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Because, it is really smart, avoiding heavy and light, often deliberately showing weakness, let Hu Yi and Xue Kunlun fight, it seize every opportunity, but each shot is extremely ruthless, allowing the two to add new injuries.

Lin Fan sneered.

Sometimes, this cultivator is really not as smart and wise as a beast.

If you continue like this, there is a high probability that these two people will die, and the centipede of cents remains alone.



Huyi and Xue Kunlun rushed to the same place again, the two struggled to fight, and there were endless moves between the two, killing the Heavens and Splitting the Earth.

But after a hundred battles, the two woke up.

Intended to attack the opponent, but it suddenly dumped all the power of the attack to the centipede.

It was a blazing thunder and a shiny blade glow, and at the same time, it opened up, let the centipede scream, the body on the mountain range shrank, and suddenly the entire mountain range was almost exploded. By the way, Xianjiao broke a big cut and smashed a big pit.

In the end, all three defeats, especially Xue Kunlun, was not far away from death. He was tail-pulled by a True Dragon from the centipede centipede and let it fall, and then hung on a tree branch. They couldn't move anymore, just flowing bloodline from the curled up body, and the blood was flowing horizontally in the mouth.

Of course, Huyi is definitely not much better. A big knife is inserted in the chest, and a poisonous centipede is set on the spine on the back rib.

But centipede is also very miserable, the huge body was cut into three pieces, rolling on the ground, I don’t know how much it collapsed in the mountain range and the mountain forest, everything about the severe tens of thousands of li The stump that was tumbling due to pain was empty.

"It's time for me to play."

Lin Fan stretched his waist, a finger, disguised his True Form, the screen suddenly dissipated, he appeared in midair.


The centipede of the fairy horn turned out to be the first to find him. His bloody pupil was desperate, but he was still working hard to accumulate power and wanted to hit Lin Fan with his first blow.

"You'd better not do it yourself, the deity's goal is not you." Lin Fan glanced at it, and then stared at Xue Kunlun playfully, said: "Are you desperate? Was it trembling? The deity said, you can only be eliminated ."

"Aaron... this deity wants to swallow your bones and blood."

Xue Kunlun tried to prop up the upper body, but the whole person fell off the tree branch, leaning against the roots like a rotten flesh.

Lin Fan's eyes were cold, he looked up, and when he was counting his days, he suddenly laughed and said, "Two days, it's almost the same."

Xue Kunlun's eyes changed greatly: "No..."

But it was too late. On that day, the dome suddenly cracked a huge gap, and there was a violent suction pulling Xue Kunlun.

He really didn’t want to be eliminated, his hands were buckled into huge roots, but it was useless, Lin Fan was like kicking a ball, fiercely kicked on one foot, Xue Kunlun's arms burst open, the whole person Like the arrow from the string, fiercely slammed into the crack in the sky dome.

"Along...the deity wants to kill you ten races!"

Xue Kunlun's vicious curse starts from the crack.

Lin Fan was just Nunu, who didn't care at all, and then he laughed and walked to Huyi.


A bunch of thunders came suddenly and was strong enough to make the cultivator of the four realms seriously damaged, but Lin Fan only extended an index finger, and the thunder from the hacking turned into a good-looking thunder snake, coiled in His fingertips.

"Thunder Dao, are you worthy to play in front of the deity?"

Lin Fan is cold and sneering.

"Aron, you misrepresent yourself as a hero, because you are in danger! The deity doesn't accept it."

Hu Yi's voice was exhausted, and with his roar, red blood came out of his mouth.

"The deity is suitable to claim to be a hero?" Lin Fan looked surprised towards the loyalty, and then said: "And, what thing are you? Do you serve or not, is it related to the deity?"

The relentless rebuttal made the household choking and spitting back blood again and again.

"You are shameless!" the family roared.

Lin Fan shrugged and said, "This deity really reminds you to be attacked by sneak. As a result, if you don't appreciate it, it's all, but you shouldn't take my laziness into consideration, as if it's afraid of you, and it shouldn't be that humiliating. I am ashamed of me."

Family expressions change slightly.

Lin Fan is too lazy to take care of him, bending over directly.

He wants to take the original points.

"you dare!"

Hu Yiyi shouted, fiercely evil, said: "The deity is a person of the emperor, if you dare..."


A slap photon, which was dazed by a serious injury, was almost directly killed by this slap photon.

"Is Lao Tzu the Emperor, will he be afraid of you?"

Lin Fan is heavily coldly snorted.

"So you..."

Hou Yi shouted, but before he finished speaking, Lin Fan kicked him with one foot, becoming the light of the sky...

"Aron! You must take advantage of the danger of others and wait until the deity recovers completely, and you must be cut."

Lin Fan was a little helpless. He turned around, looked towards staring at the centipede he saw, shrugging: "Do these people feel abnormal if they don't drop a few harsh words?"

Centipede centipede of course answered him impossible, but the bloody eyes looked straight like that.

"You must see me, the deity has no hatred against you."

Lin Fan waved his hand, turned around, and wanted to leave.


Behind, there was a sudden tremendous fluctuation; a life force that made Lin Fan fear, surging out!

In the ten thousand zhang area centered on this place, this was in a dilapidated state and became a rough place due to the fighting between the three. In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan was covered in green weeds.

"This is..."

Lin Fan eyes shrank, he turned back suddenly, two bunches of golden light cut away the weeds that obscured his sight, and we saw, this centipede, is actually laying eggs!

"so that's how it is!"

Lin Fan whispered.

After sighing, I have to say that their luck is too good. At this time, it seems that this centipede has at least a cultivation base for the six realms of the gods. The battle strength is not there because of the birth of the child.

"No! Not just that."

Lin Fan shook his head and shouted: "You are so willing!"

He stared at this centipede inconceivably.

It should be noted that the demon soul flower, known as one of the ten Divine Flower, if swallowed by Monster Beast, change the talent, can evolve to the ancient Ten Great Divine Beasts, and 90% can succeed, when the time comes , They are pure blood Divine Beast, the power can shake the sky.

But if it is the demon soul flower in the cave, it is really owned by this centipede centipede, trifling birth, impossible makes its battle strength a big discount, and two cultivators who are not in the four or five realms of the gods, It's all so hard hit.

The only explanation is!

This centipede indeed swallowed the demon soul flower, but it used his own demon soul to refinal all the medical power of the demon soul flower into the eggs in the house.

"You are great."

Lin Fan cup one fist in the other hand, and slowly bowed to the centipede of the fairy horn, saying: "The parents of the poor world have the same heart, both humans and animals."

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