Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3123


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The rest of the women have red eyes.

It’s all because I heard Lin Fan’s facts, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Husband, let’s go out and kill all the beasts that killed the centipede of the fairy horn, OK.”

The nightmare spoke, crying.

Lin Fan gave her a helpless glance.

“Don’t forget the major event of Husband, moreover, according to Husband, those evil creatures who encircle centipede are not easy people.”

Qingcheng glared at the nightmare.

Leyao also said: “After all, they are dead, even if those evil creatures are broken into pieces? Can the centipede of the fairy horn be resurrected?”

Qingyue indifferently said: “If you want to kill, and you have never been impossible, all the extreme devices are smashed out, you don’t believe that you can hack a group of evil beasts who only rely on the flesh and the ethnic innate talent.”

“Every big sister ……This is Ancient Battlefield, is a competition place developed by the two emperors. If you say that the two emperors did not monitor this place, do you believe it?” Lin Fan sighed helplessly, “If when the time comes Shuanghuang discovered your existence, and it was a lot of trouble.”

“Will that be the case?” Qingluan Leng Bingbing always said: “I wish I could hold the residual rainbow and kill those evil beasts into a thousand thousand paragraph.”

“I will put this egg in the thunder pool, this is the perfect place.” Lin Fan said, “After going out, if I meet those ominous beasts, I will do it.”

“Are you going out?” There was a trace of loss in Hongmei’s eyes.

The other women also sighed.

Lin Fan suddenly felt like she was a little neglected a few women, and it was indeed too long to be reunited. After thinking about it, I suddenly felt that it was not a taste in my heart.

“Then I won’t panic and accompany you.” Lin Fan smiled, and the girls suddenly laughed.

Lin Fan has indeed spent a pleasant three days in the thunder pool. The so-called bliss of Qiren, being sleepy together, etc., are all waiting for business. Several women do their best to wait for him.

Even Qingyue, who had only a few close relationships with him, completely let go of the shyness, making him feel the taste that each woman didn’t use and be happy.

But what he didn’t know was that while he was living Divine Immortal in this thunder pool, the entire Ancient Battlefield Heaven and Earth turning upside down, I don’t know how many of them were directly captured.

Fortunately, when these ominous beasts captured the Number One Person, and when they were ready to eat and eat, the two emperors came forward, promised to pay a great price, and endured both. This stopped the killing.

Otherwise, I am afraid that it is a human cultivator who enters, and none of them can survive, and they must all be buried in the beast.

And among those who were captured, it’s not good to include family justice.

He was really bad luck. He was so badly injured that he had no time to recover completely. He could only drag out his stump to go out. To find the same person, the sneak attack won points, otherwise he would be expelled. Out of this Ancient Battlefield, it was eliminated.

But right now, he finally finds an opportunity, prepares to show his lore, hits the strongest blow, knocks down Wu Cheng of the thirteenth seat, and wins him points.

This Wu Cheng discovered!

Then the two fought in a fight.

In fact, if this family is in its heyday, Wu Cheng should not be his opponent.

But at this time, he was still seriously injured, so trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off; was hit again.

Of course, Wu Cheng is definitely not much better. He was also bloodied by him.

Just when he sighed, he must be eliminated this time. When he was afraid of making a difference to Sen Emperor, a horrible Beast King appeared. Without saying anything, he shot him.

It looks as if he dug the ancestral tomb of Beast King, or grabbed each other’s heirs and killed him.

With just a few paws down, the two who were originally an arrow at the end of its flight were almost made into meatloaf.

Then… they were captured.

And it has been three days, this family ethic has not been eliminated, which is of course the result of the compromise between the Shuanghuang and the Beast Emperor.

The centipede, which is about to turn into pure blood True Dragon, compromises with the two emperors. It will not kill innocents indiscriminately, but it will blame evil.

And Shuanghuang also promised him that when no real culprit was found, the so-called lack of original points would eliminate the rule in two days.

In the foul-smelling cave, Huyi fainted. He was hung upside down on a lava column by several tens of thousands of years iron thorns. He had been fainting for three days.

At the bottom, there is a monkey in the three realms of the gods, holding a bloody long whip, this long whip is very terrific, the materials are exquisite, at least the Flood Dragon tendons of the four gods are peeled off And cast.

This monkey is also very violent, but whenever a cultivator dares to make a scream, it is a whip that can draw all the cultivator torn skin and gaping flesh.

There are three cultivators hanging upside down in this foul cave.

At this moment, Hu Yi regained consciousness and yelled in pain.

As a result, bang, Flood Dragon rope forcibly brought a large piece of his scapula, he was alive with pain and fainted again.

The next day, he woke up again, but this time, he learned to be smart, suffering from the severe pain all over his body, just opened his eyes and shouted: “Go to the Beast Emperor, I know who the murderer is!”

The monkey tweeted, and the Flood Dragon in his hand lashed fiercely away.

“Don’t dare to lie down.” Huyi understood the meaning of the monkey.

The monkey ran out, and soon, there were two Tiangang bears who were throwing their households in front of the centipede like a ant.

“Humanity, do you know the culprit that hurts my wife and children?”

The centipede of the fairy horn asked questions, and then suddenly a murderous intention appeared in his eyes: “It is you! You once fought with my wife!”

“pa pa!”

A white beam of light was killed from the dragon eye of the centipede of the fairy horn, and the household was cut into three segments.

He Yi was so fainted by the pain. As a result, there was a cold breath to wake him up, but he just woke up and was cut into three sections again!

Repeated dozens of times, Huyi was even unable to blink.

“You… fled quickly, did not participate in the end, although guilty, but the emperor can temporarily forgive, if you really know the culprit, I can spare you half a life.”

The centipede of the fairy horn opens, very cold and severe, and the murderous aura flashes continuously.

If the Shuanghuang used all the children in the Ancient Battlefield as threats, how could he not kill this righteousness?

Hu Yi moaned, his whole body was twitching, but he still spit out two words with effort, saying: “Along…It’s Along…it must be him.”

Centipede centipede dragon eyes bloody rays of light masterpiece: “Carefully! But there is a bit of concealment, the deity swallowed you!”

The loyalty begins. In his story, Lin Fan becomes a treacherous villain, and various crafty plots and machinations are exhausted, attracting him and Xue Kunlun to snatch the demon soul flower, and then sit back and become the The fisherman who sweeps the benefits, after finally capturing the demon soul flower, was stared at by the centipede of that fairy horn, then he did not hesitate to attract Beast King to kill the centipede of the fairy horn together.

“My wife…you are miserable! I will definitely get revenge for you!!”

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