Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3125


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In a hurry, Lin Fan can only walk up with his hands up, put it on his head, and hard connect this fist!


A loud bang, the two hit hard.

Lin Fan groaned.

This fist, has been gaining momentum for a long time, and is full of lethality. He hastily confronted, and finally suffered a loss. The whole person, like a short-line kite, quickly fell towards the deep pool.

The six-wing Flood Dragon roar, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, raised the head of the huge Flood Dragon high, and the three horns like divine spear were aimed directly at the falling Lin Fan. He killed a cold heart.

At this time, Lin Fan finally saw, what kind of creature was shocking him.

This is a Xiaotiantong gibbon, just like a big mountain, it stands beside the deep water, at this time it is constantly hammering his chest, peng peng sounds, and then heads up to Tianchangxiao, shaking down Many Star Fragmentation come.


Besides, there are earth dragon bees, some people have long arms, and there are thousands of feet. At this time, they all shoot out poisonous tail pins and nail down the falling Lin Fan.

The house leaks in the middle of the night, and the ship is late for the lead!

This is a half-lived hope that Lin Fan will not leave; be sure to kill him here.

“Zhenshen Clock!”

Lin Fan roared while falling, and a sacred bell flew out of his eyebrow, suddenly expanded, sheltered him, and from the wall of the bell, a lot of Divine Beast flew out, hurried away, and killed the dragon bee .

For his deity, fiercely twisted his waist, his head and feet, and held the sky downward.

But the six-wing Flood Dragon is too cruel, and the three Qilin horns can all release different kills to block the attacks again and again.

“Sky Thunder Realm!”

Lin Fan yelled, his left hand reached out, and the endless thunder burst out of his palm like a tide. In a flash, the deep pool was boiled, the lightning glow was dazzling, the six-wing Flood Dragon screamed, scales A and so on have fallen off.


At this opportunity, Lin Fan shot three severe lights and cut them on the head of the Flood Dragon. The dragon’s blood flew up suddenly, and the dragon scales flew.

pu’ sound, Lin Fan fiercely fell on the head of the Flood Dragon, and forcibly dropped the head of the Flood Dragon the size of a small mountain pack on a bluestone. .

Lin Fan escaped.

It’s too thrilling, any omissions will die without a burial site.

“I have no intention to offend Er and other residences, so I will retreat.”

Lin Fan stands on his halberd, stepping on the head of the Flood Dragon under his feet, his expression is very dignified.

Whether it is the Xiaotiantong gibbon, or the six-wing Flood Dragon, it is the Beast King-level overlord of the Five Realms, and there are countless earth dragon bees looking around. If it is killed here with the two beasts War will definitely be hurt, and simply leave intact and intact.

“The murderer…dead!”

Xiao Tiantong’s gibbon sounded, in a low, muffled voice, like thunder drum roaring.

Lin Fan frowned, but he didn’t allow him to think too much, struggling with the six-wing Flood Dragon stepped on his feet, and then the six wings were cut from the back like a heavenly blade, and the time and space were 60%. In a short time, it was actually formed. Time and space quagmire, almost let Lin Fan fall into it.

Fortunately, Lin Fan is also well versed in time and space, and will come out at a critical moment.

“You cannot escape.”

The Six-Flood Flood Dragon also made a noise. In the eyes of the dragon, it was full of eerie murderous intentions.

“What to do in multiple languages, behead him!”

Xiao Tiantong’s gibbons also opened their mouths, raised their mountain-like arms, patted Lin Fan, and the gusty wind swept through, and dozens of people were afraid that the big trees that could not be embraced were all pulled up by the roots.

Lin Fan cursed.

These evil creatures, regardless of their innocence, don’t give him any opportunity to ask questions. What do they mean by the so-called murderers?


With a whistle, Lin Fan flew into the sky, he shot countless beasts and rushed to all directions, and left a Dao Body to paralyze the two Beast Kings. The real body left this place in chaos.

10 li outside.

Lin Fan has a gloomy face.

The real disaster is nothing but just wanting to go into the water cool, but this monstrous disaster is caused.

Suddenly, his face was pale.

Obviously, his Dao Body was killed.

This makes his face more ugly. Although it is just a Dao Body, it also has at least his six 7-Layer battle strength, which can be directly criticized.

What he didn’t know was that the two Beast Kings were carnival, and Xiao Tiantong’s arm apes grabbed Dao Body in his hands, strode away, stepped on the mountains and trees.

The center of the battlefield.

This towered into the sky, and I was afraid of Xiao Tiantong gibbon with ten thousand zhang high, but at this time, the adult calf size, furry, and very cute.

It kneels in front of centipede.

Extreme Cold with centipede eyes: “You have merit, but killing him is a sin. You can’t dig him out of the heart. The emperor… it’s hard to understand the hate!”

The Xiaotiantong gibbon shuddered, tremblingly loosened his palm, and then a shouting cry came from the mouth of Xiaotiantong gibbon, shiver coldly, completely unable to understand what was going on.

The dead man who was clearly held in his hand disappeared.

“Dao Body.” The centipede of the fairy horn roared, and a flash of lightning was killed from his unicorn. The screaming gibbons screamed and rolled all over. It can be seen that its body is black.

“Waste!” The centipede of Xianjiao hated it, and then fiercely said: “Go and put out the debris.”

The household right was brought up, and the first moment I saw this centipede centipede prostrate oneself in admiration.

“Today, the Emperor Ben met the murderer in your mouth and fought with one of them. You can see if it is him.”

Xianjiao centipede is very cold, but according to Xiao Tiantong’s description, Lin Fan’s disguised appearance is soon outlined.

In the eyes of Huyi, he hated and said, “It’s him!”

“Okay! It’s so tight! I haven’t seen him for a few days. The emperor thought he was swallowed by that evil beast, and it would be fine if he didn’t die.”

This sound is too vicious and cold, making people feel chilly.

“Emperor, this person is malicious and scheming. If he doesn’t know the other, he might be escaped.”

Murous intention flashes in the eyes of Huyi.

Xianjiao centipede bloody eyes looked towards the righteousness, and then slightly nodded.

Just grabbing a piece of waste, he dignified Sovereign, even if he has a deep hatred, he is not easy to come forward, otherwise he will be joked by other Sovereign in this Ancient Battlefield.

But, under his command…

“Emperor, there is also an irreconcilable hatred between this dragon and Along, and he is willing to work for the emperor’s dogs and horses and arrest him.” Hu Yi’s eyes flashed.

“If you can capture him alive, the emperor will keep you safe and secure in Ancient Battlefield.”

“many thanks Your Majesty.”

Holiday Ceremony to visit.

After that, he led five full-headed Beast King-level ominous beast and left the most central place. On the way, he held act high and mighty due to the words of a superior, and gathered seven or eight Beast King-level ominous again. Beast, the trend of catching the sea, laying inescapable net, just waiting for Lin Fan trace, and then one strike certain kill.

At this time, Lin Fan stood eeriely on a raised broken rock.

From the time he left the thunder pool to now, it is only two hours.

But he has already encountered eight full-time assassinations.

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