Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3122


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The centipede of the fairy horn is bloody, and the three-piece body has been healed long ago.


Lin Fan sighed and bowed down again, saying: “If I knew this, I would have sent you those two wastes.”

The centipede of the fairy horn looked at him, and the blood color slowly faded in the bloody pupil, and the body, as if the color faded, slowly became pale.


Lin Fan drank low, he rushed forward, but it was only three steps. He suddenly shot a ground thorn in front of him. If Lin Fan stopped in time, he would be nailed through his jaw, from his top of the head drilled out.

“I am not malicious, I just want to give you some medicine pill.”

Lin Fan spoke, many jade bottles appeared in his hand, but soon, he smiled bitterly: “I don’t know if these medicine pill is useful to you, but it is indeed all the Supreme Treasure medicine pill in my hand.”

“Thank you, humans.”

At this moment, Lin Fan’s Soul Sea appeared a soft female voice.

But the voice is too weak, almost dying, without half the effort.

“Not needed.” Lin Fan said, and then he put down the medicine pill in his hand and put it down slowly, retreating slowly.



Suddenly, all kinds of terrifying beast roars came from all directions, and The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

Lin Fan’s face changed suddenly!

When I took off, I discovered that dozens of horrible ominous beasts were all rushing towards this place: “Not good, if these ominous beasts flood in, I will be unable to protect you.”

The lowest levels of these ominous beasts are all in the Five Realms Peak, and even have seven or eight heads, all of which are the brutal existence of the beast ancestors in the Six Realms.


The centipede of the fairy horn also screamed, and its sound cracked into the sky, and then a huge egg appeared, blooming with colorful brilliance.

And a head-to-end beast shape appeared in the colorful brilliance. Although the whole picture could not be seen clearly, Lin Fan was sure that the creatures in this egg must be completely different from the centipede of the fairy horn because of its long There are Phoenix wings, true dragon body, and fairy horns.

This egg is so amazing that it floats in the air without falling to the ground. It devours rules and essence energy, even those space cracks that make people numb, are pulled and become the part that nourishes this egg.

dong dong!

dong dong!

The rocks are trembling, the ground is chapped, and the number of broken sounds is getting closer.

“You take him first, I will stop you for a while.”

Lin Fan shouted. He pulled out the sky, thunder pool and god clock above his head, wearing Mountains and Rivers Chart. In an instant, he had already elevated himself to the extreme.

A battle!

Because, he was very touched by what this centipede did, to do this step for his children, to give up the hope that he could become a pure-blood Divine Beast, and even to die after the war. The egg was born as expected.

“No…you take my child…they are all Beast Kings in millions and millions li, you can’t stop it.”

The soft female voice is showing.

Lin Fan discoloration.

But it’s really too late.

“I know you have the hidden Supreme method, good at strength of Space-Time. With my escape method at this time, it is definitely not as good as you, you go quickly.”

The soft feminine voice is very anxious and is urging again and again.

“Okay.” Lin Fan gritted his teeth: “You can rest assured that unless I die, it will be safe.”

Lin Fan rushed over to take the egg with the Divine Bell and protect the Divine Bell.

“Slow down… let me see my child again…it…”

The soft girl voice cries.

Indistinctly, Lin Fan seemed to hear that the female voice called a king.

In the end, Lin Fan put this egg in the Divine Clock, and then rushed into the high sky, but turned back and said: “Those medicine pill are useful, any one is enough to restore 80% of me in this realm You can try the battle strength.”

Lin Fan dropped the words and left directly. He pushed the strength of Space-Time to the extreme, and assisted the thunder pool to hide himself, and successfully escaped from the encirclement of the beasts.

He did not dare to stay in half a step, galloping away to thousand thousand li.

This stopped slowly.

Even if it was already outside the thousand thousand li, but the terrible aftermath of the battle reached this place, and even a large crack spreading the thousand thousand li spread to this place.


Lin Fan whispered.

He actually hates himself why he can’t break through that layer of demons. If breakthrough, when he arrives at the Six Realms of the Protoss, it really becomes an Old Ancestor Level creature, even if it is an ancestor level, why not?

How can I bear which respectable mother I left behind?

In the end, the thousand thousand li explosion, dozens of terrifying mushroom clouds lifted into the sky, and minced meat and residual blood splashed out the thousand thousand li and splashed on him.


Lin Fan sighed.

He saw a small piece of fairy horn, which is owned by the centipede.

“You can rest assured.”

Lin Fan whispered, but he felt heavy just for no reason.

At this time, Huyi lay half alive in a huge pool of blood, which was his own blood.

Lin Fan kicked eight thousand thousand li with one foot. If he weren’t good, he would be beaten to death.

His complexion slowly rose and swallowed a few Baodans for himself. It can be seen that the cracks on his body are slowly healing, and the blood hole granulation in his body is creeping.

“Aron…If the deity does not kill you, swear not to be a man.”

His spooky bet, and then he seeks ground to retreat, and the time is extremely urgent. He must repair the broken body on the same day. At least one day must be left to find the same person, otherwise the time has passed, he Will be eliminated.

At that time, how did he make the difference?

I am afraid that it will be torn apart by the angry Sen Huang.

Neither he nor Lin Fan knew it. It was not very long that the battle that affected the entire Ancient Battlefield subsided. A centipede that had evolved a true dragon body suddenly appeared in the battlefield.

Its golden dragon eyes are full of horror scenes. The murderous aura is extremely horrible. Hundreds of heads are at least in the horror Monster Beast, which prostrate in front of him.

“My son! My wife!”

The centipede of this fairy horn actually speak human’s words, tearing the heart apart.

“Back in time!”

This centipede centipede is using great methods to explore everything, and the silhouette changes: “Damn human!”

He roared, and then pieces of dragon scales fell off his dragon body, killing all directions.

The dragon scales turned out to be like flying swords, killing all directions. Those Beast Kings who participated in the siege of the centipede of the fairy horns were killed by the cave in a flash. The Beast King of the Six Kingdoms was lucky to escape, but was also hit hard.

“Go and kill all humans who invade my homeland! Make a decisive decision, and one will not stay.”

He roared and ordered.

After that, large tears flowed down his golden dragon eyes.

Thousand beasts collapsed, the entire Ancient Battlefield boiled, but all the beasts belonging to the centipede of the fairy horn that was about to turn into True Dragon were sent out, and all the humans who entered into it should be pulled out and killed.

At this time, Lin Fan is in the thunder pool.

A few women stared at the egg in front of them.

Even, the nightmare, the little pepper, was sobbing.

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