what is it that the maggot ants are talking about? It’s nothing? After the deity took the chance, he went to fight him, and it happened to have life.”

Lin Fan heard the words, and her pupils shrank suddenly.

In his heart, this family ethic should be a free man with no factions.

But now it seems that he belongs to one side, either the two emperors or the king of blue eyes, hehe, even the enemies who are not temporarily placed on the surface.

“Let’s talk less, don’t you pay.”

Xue Kunlun shouted.

He hasn’t recovered completely yet. At this time, he just forced a breath. If this breath was lost, he would suffer a lot. When the time comes, he might be killed if he won points.

“get lost!” yelled at the family.

How is it possible to hand over points?

He comes here with a heavy burden.



Three parties fighting.

Fighting is fierce, Lin Fan looks happily, especially the centipede of the fairy horn, if it looks better, it may be an excellent mount. This is a natural heterogeneity and has the growth of terrifying growth.


Suddenly, Huyi was robbed. He was forced to retreat by 30,000 feet with Xue Kunlun, but was hit by the centipede sneak attack. The huge fangs infiltrated his bones, and half of his body became black. Thick water flows.


But this household is worthy of being a fierce person. When he was injured by the centipede of the fairy horn and flew, he made a fatal blow, which turned out to cut out most of the body of Xue Kunlun.


Lin Fan Comment: “Especially this centipede of centipede has the wisdom of no less than a cultivator.”

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