Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3124


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The beast emperor’s murderous-looking, his eyes seem to show that his wife and his wife are alone in the world, but in the end it is a tragedy of powerless.

“My son!”

Another roar of pain and pain, the entire Ancient Battlefield seemed to explode.

Countless Beast King-level ominous beasts are sprinkled out by the beast emperor like a net; at this time, the entire Ancient Battlefield is buzzing, and even the most unbearable ants and insects deep in the ground are busy and running around, searching everywhere Enter the cultivator and find one to catch one, but all the brave resistance, all broken bones and ribs, the end is very miserable.

Of course, the most important thing is to search for Lin Fan.

And at this time, Lin Fan was reluctant to think about Shu, he reluctantly got up from the bed of Qingyue and Leyao, sitting on the bed, looking towards the two women who were sleeping with a smile, and they were possessed, respectively. A peck on the clean and clear forehead, and then came out of the palace.

“Are you going out?”

Qing Luan looked towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan nodded: “It has been in it for seven days, if it is not going out, I am afraid it is not good.”

“You go, be careful.” Qingluan urged.

Lin Fan laughed, pulled Qingluan over, and fiercely kissed her face, saying: “Relax, your family Husband, my life as long as heaven, can accomplish all the good fortune, but nothing will happen Unexpected.”

Qing Luan was bashed with a big red face, and the nightmare and other girls were laughing and making a beautiful picture.

Lin Fan is gone, and several women are watching Lin Fan disappearing in the lightning sea.

“Elder sister, why not tell him.”

Nightmare frowns, said: “If this bad guy knows this news, he must be happy to die.”

Qing Luan’s icy pretty face suddenly showed a hint of shame. Her right hand couldn’t help but caress her lower abdomen, saying: “Husband will hold a major event at this time, it’s not good to disturb him.”

“hmph, in my opinion, you are too accustomed to him.” Qingcheng said, coldly snorted and said: “Don’t you find that every time she mentioned that Asura King, it was vague, Not clear?”

Chasing the moon looked at the city with surprise and said, “I’m afraid it won’t be, that King Rakshasa, but the living Mu Yecha, with Husband’s temper, how could it be tolerated.”

Nightmare hatefully said: “That bad guy, but has this ability, can turn all the forging steel into finger tenderness.”

Following the moon, frowning tightly: “No, Rakshasa King Keshi opened mouth, closed mouth are going to kill; moreover, people are dignified kings, overawes the world, even my ancestors have mentioned it.”

“The King?” Allure coldly smiled: “Who are worse than her, our sisters? What happens in the end?”

At this time, Qingyue’s cold voice came: “If he dares to take a room, I will keep it regretted for life.”

She came out with a cold face and said, “King Rakshasa? It’s amazing? I am still a goddess.”

Chase the moon: “Elder sister, you should know, I don’t mean that.”

Qingyue Road: “Of course I know you don’t mean that; but our sisters can’t get used to that bad guy.”

Several women are nodded heavily, Qingyue said: “Hong Mei, next time he comes, you should tell him; if he dares to take one more person, I will dare to take Qingluan away, including his two Children.”

“Sister Qingyue!”

Hong Mei suddenly covered her red lips and said, “You also have it?”

Qingyue appeared shy, and nodded.

At this time, Leyao was awake, and she caressed her belly, and her eyes were full of sorrow.


Lin Fan is already in the outside world. He returned to the place where centipede died in Xianjiao. The original intention was to search for thousands of miles and collect and bury its minced meat and bones as much as possible.

But when he arrived here, he found it unusual, that the big pit was full of pools of blood, two or three feet deep, and several hundred zhang wide.

There is one after another beast head that was severely cut off, placed on the edge of this pool of blood in a weird way.

“It’s like a sacrifice.” Lin Fan frowned, but soon he overthrew his guess and was surprised: “It’s more like comforting the dead.”

“Wait!” Lin Fan exclaimed: “Isn’t that just the ominous beasts that killed the centipede of the fairy horn that day? Only three or two heads are not in it, and the rest are all blamed!”

Lin Fan watched for a long time, and then sighed, and then left from here.

He walked in step, what is urgent to know now is that after Xue Kunlun, several people were eliminated, and the highest score, how many points, who.

There are also those four dead mortals…

This is the most fundamental reason for him to come to Ancient Battlefield this time. It is necessary to resolve all these four guilts in it.

This kind of shady object should not exist.

“Is someone tracking me?”

Lin Fan whispered suddenly.

From the pool of blood, he felt that there were countless eyes watching him secretly.

A partial student, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t find it.

Everything in Fang Yuan ten thousand zhang is in his Soul Sea. Every delicate hair was completely shown, even the ants walking in the mud layer could not escape.

He continued to move forward, but this feeling did not weaken, he smiled bitterly, and said: “Is it possible to swallow the repercussions after medicine pill? But it shouldn’t be…”

He concluded that no one was following him, but the spiritual sense seemed to make him believe that there were creatures trailing.

This feeling is too strange.

This place is a deep pool.

Lin Fan eyes shined, and in this broken battlefield, abruptly high mountains and flowing water made people cool and happy.

Jumping high, plunging into the waterhole.

Under water, the water waves swayed, and the fishes were not surprised. Occasionally, three or two jade green water plants crossed across the front of the eyes.

At this moment, from the bottom of the deep pond, a spinning water dragon gnawed at him!

This water dragon rises from the bottom of the deep pond. It is dazzling in silver and white, like a True Dragon. It brings a monstrous murderous intention and arrogance and wants to swallow him into his belly.

“evil creature!”

Lin Fan shouted. He kicked his feet down, the waves burst, and hundreds of millions of volts converged into a spear, killing him under the deep pool.

Blood surged, I don’t know how many aquatic creatures were killed, both destroy body and soul.


The deep pond screamed at the creatures who shot him, and the whole deep pond twirled violently.

This turned out to be a six-wing Flood Dragon with three Qilin horns, like a silver lightning, rushing up from the bottom of the deep pool.

The mountain valley was flooded with deep water. Lin Fan bears the brunt of it. His hands punched down, and the whole person hurried out of the deep pool.

It’s unwise to fight the Flood Dragon in this water.

The water is out, but before Lin Fan takes a breath, there is a huge fist hit him, just like this huge fist, waiting for him long ago.


A violent roar, the situation is extremely critical.

He just rushed out of the waterhole; he was suspended in the air and had nowhere to borrow, he was hit by his head.

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